Playful Freedom

Hot Pink Afterglow

My wife and I occasionally plan these little sexual intimacy day away / night away times with and for each other. They are special – really special. We make lots of cool preparations. They are very welcomed. And they are hot! We bring our “toy box” and usually make some really hot plans to “pull out all the stops.”

She had purchased a new pair of short, short blue jean hot pants. She was wearing a hot pink thin t-shirt top, beautiful breasts and nipples showing very nicely. She had put on a pair of hot pink and black stripped stockings and her shiny black high, high heels. She had done her makeup bold and bright (beautiful!). Her lips are full and awesome. She had put on her very large hoop rainbow ear rings. She had put on a new set of Sally Hansen hot pink chrome nails. She was beautiful! Pretty! Cute! Hot! My wifey! I am so blessed to have such an awesome wife, who is a great, great mommy and wifey and prayer partner, and deep thinker, and great lover.

Part of our “strategy” is to resist and delay as long as we are able, to get as hot and ready-to-go as we can. It works, believe me.

Well immediately, I hugged her close and began to rub her neck. We kissed a bit. We laid body length on the bed, my thigh rubbing against her hot swollen wet pussy. She had that dreamy look in her eyes. I could have led her all the way right then. But we pulled back. That only fueled the fire and made us want each other more. But we waited.

We love bright colors and bright show on these days. There was enough extra hot pink chorme nails to put a set on me. That way when we rub her breasts there is lots of color. We did my nails up to match hers. That felt cool – sexy! The we decided to play a game of Scrabble together. Only,the words had to have sexy, erotic meanings. And we had to explain each word. It was a really, really fun time. And more fuel on the fire, for sure. Here is an example: The word was “writhe”. The description is, “If you were to tie me up on the bed and have your way all over me, I would “writhe” in pleasure.”

I stood up and went over to my lovely, cute wifey and put both hands on the sides of her neck. (Pretty!) I reached down and kissed her deeply. She leaned her head back for better access. A very erotic kiss!

I guided her over to the bed, laid her gently down and laid down beside her. As I kissed her, her hot pink lipstick got on my lips. I kissed her neck and breasts and left these really pretty lipstick kisses on her breasts. That was hot! She looked down at the kisses on her breasts and smiled. This is fun!

She was really getting into all of this. Moaning. Snuggling. Full body wiggling together. Deep, wet, active, sucking, licking kisses. Then she reached up and began massaging her own breasts. Sometimes she does this just for me, and you can tell. But sometimes she does it because it feels great and she loves it. And it shows on her face! This was one of those times and it was awesome. I watched as she massaged and caressed her breasts and nipples. Her face was a look of pure pleasure. My “pretty” hands were on her wrists. Then she took my hands and put them on her breasts under her hands. All the hot pink nails were fantastic. As I rubbed, she went over the edge. One of her “breast orgasms”. She was gone. But she was not done.

She loves when I lick and suck and roll her lips and clitoris around in my mouth. She loves when I penetrate her deeply with my tongue. I love to taste and drink in the hot, wet, love juice from her sweet pussy. I love to watch her love it. My hands were on her hips bones. I indulged deeply in her very, very hot, wet, pussy. She shuddered. She gently thrust her hips up and down. She spread wide. She held her breasts. She moaned. She smiled. She pulled my head in deeper – deeper. She came and came and came.

Then she drew me up and kissed and sucked my neck hard. Wow! I rubbed her head with my long pink nails. She told me how wonderful that felt. When I entered her it was instant orgasm for her. She stiffened. She squeezed. She pulled. She smiled. Then I began to thrust slowly in and out. She squeezed around my penis. She moved her hips in circles with me inside. She came again. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled and pulled. She says that hits her hot g-spot. She dug her nails into my back. I thrust deeply, deeply. I rubbed her scalp with my nails. “Deeper, deeper!” “Oooooh there! right there!” When I came inside of her – hot, wet, creamy love – we hugged and squeezed and kissed and loved.

We just lay there with my creamy love oozing out of her cunt. My penis still inside of her, softening. Her eyes still had that glazed, sexy, satisfied, dreamy look. She was absolutely gorgeous. I reached up and rubbed gently on her breast. It was the best, longest “afterglow” time we have ever had. She told me that she had never had so many or so intense orgasms. That is what makes it for me – when she has maximum pleasure. And she did. Afterglow.

And we had yet more exciting plans ahead!

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