Hurry Home

To my husband and lover, don’t come home late tonight –

We meet at our favorite bistro, at a secluded table in the back.  I watch you approach our table looking so trim and handsome.  I can hardly wait to be in your arms tonight, to feel the warmth of your body pressed against mine, to drink the nectars of love with you.

All during dinner I gaze intently at you, listen to you talk, not just hearing your words, but indulging in the sound of your voice.  I ask what you want to do after dinner – I know what I want – but yes, a quiet evening at home, cuddled up to an old movie will be just fine – very fine.

When we arrive at home, I excuse myself to go up stairs to put on something more comfortable.  In our bedroom, I change out of my clothes, even my undies, and put on one of those long t-shirts you always bring home from the trade shows.  I check myself in the full-length mirror on the back of our bedroom door.  The image is pleasing.  Your t-shirt is just the right length and stops just below my buttocks, it leaves most of my creamy white thighs and legs exposed.  It drapes nicely across my breasts and does nothing to hide my protruding nipples.  As I think about this evening, about my little plot unfolding, I feel myself growing wet with anticipation.

Down in the living room, I find you reclining on the sofa.  Like me, you have changed into more comfortable, if not necessarily revealing clothes.

A black-and-white classic awaits our viewing.  I setup the DVD, bending over just enough that my naked buttocks are exposed, along with a quick glimpse of my clean shaven quim, much to your appreciative gaze.

I join you on the sofa, pressing my body against yours, deliberately rubbing against the growing presence in your boxer shorts.

Although the movie is a classic, I find myself, to my delight, getting more attention than the images flickering on the screen.  It starts with gentle exploration; my belly, my breasts, caressed lovingly, and then you slip your fingers between my legs, finding my smoothness and the protruding lips of my warm, wet vagina.  You open me, dipping your fingers in, probing, thrusting gently into me, rub my clitoris.  My juices flow.  You are hard and want release.  I want it, too, want it deep inside me, want it passionately, want you to take me to bed and be filled with every inch of your stiff penis.

We make our way to the bedroom.  You ask me to get things ready, which I do, lighting candles around the room, turning down the covers and fluffing up the pillows, while you dismiss yourself to the bathroom promising to join me in just a few minutes.

On the bed I await you.  Your silhouetted image appears in the doorway.  You are dressed only in a pair of bikini briefs, your manhood already aroused and straining at the taught fabric.  Your body is as trim and fit as it was on the first night of our honeymoon, when I first saw you naked, when together we discovered for the first time in our lives all the pleasures of sensual love, when I laid eyes on your erect penis and wondered how it would fit inside of me and then opened my legs to you and felt your wonderfully fill every recess of my vagina.

You look so good, your body clean shaven, standing next to our bed.  I kneel at the edge and glide my hands all over your smooth contours, reach down to stroke your manhood until it pops out of your bikini, no longer able to contain its burgeoning length.

I raise the t-shirt slowly over my head until I am naked in front of you.  Your hands go immediately to my breasts, stroking, kneading, and caressing their supple flesh, cupping their fullness, pressing your lips to my nipples, sucking gently on their soft mass while I continue to stroke your manhood.

I kneel on the floor in front of you, pulling down your bikini, exposing your beautiful rod.  I encase your penis between the soft flesh of my breasts, stroking up and down its length.  My eyes lock with yours, feeling the want burning in your gaze.  A drop of your pre-cum oozes from the taught, purple head of your manhood, which I lovingly tongue from the taught tip.  You groan with ecstasy.

I return to the bed, pulling you with me, opening my legs and guiding your penis into my open slit.  You grab my legs, and sink your manhood into me.  I crane my neck to watch you pump your erect phallus in and out of me.  Your eyes are fixed on my vagina, watching your manhood glistening with my juices penetrate and withdraw.  I reach down and rub my clitoris in front of you, from time to time letting my fingertips press along the top of the heated shaft gliding in and out of me.

An orgasm overtakes me, my vagina tightening around you, pushing you towards your own climax. Before the waves of passion have finished sweeping over my body, you explode inside of me.  I feel the splash of your hot seed inside my vagina.  You hold tight, gripping as though for your very life, until you are spent and collapse on top of me.

When your strength recovers, you draw me off the bed, lying down on the floor, asking me to kneel away from you.  I do, my tush just above your head.  You pull me down and bury your face between my thighs and begin lapping at my vagina, shoving your tongue into my pink hole, withdrawing, and then swirling it all over my clitoris.

I look down and see your penis, lying limp, and lower myself down lick you.  From the flaccid head to your balls, I trace a wet line down your manhood and then back up.  You begin to respond to my wet touch, your penis hardening, and I take you into my mouth.  I watch in the full-length mirror as our sixty-nine plays out on the floor.

I can taste the two of us as I suck your semi-rigid shaft back to life.  You have stopped licking.  I hear you moaning on the floor.  You beg me to take you back into my vagina.  I most willingly comply.

Raising myself up and facing away from you, I lower myself onto you.  I watch in the mirror as your penis spreads open my protruding lips and then I as I encase you in my tight velvet wetness.  Up and down on you I ride, watching your beautiful tool disappearing inside of me.  I rub myself with you, bring myself to come rubbing my clitoris with you.  And then I watch the little spasms taking place at the bottom of your penis as your manhood erupts inside of me.

We return to our bed satiated and exhausted, dozing off immediately into a deep sleep.  The next morning, as I am lying on my belly, I feel your heat rubbing against me, and then your body moving on top of mine as your penis enters my vagina and you plunge away, thrusting until you come deep inside of me.  Whatever plans we had for the weekend we cancel opting instead to spend the days in bed, loving and sleeping.

And so, my loving husband, I hope you will remember this whenever working late at the office and hurry home.  I will be waiting for you.

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