Oral Experience

The tangy liquid was filling my facial hair, with a sweet aroma that has only one source, the depths of my pleasured wife.  With every moan, scream and clench of her fists, the taste and aroma grow wilder and more exotic.  Her legs spread up and over my shoulders and my arms wrapped up over her stomach feeling, squeezing and massaging her beautifully perfect breasts.  Her freshly trimmed mound and perfectly woven lips all seemed so wonderful where they were before my mouth.

In such a state of euphoria at the pleasing of her body, her statement came as a surprise to me.

“I want you in my mouth” Saying this to me between gasps with her hands on my head.

I am not one to refuse my wife something that she desires when I can give it.  So with a swift move, I spun around and placed my rock hard sperm dripping shaft in front of her mouth while resuming my all you can eat buffet at her flower.  I could feel a tongue moving around the head circling, licking all of the whitish liquid off the tip.  Feeling her hands move around to my backside grasping my butt I felt the warmth of her mouth engulf my shaft, taking me down to the base.  Oh my, it felt so good that I spaced on what I was doing for a minute which gave her opportunity to work my penis as I had done her.

She worked my hips in a soft, slow motion, taking the length of me in her mouth always running her tongue around my head when at the tip of her lips.  After several minutes of her sucking me, she pushed me over onto my back and began again with still the same scenery in front of me. I could see how hot she was getting by the subtle drip of juice that was creeping its way out of her crotch.  I couldn’t help myself, and licked it up as I dove my tongue back inside of her.  AS it pierced her lips, she took me out of her mouth and moaned, and starting to work my shaft with her hand. Eating her was so hot I could feel myself starting to swell, and I could feel her muscles contracting, with each small spasm she tasted more alive.

Finally, she lost it with a scream and burst of juice that ran down my chin and around my neck.  She sighed collapsing with my penis still in her hand.  I though it was over but after a few seconds of rest, she sat back up and took me into her mouth, this time working it furiously.  With every slide of my penis I could feel the orgasm rising, and then she reached between my legs and slipped the tip of her finger into my butt.  Just as she touched it, I began to lose it and with ever shot of sperm I could feel her swallow, taking down every last drop of my juices as I had done her.

I love my wife so sexy so kind, maybe she will read this and get some ideas. Not much is made up, but there is a thing or two *wink *

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