Tasty Dessert

This is my follow up story to a Tasty Morning. I hope you enjoy.

Dinner is over and as I clean up the kitchen, my beautiful wife walks up behind me, wraps her arms around my chest until I can feel her ample breasts push into my back. I am ready for my payback. Hurry up and meet me upstairs my pussy is aching to release. I nearly drop the dishes and finish cleaning up in record time.

As I make my way upstairs, I am also picking up articles of clothing my wife was wearing. First it was her blouse, next her shorts, then her bra and finally her cute wet panties that I just had to bring to my nose to smell her sweet scent.

I enter the bedroom and my wife is fully naked on our bed with her legs spread wide and her glistening pussy already dripping her sweet nectar. I strip my clothes off as fast as I can, nearly tripping trying to get my hard throbbing shaft out of my underwear. My wife instructs me that she wants to first cum with my mouth eating her delicious flower and then she is going to ride me like a cowgirl until she cums all over my raging, hard cock.

Spreading her wet, swollen pussy lips for me – I dive right in. My tongue starts from the bottom of her sweet pussy up to her now erect clit. Moaning as I lick, suck and taste my wife’s wonderful juices. Yes, that’s it, eat my needy pussy, make me cum all over your face. Hearing my wife talk this way always take me to the next level and all I want to do is please her every command.

Pushing her legs back onto her chest, I now have full access from her cute ass to her clit. Diving my tongue deep into her pussy, with my nose rubbing her clit – makes her moan out loud. Don’t stop keep loving me with your tongue – I’m going to cum. Her pussy tightens around my snake of a tongue and lets go with a flow of juices I have not seen before. My wife grabs my head from between her legs and pulls me in for a very sexy, passionate kiss. Her tongue is going crazy licking her own juices off my face, moaning with every lick and taste.

Next she tells me it is time for her to go for a ride. As I lay on my back, my cock is hard and straight, ready for her to mount. My sexy wife decides she is going for a reverse cowgirl ride tonight. I love watching her from behind as she eases my stiff cock into her wonderful, wet pussy. Slowly she begins to make love to my cock. Sitting straight up I watch her grab her own beautiful tits and squeeze her nipples as she feels every inch of me begin to pump in and out of her love tunnel.

The pace picks up as my wife feels her next orgasm approach. She drops her hand to her needy clit and begins to rub herself as she bounces on my cock. My hands are all over her cute ass, squeezing  each cheek as she tells me not to stop. I’m almost there, your cock feels so good. I’m going to cum all over it. Just when I feel her pussy tighten around my rod, I  slide a finger to her ass and rub around her cute hole. This sends her over the edge. Cum with me, I want to feel you shoot your hot love juices deep into my pussy.

She proclaims I’m cumming, keep going don’t stop. I pound in and out of her juicy hole until my cock swells to its limit and explodes just like she wanted. My wife screams in satisfaction as both of our juices mix deep inside her.

We both lay motion less for a few minutes trying to catch our breath. Finally my wife lets my soft cum covered cock fall out of her cum dripping pussy.

Now for dessert my wife proclaims. You can eat my cream-pie while I suck on your creamy eclair. She moves her cute ass back towards my face and places her dripping pussy on my mouth. I now also feel her hot mouth suck my full cum covered cock clean.

Once we both are sucked clean from our love making, we fall fast asleep in each others arms.


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18 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    WOW, I just loved this story Eroticcouple !!! So made me want to eat my wife's wet pussy, so horny right now, thank you so much for sharing and really hope to read more from you guys. God bless you both.

  2. Conner M says:

    Been there, do that! Rachel loves to sit on my face after we make love so that I can clean her up. I can literally rub my entire face in the flaccid lips of her pussy as I eat my own cream from inside of her. Sometimes I have to dig dollops of it out of her with my tongue, which she enjoys as well.

  3. Tulsa says:

    Glad to hear many are as crazy as my wife & I!!
    Conner M reminds me…..
    First time I went down on my wife after cumming in her, I figured I'd avoid the mess, as I'd be working or her clit.
    Didn't turn out that way though! She started to cum, and wow did she cum! Long and hard! I was beyond looking like a glazed donut, with her & mine combined stuff dripping off my face.
    It became routine….with more variations as we tried different positions & things!


