Oral Honeymoon

Sheer tangerine curtains whipped in the balmy winds, coming off the ocean, of their sea-front hotel room.

The mesmerizing glow of bright moonlight lit on the gold band of Meghan’s left hand as she crossed the thick plush carpeting.

Her husband watched her, thinking she looked like an angel sent from heaven in the filmy white negligee and matching very thin robe. Her hair was loosed from its usual perky ponytail, the red-gold curls spilling around her shoulders, curling intimately about her breasts, teasing her now pert nipples.

He felt himself harden. A slow pulse began in the tenting of the silk boxers; she had surprised him with, the night of their honeymoon.

She stepped closer, directly in front of him, her creamy breasts lightly tanned from their recent sun bathing, in direct line of his vision. He reached up to cup them in his hands; they fit so perfectly. He ran his thumbs idly over the tips, gazing into his brides’ eyes, hearing the catch in her breath.

“Let’s do something different,” she whispered, running her fingers through his dark hair.

Evan wondered at the sly smile teasing her soft pink lips.

“Sure. I’m game, what did you have in mind?” He ran his hands up her bare arms, releasing the faint scent of oranges that had come bottled in her shower gel. The scent was invigorating-sensual even. He didn’t know how aroused he could get from the smell of citrus- until now that is. She smelled good enough to eat.

“I’ve always wanted to do it on the beach, in the moonlight, where there’s no one around. It’s been a fantasy of mine I guess,” she said, bright color pinking her cheeks.

She toyed with the curling hairs on his chest, not quite meeting his steady gaze.

Evan grinned, tipping up her chin so their eyes did meet. “It? It could mean a lot of things my dear. Care to elaborate?”

A giggle escaped her lips at how absurd she was being. This was her husband for Pete’s sake! “Knock it off, Ev. You know very well what I mean. Making Love,” she said punctuating the air with her fingers to make her point.

Evan slid his hands around her back drawing her closer, his rock hard erection pressing into the soft skin of her stomach.

“Sounds like a plan to me. But if we’re going to do anything, we’d best get a move on or we won’t be leaving our room tonight.” His eyes darkened with rich sensuality as he moved against her, bringing her flush against him.

Meghan nodded shakily. “Let’s go.”

Wrapped in huge dark beach towels, the newlyweds crept from their room, along the back of the hotel, over the wall separating the ocean from the building and walked the short distance to the sugar white sand.

Meghan sank her feet into the coolness, giving a soft contented sigh. “Oh Evan, it’s so beautiful here. I could stay here forever.”

Evan stepped up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, pressing a kiss into her soft hair. “Ummm, me too.”

They watched the moonlight dance on the surf as it rolled in, crashing gently against the rocky boulders, sending sprays of light into the air.

It was the perfect setting for lovemaking.

Evan tugged the towel, knotted at her breasts, away, gazing at the beautiful vision before him. She was even lovelier in the moonlight. Her skin seemed to glow with a luminescent sheen.

He caressed her shoulders, reaching around to rub his open palms across her breasts.

He felt her relax against him, her head sinking into his shoulder, arching the fullness into his hands. As he kneaded the swollen globes, he felt her reach around, behind her, to release his towel. As it fell, she replaced it with her hands, rubbing him, stroking him through the thin material. She liked the way the silk moved, sensuously against his skin, her fingers. A soft moan escaped her lips as he grew in her hands, pressing insistently against her, begging her to wrap her hands more tightly around his shaft.

She turned in his embrace, giving her fuller access to his pulsing penis. Pushing her hands inside the boxers, she caressed his shaft in a firm but gentle grip. Using her free hand, she fondled his balls, hanging just within reach. At the double contact, it was his turn to groan.

Meghan felt the negligee being lifted from her body, his hot urgent mouth on her nipples, sucking hungrily.

Her hand left his twins to cup his hard buttocks, pressing him closer, all the while working his penis with her hand, running her finger along the veins that stood out, vivid in the moonlight.

