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Becoming Empty Nesters

My wife and I are closer to 50 than 40, and we just celebrated 25 years of marriage. In addition, our 2nd of three children just started college, so we are moving towards an empty nest phase. With all of the change, I’m finding that our love life is needing to adapt as well. For […]

She Looks Hot in Leggings (L)

Coming home from the gym, he followed her upstairs to the master bedroom. He was going to get cleaned up for the day. From behind, he got to enjoy the view of her sexy ass. She had put on worn grey leggings and a T-shirt to go walking at the gym. She looked hot and […]

Trying Something New (A)

She walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Her body felt relaxed from the warm bath she had just taken. There was also the slightly buzzed feeling that the shot of the orange liquor had produced. The room was dimly lit as her husband greeted her with a kiss. He enjoyed […]

An American in Capri – Part 2

Note –  This is another  fore play scene from a fantasy role-playing story about a sexy American woman who falls in love with a modern Italian prince on the island of Capri. As in the first excerpt the scene does not culminate in sex but once again I figure readers can make up their own ending. […]

An American in Capri – Part 1

Note – Redeeming Wife’s role playing story about an office tryst inspired me to dig out a short story I wrote for my wife last year. This is a foreplay scene from a fantasy role-playing story about a sexy American woman who falls in love with a modern Italian prince on the island of Capri. […]

Protecting Your Lover’s Heart

This post falls in the category of “keeping it real”. Marriageheat is one of my favorite sites and has been an encouragement to me over the past couple of years. It has been a source of “spice” for my wife and I. More importantly it has been a great place for believers to enourage one […]

My Beautiful Wife

Yesterday was a good day. It was Friday, and I was glad because it had been a challenging week at work. Earlier in the week I invited my wife and kids to join me for lunch on Friday. All week it had been an encouragement to know we were getting together. As I came to […]

An erotic story for my wife

Preface – My wife and I started writing erotic stories to one another when we were first married (19 years ago) and I was deployed with the military for seven months. It was a great way to stay connected sexually despite the separation. I’m enjoying writing erotic letters to my wife again via Marriage Heat. […]

Saturday Morning Workout (L)

It was Saturday morning and she was a good sport to get up and go to the gym with him. The gym was a place of encouragement for him. Having played several sports in his younger days, the gym provided an outlet for his desire to be active and enjoy the physical, mental and emotional […]

Thoughts About Married Sex

I am enjoying Marriage Heat because it promotes Song of Solomon sexuality. My wife and I have been married for 19 years and have a very good love life. Like all couples there have been seasons where we are totally in synch and other seasons where we have had to work at the relationship. The […]

Morning Quickie -Hot in the Closet

Morning Quickie – A couple of days ago I was craving my wife’s body but could tell that time was not on my side for full blown sex. We were in the bathroom getting ready and enjoying each other’s company. She was only wearing a pair of panties while she moved into the closet to get […]

Quickie Sex -Three Minutes in the Van

Quickie Sex – We have been married for 18 years and my wife is generous with her body. We have 3 kids, so life is busy. Sometimes we just have time for quickie sex only. One way to ask if the time for quickie sex is right is to ask, “May I have 3 minutes […]