Losers And Winners

Several years ago, my sweet husband Tom was nominated for an honorary business organization. The induction ceremony was a black-tie dinner to be held at one of the most exclusive private clubs in the city. I was so proud of him and wanted to look my best for the special occasion.

I dieted for a week so I could fit into the sexiest dress I owned. It’s a tight shirred gold-metallic backless sleeveless cocktail dress. It has a halter top and fits me like a second skin,  flattering my best assets.

Because of the diet, the champagne at the event went to my head a little faster than I thought it would. Tom looked very sexy and distinguished in his midnight blue tuxedo. He was the center of attention. When he accepted his induction, I was the final person he thanked. By the time the dinner was over, I was ready to eat him up along with the caviar and filet mignon.

As soon we were in our car, I shimmied out of my spanx and tossed my high heels into the back seat. Before we got out of the club driveway, my hand and then head were in Tom’s lap.

“Annie, baby,” he said, “there is nothing I’d love more than a blow job. But right now I’m trying to get us home without getting arrested.”

I reluctantly sat up and put my seat belt back on. “Fine. Just because you don’t want your cock in your beautiful wife’s mouth doesn’t mean I have to go without. You get to watch me touch myself all the way home,” I pouted.

Tom was having a difficult time keeping his eyes on the road. My dress was hiked up to my waist, and my bare feet were on the dashboard. Tom adjusted the rear view mirror to get a view of my pussy. My fingers worked on my clit, stroking and dipping into my juices.

“Ok, I’ll make a bet with you,” Tom said. “If I can get us home before you cream all over my leather seats, I’ll make it worth your while.”

Thankfully, the Highway Patrol was after more dangerous perps than a cute guy in a tuxedo and his hot, slightly tipsy middle-aged wife in a skimpy dress, with her fingers in her pussy, doing 50 in a 35 mile per hour zone. We made it home in about five minutes, and I was just getting warmed up.

We walked inside and I headed straight for our master bathroom. Tom turned on our gas fire logs and poured himself a nightcap. After getting myself together, brushing my teeth, and washing my face, I had sobered up a bit. But the wager in the car had started something nice, and I definitely wanted it to continue.

I peeled off the dress and admired myself in the full-length mirror in our bedroom. At age 50, I was still something most men would find attractive. Perky natural tits, a slight tummy (not bad after two kids), a nice ass, and a pussy that Tom can’t get enough of. I let my hands slide over my breasts and down to my fine mound of soft blonde hair. Oh, I was very wet and knew I wanted him to pound me into orgasmic bliss.

I went into his closet and put on one of his formal shirts. I rolled up the French cuffs and buttoned the two bottom buttons. In the backless dress, I had to go braless in the cool evening. My nipples were swollen and erect. They were hungry to feel Tom’s warm breath and tongue on them.

I kept on my favorite dangling earrings. I also still wore the string of pearls Tom had given me on our 10th wedding anniversary. They swayed seductively between my naked and exposed breasts.

I walked into the den, where he was waiting for me in his favorite leather chair. He was holding a crystal goblet with some brandy in it. The light from the fire reflected in the glass. His bow tie was untied, and the gold studs I had given him as a wedding present 25 years ago were still in place.

“Well, hello there,” he said. “Looks like I lost a bet.”

“Oh no, baby. I haven’t cum yet. Tonight is all about you,” I purred. I walked over to him, took his glass, and sipped the brandy. Then I dipped my finger in and rubbed brandy on my nipples. The cool liquid made them even more erect, and I was yearning for Tom to kiss them.

I then put my hand between my legs and felt my moist slit. Tom loves the way I smell and taste when I am aroused. I handed the crystal snifter back to him, and let my fingers brush his lips. He gently licked my fingertips, tasting my wetness.

I got down on my knees between his legs and removed his shoes and socks. I ran my fingernails over his muscular ankles, rubbing and massaging his feet. I then raised his toes to my mouth and began to suck them like they were his waiting cock.

This almost drove him over the edge. He moaned with pleasure.

“What do you want, baby?” I asked. “Does that nice hard cock of yours need some special attention?”

