morning quickie

Morning Quickie -Hot in the Closet

Morning Quickie – A couple of days ago I was craving my wife’s body but could tell that time was not on my side for full blown sex. We were in the bathroom getting ready and enjoying each other’s company. She was only wearing a pair of panties while she moved into the closet to get dressed.

I was watching her in the mirror and enjoying the sight of her cute ass and mostly naked body. She turned back to say something and I became further aroused by the sight of her beautiful breasts. Rapidly my member was at full attention with my head finding its way out of my boxers. I decided to go for it and quickly moved to embrace my wife. I smiled and give her a sweet kiss. Feeling a bit out there I leaned in and whispered  “I’m attracted to you. May I have a few minutes of your time? You won’t have to do any work.”  She smiled and lovingly agreed to a morning quickie.

In a flash I dropped my boxers and reached for some strategically placed lube (Note – After 18 years of marriage and three kids making sure we have quick access to mood enhancers is helpful). I pulled her close and we began to kiss. I moved my left leg between her legs and  pressed my thigh against her panties. I begin to stoke my shaft while keeping it in contact to her silky smooth legs. Our kissing intensified as our tongues began to join the fun.  I slid my other hand inside my lover’s panties and cupped her fantastic ass.  I felt her breathing quicken and my fingers found their way to her pussy. To my delight her cunt was wet. I stroked her and myself in rhythmic unison. Breathlessly I asked her to pinch my nipples. As her nails firmly pinched my skin, our kissing became frantic and I exploded with pleasure. We kissed a final time. I cleaned up. She finished getting dressed. What a fantastic way to start the day with a morning quickie!

P.S. Our morning encounter put an extra sparkle in her eyes that day. We were close throughout the day and were able to have a quick dinner date that night. After we put the kids to bed we had amazing sex that even made my wife smile and blush the next morning. I love my wife!

Morning Quickie Encouragement from The Times of India

morning quickie

By: Pat Finch


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