Relaxing Bath

The distance was going between us.  The demands of our jobs and children’s activities were taking almost all of our attention.  It was time to show down, relax, and refocus our attention.  I remembered a romantic idea form a marriage relations book.  She needed to be meticulously pampered to properly and completely unwind.

The plan was conceived.  First I went to the grocery store and bought some bubble bath, cheese & crackers, grapes, strawberries and some sparkling cider (we don’t drink alcohol), then to another store to purchase a variety of candles and holders.  Some of the candles were small, some fat, others tall & thin, some were of a carefully chosen scent.  Also, the master bedroom and bathroom needed to be clean and straight for the evening, so I got the needed supplies.

Over the next couple of days, I was able to discover enough of my wife’s varied schedule and our children’s demands to estimate an evening when she wouldn’t be working late, and I could easily care for the children without disturbing her.

On the designated day I got off a little early and rushed home to finish the preparations. First I quickly showered and changed. We have a combination shower / large garden tub (6′ x 4′ elongated oval). It needed to be scrubbed to make sure it was completely fresh and clean.  The candles were arranged around the edge of the tub and on the bathroom counter.  The snacks were placed on the counter.  Fresh towels and freshly laundered robe were placed within easy reach of the tub.

I was in the kitchen caring for the children when she arrived home.  She sat down her things and came in to help.  I thanked her for offering but said I had something else planned for her.  I led her to the master bath and explained I just wanted her to get a good book and relax in the tub.  I lit the candles, started the bath and poured in some bubble bath.  I told her I would be back from time to time to make sure she had what she wanted, then left to care for the children.

Later I returned and helped her with some snacks and left again.  After another interval I returned again to check, she invited me to join her in the tub.  I refrained, saying this was just for her to relax and enjoy (that was hard to refuse).  She needed to know the only reason for the pampering wasn’t to seduce her.

When I returned some time latter, she said she probably needed to get out of the tub before totally shriveling like a prune.  I helped her with the towel, tenderly drying her and admiring the now very soft, warm skin.  I couldn’t help but take some extra time on her beautiful breasts and upper thighs.  Then I hugged her tightly, but tenderly and led her to the bed to relax some more.  BUT, she didn’t want to relax any more.  After some coaxing from her, I decided she KNEW this was ALL for her.  Then I concluded it was time to care for her sexual needs also. I gently laid her back on the bed, drawing her into a hug and kissed her lips affectionately, and proceeded to advance down her neck and shoulders to kiss all around her breasts and to softly lick and flick her nipples with my tongue.  Now she was really hot and not still from the long hot bath.  Her skin was SO soft and smooth.  I had to rub my freshly shaven cheeks against the extra soft breast skin, and kiss & lick & flick all over again.  She was beginning to arch her back, so it was obvious that other parts of her body need attention also.  My kisses began to trail down her stomach, across between her waist and top of her pelvic hair.  She eagerly spread her legs to allow better access, so I slowly kissed down her inner thighs to her knee. Then paused to look up at her and tease her with the hesitation.

I knew what she wanted, and she wasn’t to be kept waiting.  Kissing my way back the softness of her inner legs I arrived at the sweet juncture she was longing to have tenderly kissed and licked until she was satisfied.  I like to go down on her as much as she likes to be done.  It was just what she needed to complete her relaxation.  Then a long while was spent holding her and softly having a much-needed couple only discussion.

She was very considerate of my needs also.  We had some very passionate intercourse to finish the love making session.  Then, unfortunately, I had to slip out to get the children into bed.  I should have arranged for them to have sleep over at their friend’s houses.

This was great, I’m sure she will need a bath again sometime to relax.



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  1. Sannu says:

    I'm very glad that you are tending to your wife. I know how important it is for us women to be pampered with affection, tenderness, praise, love, whatever and you are doing just that.
    By doing so I believe that your wife will be more open to your approaches and may approach you later on as well. Keep up the good work and keep being a considerate husband.

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