Then she surprised then both by slipping out of his embrace and sinking to her knees in the cool sand. Thru the opening of his underwear, she took him in her mouth, very gently, very slowly, relishing the hot skin against her lips, the erratic pulse in her mouth. She ran her tongue just over the head of his penis. It was silky to the touch. She swirled her tongue around, getting used to how he felt against her mouth.

She glanced up to see his reaction. He was staring at her with wide eyes, his hands caught in her hair, his face contorted with what she could only take as extreme pleasure.

“Oh baby,” he sighed, as she resumed her oral attention, paying extra attention to the underside of his penis. She had read somewhere that it was extremely sensitive to the touch, and she guessed by the shakiness in his legs, as he braced his hands on her head, that the article was right.

She worked him deeper into her mouth, caressing his shaft with her tongue in crazy, wild circles as she found a comfortable rhythm. She gained speed as she went, using her hands in correlation with her mouth.

Suddenly he pulled away. She looked up, startled. Had she done something wrong?

He was quick to assure her that she had done everything right, as he eased her down on the thick towel. “I’m so close baby. I want to give you what you’ve given me before it’s too late. I want to make love to you. I want to be inside you.”

Meghan nodded, raising her hands to his shoulders, shifting her hips in the sand to accommodate him.

“But first…” he murmured, sinking down beside her.

Meghan sucked in a breath as his mouth touched the inside of her right thigh. The warm breeze washed over the damp trail he left behind, sending shivers of excitement thru her body.

He gradually made his way to her left thigh, then he lifted his head, abandoning her most intimate self, licking and nibbling her stomach, dipping his tongue into her belly button. It felt so good.

Finally he drifted back to the nest of damp curls. Her own unique scent wafted towards his nostrils and suddenly he couldn’t get enough. He sank his tongue inside her, feeling her tighten instinctively. He slowly licked the silken folds of her skin, smelling again the scent of oranges.

His tongue circled the hard nub, swelling before him, begging for attention. Then, very gently he took it in his mouth. At first she gave little response other than the deeper breathing. But as he gently probed her, licked and nibbled, he felt the beginning of a tremble. He stroked her with his fingers, pressing two fingers up inside her as he licked her clitoris.

She was growing very wet. She began moving on the towel, arching her back, pressing her body closer.

Removing his fingers from deep within, he continued stroking her, as he slid his tongue into her mouth. He heard her moan, bucking uncontrollably against his hand.

With a sharp cry, she fell against him, her body throbbing erotically against his hand. He left it there for a moment, feeling the waning effects of her orgasm.

Then shucking the bit of underwear he still wore, he settled himself between her legs. Gathering her close, he pressed inside. He had no trouble gaining admittance, she was so wet. He moaned aloud at the hot tightness of her vagina, of the still silent throb of her body as she took him in. They were one moving together in a rhythm as old as time.

At first he took it slow, allowing her to feel him, relishing the feel of being inside her.

Gradually he gained speed, thrusting inside her. As he bent over her, to kiss her, she caught one of his nipples between her lips, running her tongue lightly over the slick skin. He nearly lost it right there! Never in all his imagination had he known his nipples were so sensitive.

She sucked him into her mouth, allowing her teeth to very gently graze his skin, before her tongue joined in.

By the time she had reached his other side, he was trembling on the verge of release.

Wrapping his arms about her shoulders, bringing them even closer, he gave one last urgent trust.

Groaning, he felt himself spilling into her, trembling at the sweet release.

Then they were kissing, tongues mating, tasting, loving.


Still out of breath, Evan raised up on his elbows, hovering over her, taking in the disarray of her auburn curls, thrown out across the towel, onto the sand, the sweet pucker of her beautiful mouth, swollen from his kisses.


“Thanks for sharing your fantasy with me darling,” he said dipping down to touch his lips to her forehead. “I’ll have to let you in on one of mine sometime.”


Meghan grinned, wrapping her shaky legs tighter around him, feeling the slow pulse of his penis against her thigh. “Anytime sweetheart. Anytime.”

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