  4. Eroticcouple says:

    Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I was very hesitant to write about my wife ( Mandy ) & our ( Ben ) very active sex life. I wasn't sure how people would accept our passionate love of everything sexual.But after a beautiful session of our Loving each other in more ways then just fucking. I am overwhelmed with joy in the intimacy that we share together & feel like I just must share with anyone who wants to read about it. I would wish upon everyone to be as lucky as Mandy & I when it cums to loving each other.
    Mrs Harper you gave me a big smile knowing that our story turned you on & yes 2 more are in process for Oct. right now it is easy for me to write these stories because I sit down the next day after one of our loving, hot ,sexual sessions & put it in a story while it is fresh on mind not to mention still smelling the sex on myself.
    One Couple I'm glad this story made you horny for your wife's pussy – I hope you share it with her & enjoy the sweet taste of your wife.
    Tulsa – it is reassuring to know other couples enjoy the same cum play as we do – we just feel that it is the most intimate way to share our true love for each other.
    Old Lover – the more we share out sexual juices with each other the more we want it – it really puts a exclamation point on our night.
    Connor M & Rachel – I love to hear of other couples enjoying their cum with each other like you two. I get the most turned on when m wife instructs me to lick her tits or pussy clean of my own cum. I only want t please her in every way.
    We are all blessed & I couldn't be happier that I stumbled across this beautiful sexy site a few weeks ago.
    Stay tuned in Oct. for two more stories of Mandy & I

  5. Lovinghusband says:

    Eroticcouple – This occasion, and more to the point – the joy you both have in wet and messy sex – is such a turn on! I agree that the more open and transparent we have become over the years – the more we have gone to embracing every juicy opportunity. The smells and tastes and textures end up becoming a never-ending aphrodisiac! Put to the ultimate test, if there was a tank full of my wife's juices, I'd become an expert snorkeler.She loves my cum all over her. I don't have one favorite place to cum on her – but the view of her crack full of my cum is such a turn on. It has to be – because it still turns me on to see it after I just shot it all there! I also love seeing her pussy full and leaking. Cum on her tits and stomach is a great view too. See! I can't pick just one favorite. Sometimes, she puts her face right by my cock as she gives me a hand job. I could go on more! But, your story triggered me to think of these things.

    I'm glad you found MH. God bless you both. LH

  6. possibility says:

    Lovinghusband, I agree the sight smell and texture of each other's arousal and explosions are indeed an aphrodisiac to me also. The sight of my warm milky spunk leaking from my wife's cunt just after I have shot it makes me feel very manly. How I love to bury my face between her thighs as I cunni her and have all the love juice cover my face.I find this both erotic, messy and highly arousing!

  7. Tulsa says:

    Good for you two EroticCouple!
    We also found the more we shared our juices, the more we wanted to do it! Stared with me doing oral on her after I had cum in her, which is still her favorite, but now includes a lot more than that, and both ways!
    Very inspiring!

  8. Eroticcouple says:

    Happy Husband – my stories are not fantasy – after I found this beautiful site I began sharing the true events of my sexy wife & I. We have a beautiful, sexy , open sex life – where we talk a lot to each other what turns us on and what we want to try together to keep us horny and craving the intimacy together.
    Stay tuned for two more stories scheduled for October

  9. Lovinghusband says:

    Possibility – I so agree with your agreement with me. Haha!

    Seriously, what happens later or days, weeks, or even months later – is the thought or visual of that just continues to arouse! Then, you remember the time it was at the hotel, or in the midday on a day when the kids were gone, or with the lights on at night, or in the middle of the bed missionary, or the edge of the bed doggy! All those are separate, erotic thoughts of various times seeing my cum leaking out of her pussy. Then, you add cum on her tits, ass crack, face and neck, etc. It is the gift that keeps on giving. And giving. I still tell my wife about how turned on I am about various thoughts with exactitude! It never fails to turn her up to on fire!

    This makes each new deposit part of an ongoing history that is in our mental Rolodex. So, as I read hot accounts here of other couple's messy sex – it gets me going instantly. Even as I'm writing now at 2:22pm. 🙂 I need to get back to work after this tiny MH break. 🙂 Just so you know…After reading your comment, the odds of my wife and I having sex tonight – is a much greater "Possibility"! God bless you two. LH

  10. possibility says:

    Lovinghusband, I am so pleased my comment directed you to thoughts of having sex with your wife. I hope it was thoroughly mind blowing and satisfying for you both as you 'had your just desserts'. God bless you both.

  11. hottyflygirl says:

    Wow I was only a few sentences in when i knew this was going to be a good one. Your stories are always so beautiful and real and hot!! I grabbed my vibrator and barely made it through the story before I orgasmed. I was still so hot so I called my husband and made him read it. Then we talked on the phone as we played together. I made him cum as I told him I wanted to to feel him spurt inside me and then feel his tongue caress my pussy as his cum oozes out… we’ve never done that but it’s on the list for when I get home in a few days! Meanwhile I’ll be on here a lot lol. Thanks for sharing! It really helped me and my husband out tonight and gave us fun ideas for the future!

  12. Eroticcouple says:

    Thanks hottyflygirl for your compliments on our story. My wife has always loved to taste herself off my face with a passionate kiss after I had performed oral on her pussy. When I finally told my wife of my fantasy she was slightly hesitant but after the first time I licked her cum filled pussy she had such a strong orgasm holding my face to her pussy until she couldn't take the sensation any longer – it is now a regular part of our love making – which now has me licking my cum off her tits etc.

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