Trying Something New (A)

She walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her. Her body felt relaxed from the warm bath she had just taken. There was also the slightly buzzed feeling that the shot of the orange liquor had produced. The room was dimly lit as her husband greeted her with a kiss. He enjoyed the hint of a fruity spirit on her lips and tongue.

He led her to the bed where she stretched out, naked and inviting. He began to rub her body down with oil. Her pussy tingled as his hands glided across her skin. She reached out to feel his thick cock that was growing harder. His hands moved up the inside of her thighs, brushing across her sensual mound.

“We are going to try something new tonight,” he announced. He turned her over and joined her on the bed, but with his head by her feet. She was not sure what would come next. But she knew that most of his new ideas ultimately made them both feel good.

“Before I bang you good, I want us both to enjoy our toys. Ladies choose first.”

She looked at her choices and felt a little naughty knowing that all four of her toys could be fun. Tonight she chose the vibrating cock ring. She could slip the ring over her finger and then caress her sensitive clit with the small bullet at the other end. He chose his new prostate massager. It was a little outside her comfort zone, but she was becoming more relaxed with their toy collection.

A soft hum filled the quiet room as they both turned on their toys. He placed his left hand on top of her leg. At the same time, his right hand moved the toy down below his sack. Similarly, one of her hands landed on his leg, while the other moved the vibe closer to her sex garden. They both enjoyed the intimacy and connection of playing together.

He slowly caressed the sensitive zone between his balls and his ass. The toy’s vibration felt wonderful as a slight moan escaped his lips. She opened her eyes to watch as his cock hardened and grew in size. She was pleasantly surprised to find that her cunt responded to the sight of his accelerated growth. Watching him made it easier for her to enjoy her own self-pleasure. Her sexual intensity grew as she began to tease her clit with the vibrating bullet.

“Damn,” he said in a husky voice, “I missed you and your sexy body these last couple of days.” He slid his hand up her leg towards her inner crease.

“I missed you too,” she said.

Their bodies continued to relax and become more aroused. Her free hand had a mind of its own as it found his thick shaft.

She felt it turn rock hard as he lifted his hips and slid the toy inside his ass. It slid over his prostate and he moaned in delight. “Does that feel good?” she asked with a little bit of timidity. “Mmmm, yes it does. But not as good as it will feel when I fill up your cunt with my cock.”

The “bad” girl in her liked to hear her man say naughty things. “But before I pound you with my big dick, I need to know that your pussy is good and ready. Use that toy of yours to make yourself nice and wet.”

Filled with increasing desire she rubbed her clit with the humming toy. Within two minutes her breathing was heavy. Dizzy with desire, she demanded that he come “ride her.” Like a big tiger, he quickly moved them both into a position where he could fuck her from behind.

She let out a strong moan as his cock thrust deep inside. She felt it filling her body. He grabbed her hips and rode her hard. Her mind was overwhelmed with pleasure as he banged her from behind. His balls slapped against her pussy with every thrust in.

She moved the vibe to her clit as he drove himself like a piston deep inside. The coming orgasm swelled inside of her as her moans grew louder. As she cried out in orgasmic bliss, he grunted hard and filled her cunt with his warm seed. He slid out of her as they rolled into a spooning position. He kissed her as he slid a finger into her cum-filled pussy. Their breathing slowly returned to normal as they basked in the amazing afterglow.

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