The Interview

My wife and I love to dress up.  She is a great actress (non-professional plays, skits, etc.).  One day, by agreement, we decided to do some role playing.  She asked me to write out a “script” which she would follow exactly as I wanted.  This was a dream come true.  Here, I could think of a great fantasy, with my beautiful wife, which I often did anyway.  But, to have her involved, and to know that she would act-out the fantasy in intimate detail, made the creation, editing, and writing of the script an awesome turn-on.  My hands were trembling as I wrote out our “play.”

In this play, my wife is a female executive of a lingerie company (in reality, she’s a stay at home mom, I am the business executive).  I am her out of work husband, in for an interview as her assistant.  Although we are married (we wouldn’t want to think of doing this with someone else, we love each other) we have to go through with the formal interview process by company policy.  So, I have to dress in my best business attire, suit, tie, etc.   My wife also has to dress in her best business attire.  She has a great business suit, with a short skirt and a matching little sports coat.  Of course, being the scriptwriter, I also specified what she was to wear underneath:  A white button-down shirt, a white push-up bra, a white garter with beautiful thigh high stockings, and her black high heal shoes.  And, I added that she was not to wear underwear.

During the interview, the interviewer was supposed to drive the interviewee crazy.  This was to be done with very descriptive questions about job performance: what special skills I could provide for her, what assets I brought to the job, how I felt about working with an attractive woman, whether I could work nights with such a woman, etc.  Also, the interviewer was supposed to sit in very provocative positions, and very revealing positions.  I also let the script allow for as much ad-lib and input from the actress, on the spot.

Well, I left the script in the bedroom, and went downstairs and told my wife it was ready.  She went upstairs for quite some time.  Then she called downstairs, for me to come up to our room for some questions.  When I went into our room, she was dressed exactly as I had written and fantasized about.  She also played the part exactly as described.  She asked me detailed questions that hinted at what type of boss she would be.  She even had a legal pad on which she took notes.  She kept crossing her legs during the interview, and as she did this, her already short and revealing skirt kept hiking up her legs.  Soon, I was looking right at her private parts.  She also kept fighting with her chair and told me it was broken, and could I fix it.  I asked her where it was broken, and she stepped off, bent over, revealing her backside, and said: “right here.”

After having me totally aroused by her provocative questions and revealing sitting positions, she finally asked if I knew what type of company this was.  I told her that I understood that it was a lingerie company.  She said that I was right, and that she was the president, and that part of the job of the male assistants was to view and evaluate the lingerie by watching the executive model it.  She asked if I could do that.  Of course, I answered yes!  She then began a very seductive striptease, with the added benefit of her asking my opinion on each one of her various pieces of undergarments.  When she was nearly naked (except for the thigh highs and high heals) she started to seduce me, taking off my clothes and telling me how bad she wanted me to “work” for her.

We ended the session with my wife commanding me to do whatever she wanted (she was the boss!) and culminating in very wild and passionate lovemaking.  After a very, very long and raviousing lovemaking time, she decided that I could have the job.

I wanted a second interview!


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