Date Night

My wife Deanna and I have been happily married for 19 years.  We have four wonderful children and try to give them quality time.  After football practice, choir practice and occasionally family night there’s not much time for us.  Deanna and I had a wonderful time dating before we got married and sometimes reminisced about the good old days.  One day I came home from work and saw a look on Deanna’s’ face that said Calgone take me away! It didn’t take much for me to realize she had a difficult time with the kids that day.

She was short with me and the kids and I knew she was just about to her limit so I suggested she unwind for a while.  Maybe read a book or do something relaxing.   After a few minutes I went to check up on things only to find her cleaning a closet space in our bedroom.  That was when I came up with the idea to have a date night!  Our daughters were 17 and 15 years old; definitely old enough to watch over our 11 and 9 year old boys.  A coworker told me about a new Sauna / Bath House with a Jacuzzi that he and his wife recently enjoyed.  I thought we might try it out for our first date night.

After a brief talk with the girls Deana went to pack a small evening bag.  I noticed she packed the usual items; a towel, soap, oil and a swim suit but also notice she packed her playful sexy massager as well.  When we got there we didn’t waste any time jumping into the sauna.  The water was just right and so soothing to our now forty something bodies.  At first we just sat there without saying a thing to each other.

We just enjoyed the moment together holding hands and occasionally looking into each other’s eyes. Then she asked me a question, Want to make love here right now? Then without any warning she walked over to the edge of the tub, stood in front one of the water jets and folded her swim suit to the side.  Her pussy was still just beneath the water line so I couldn’t see anything but her face told me all I needed to know.  She began to tease me with expressions of pleasure as the water rushed over her now swollen clit.  I couldn’t help but to get excited, just looking at her made my cock grew harder than ever.  I began to stroke my swollen member as the tension of the moment swelled.  It was truly a sensual and romantic moment as we pleasured ourselves in the Jacuzzi.

We moved from the Jacuzzi to a small fold down cot with a then mattress.  I moved her onto the bed and began to suck her clit nice and steady.  Her juices were flowing now and I took the time to savor each drop.  She began to push herself down on my mouth as a continued to such her wet clit.  Then she sat up, took my cock into her hand and sucked me long and hard.  Her mouth felt so good around my cock and I was about to explode when she stopped.  I want to feel you inside of my now, she said.  Without hesitating, I slide my hard cock into her hot wet pussy quickly finding a rhythm that sent us both on a course for a most memorable climate.  I keep on driving my long black cock into her wet pussy as she began to say things to me that really turned me on.  Pump me, pump me baby, and give me that hard cock!  Then she flipped over doggy style as I eased my member into her once again from behind.

We both really had come to like this position for lots reasons but none more than the access you had with a clit stimulator!  Deanna took her love toy out of the bag she brought and put it on her wet clit.  As I continued to slide in and out of her she worked her clit and my cock at the same time.  Moments later we both exploded as ripples of pleasure moved through both of our bodies.  We hugged for a several minutes later laughing out loud at times about our first but defiantly not last Date Night.

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