All he could do was nod his head. I reached up and unzipped his tuxedo pants. He was wearing a pair of silk paisley boxers I had given him for Christmas. I deftly reached inside them and pulled out his cock. He had a huge hard-on. I touched my tongue to the tip of his cockhead. A pearl of pre-cum was glistening there in the firelight and I eagerly licked it off.

I reached into his glass again and took an ice cube, slowly sucking it past my bright red lips. Then I engulfed the head of his cock with my cool mouth. I began to stroke his shaft with my right hand, while I continued to finger myself with my left.

It didn’t take long before he was ready to shoot his warm cum in my mouth. Tom knows that I’m not crazy about swallowing cum, so he warned me he was close. I knew if I wanted his cock in my pussy, I needed to back him off a little. I stopped stroking his shaft and came up for air.

Tom is always attentive to my needs and loves watching me cum. “Change places with me,” he said. I slid into his chair. The warm dark red leather felt wonderful on my naked ass. I spread my legs apart and draped them over the chair arms. This exposed my glistening pussy to his expert tongue.

Tom is a pro at giving me oral. The first time we ever had sex, he went down on me and made me cum with his mouth and fingers. After that, I was hooked and could not get enough.

After 25 years of marriage, Tom knows how to give me a strong orgasm. He brought his face to within an inch of my sex, nuzzlling and kissing my pubic mound. He then began inserting two fingers into my vagina. Next, he started flicking his tongue along the shaft of my engorged clit. (When I get aroused, my clit becomes hard, almost like a tiny penis.) He settled into a steady rhythm of tongue flicking and gentle sucking. With his fingers, he steadily rubbed the spot on the inside of my pussy that makes me feel like I need to pee.

I could feel my orgasm approaching. Sometimes Tom brings me right up to the edge, then backs off and starts all over again. But tonight I was ready to cum hard. “Don’t stop, lover,” I heard myself say. “I want to cum all over you.”

My best orgasms feel like that first plunge of a roller coaster. I can feel the tension building, then reach a point and just cascade down. When I cum like this, it is sometimes accompanied by a gush of liquid nectar. It feels like it emanates from somewhere deep inside me.

Tom could see that I had reached that point of no return. He began to finger me faster and harder until I exploded in orgasmic ecstasy. I could hear myself crying out and felt an enormous release race through my body. My legs were trembling. I arched my back, trying to pull away from the intensity.

As my orgasm subsided, I opened my eyes and looked down at my beautiful, handsome husband. To my embarrassment, I saw that I had soaked the leather chair and the front of his tux shirt with my juices.

“Oh my god. Baby, I think I just peed all over you. I’m so embarrassed.”

Tom was smiling. “That wasn’t pee, Annie. That’s exactly how you taste when you cum. I don’t think you have ever really let yourself go like you just did. You are amazing.”

Tom picked me up in his arms and carried me into our bedroom. He put me down on our bed, then took off his pants, shirt, and boxers. His cock was rigid and pointed almost straight up.

“Come here,” he said, and he pulled me to the edge of our bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he entered me very deliberately. “I want you to feel every inch of me inside you,” he said.

He began to slowly move his cock in and out of me. But I was in no mood for a slow motion screw. “Fuck me, Tom. Fuck me harder! Fuck your little hot wife. Right there baby. Let me have your cock.”

Tom loves it when I talk dirty. He began thrusting fast and deep. I angled my hips so that his cock was right on top of my clit. I couldn’t believe this. He was going to make me cum again if he kept this up.

Then he surprised me. He pulled out, grabbed his cock, and stroked several times. A thick stream of cum sprayed all over my tummy and chest. He came with such force and intensity that some of his cum shot across my neck and cheek.

“A pearl necklace,” I said. “My second one!” I laughed. Then I rubbed his cum all over my breasts. “Kiss it off me, baby.”

Usually, after we finish a round of intense sexual pleasure, we clean up and go right to sleep. But not that night. We lay next to each other, face to face, and talked about what we had experienced. We kissed and touched and fell even deeper in love if that was possible.

Ladies, never waste a moment of intimacy with your man. Tell him what you like, what he does to you, how badly you want him. Tell him your most private thoughts, your secret fantasies. And when he makes you a sexy bet, play to lose. You will win every time!

God bless this wonderful website. God made you a sexual, powerful, life-giving woman. Live into it!


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