First Orgasm

First Orgasm – Enjoying Her Discovery

First Orgasm -We were married early in our life, she was 17 and I was a few months over 18. We had both come out a bad relationship that left some lasting scars and trust issues. Jennifer had been taken advantage of by a much older boyfriend that forced his will on her. Me on the other hand, I had met a young lady who was in a sexually abusive relationship with her step dad, that my heart went out to her and I wanted to help. As much as I prayed and tried to help I was not mature enough to be the kind of help that she needed and our relationship ended.

From these experiences one can imagine the kind of baggage both Jennifer and I were bringing into our relationship with each other.

The day that I met Jennifer, (who is now been my wife for 12 wonderful years)I believe it was divine providence. We agreed to go on a date with another couple, so that we would not feel to awkward being alone. It seemed real quick that it was a mute point because we just hit it off completely on that first night. Not only was she so hot in her size 1 blue jeans and boots but she had a beautiful smile and sense of humor. We talked for hours and hated to finally say goodnight, but with a soft kiss to her perfect lips, we said goodnight.

The rest of our courtship was a whirlwind. We would have lunch together when I was at work. I loved buying her nice dresses to wear to church with me. I could not get her out of my mind. We longed for each other’s company. So because we were both a bunch of raging hormones and did not want to live in sin, we decided to get married after about a year together.

Wow was sex with my wife great! I could not get enough of her young sexy body. We would find all kinds of places to make love. I took her to work with me one day on my delivery route and we pulled over at a discreet rest stop and went to back of the delivery truck and had hot sex, and I mean hot about 100 degrees in the back of that truck in the midst of a Texas summer. We were both drenched in sweat but it was very erotic.

Another time we went down to the local high school football stadium when it was raining and made out in the bleachers in the rain. I have to say the rain pouring over her shirt completely highlighting her young perky breast, nipples erect, had a dizzying effect on me and she could tell. So she unzipped my bulging pants and started massaging my penis and rubbing my balls, which drove me even crazier. She then took my hand and placed it between her wet thighs, as I did she let out a soft moan. This was great because she had never felt comfortable me touching her there, but when she decided to place my hand there it was her idea. She then removed her rain and juice soaked panties and turned and startled me on the bleacher bench. Needless to say it didn’t take too much of her rocking and gliding on my penis before I unloaded my tension and just collapsed against her chest as she sat in my lap.

First Orgasm- A shared Experience

Once we got home, this experience encouraged me to help her discover her first orgasm. I coached her to lie on her back and relax while I continued to gently rub and play with her hot, wet vagina. I could tell when she would buck or squirm that I was hitting a sensitive spot. After about 15 minutes of playing with her, she reached down and started fingering herself. Her eyes were closed as in deep concentration and for the first time she started to have her first orgasm. Even though we had made love earlier in the rain this experience completely had me turned on again! So I asked her if she would mind me sliding my penis inside her. She was hesitant because she was so sensitive from just having her first orgasm, but I promised to go slow and she consented.

As I glided my member into her freshly juiced hole, I could still feel the contractions she was experiencing from her first orgasm. Boy did it feel great as her muscles contracted and released around my penis as I slowly slid it in and out of her unusually hot vagina. It didn’t take but a few minutes before I saw her grasp one breast with one hand gently squeezing her erect nipple and reach down with the other to find her throbbing clitoris that was poking out from beneath it’s hood. I could tell she was enjoying this immensely! I started a rhythm of sliding my penis out slowly till my head rested on the labia then with a strong trust I would pound it back into her. (Later she confided to me that the pounding of my balls up against her tight rear end was really arousing to her). I continued this for some time to my amazement, for usually from time of penetration to orgasms it lasted around 5 minutes. This time however I was lasting longer and it was great. She finally started rubbing really hard and fast which I took for her being close to her second orgasm, so I started pumping steady and hard which she favorably responded to by saying, “Yes, Yes, Harder, Harder!” With that kind of enthusiasm what good husband wouldn’t oblige? So we continued on for a few more intense strokes until we had both completed the powerful cycle of an orgasm together. “Wow”, I thought to myself while I lay completely exhausted next to my nineteen year old wife. I thought, “man there is a sexual animal inside this girl who just needs to be encouraged to come out and play!”.

As the years have gone by, Jennifer has continue to grow in her sexuality and embrace those things that early on she was to shy to explore and enjoy. Now, I can come home and she shares with me that she got horny today while thinking of me and decided to masturbate. This in no wise threatens me because she will follow up that night with great sex that both she and I will enjoy! It seems the more she enjoys herself alone, the more she crave me inside her! I love to make love to her with her favorite dildo as foreplay, but she always ends up, when she is thoroughly turned on telling me to pound her hard and fast with my rock hard member till she finishes her orgasm.

I am so blessed that my wife Jennifer has discovered her God given gift of her sexuality, And that in the confines of marriage it is neither dirty or wrong to completely give herself over to her man. We have precious memories of her first orgasm.

First Orgasm

By: Yuliya Libkina

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