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There are so many steamy stories on MH, we thought it might be a welcome addition to share an embarrassing but sexy experience in hopes that others would too. Back in the Spring of 2020, in the throes of Covid quarantines, we got to feeling so cooped up that I decided a change of scenery […]

Easy Come

  My wife Anne is blessed with the ability to reach orgasm several times during a lovemaking session, and to control the time it takes her to come. This hasn’t always been the case, but developed over time as we introduced various toys into our sex life. Anne has been masturbating regularly since she was […]

Place Your Bets!

This is our third recent story for MH! It has been so much fun to write again, and for those who like our “style” (light dialogue, funny/playful), you can check out some of our other stories by clicking on our username in the byline. We are a very ordinary, happily (for the most part) married […]

“…What She’s Having.”

(Inspired by “When Harry Met Sally” and “The Ugly Truth”) For our 30th anniversary, my husband Tom made reservations at our favorite restaurant, a neighborhood bistro, and then texted me explicit directions. “You will be there precisely at 7 o’clock. You will wear a black wrap dress, black push-up bra, black fishnet stockings, and black […]

🔊 Couple’s Quarantine Fun (L)

This story contains strong language (L). You can read more about annotations in the guidelines. 🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Try as we did all through last year and the holidays to stay safe and follow all precautions, my husband of 30 years,  Tom tested positive for Covid-19 last week, after being exposed to a co-worker. […]

Kitchen Heat (L)

Several years ago, Tom and I had let ourselves get in a rut. Teenagers, jobs, aging parents, bills. You all know what I mean. By bedtime each night, we were utter zombies. Worse, we were putting other people’s needs ahead of each other’s. We have learned this is the first step down the road of […]

In My Fashion

Several years ago, Tom took me with him on a business trip to New York City. While he was in meetings all day, I was free to explore the city. I checked out a museum or two and did some shopping. On a side street in Soho, I found an amazing little store. It sold elegant, […]

Bad Colds, Dream Lovers (L)

Last month I caught a yucky cold that had me coughing and sniffling 24/7. To get some sleep, my husband Tom banished himself to our guest bedroom. I slept alone in our bed for almost a week. Then Tom caught it, and I nursed both him and me for another week. It seemed like all […]


I have a confession to make to you readers. As we have gotten more “mature,” my husband and I enjoy masturbating together as much as we do having “regular sex.” It is easy and feels wonderful (and puts him right to sleep!) He loves to watch me come, and I enjoy putting on a show […]

Night Flight

August 9, 1992 Tom and I honeymooned in Paris for a glorious week. It was a whirlwind of amazing sights, great food, art, history, romance some memorable sex. Very sweet, at times very hot, but at times simple and comfortable. Intimacy doesn’t have to involve fireworks and earthquakes every time. Any couple who expects this […]

Read Me A Story (L)

My husband discovered your website a few months ago and read some of the stories to me. They were sweet and very sexy, but I admit they got him a bit more excited than they did me. We have been married for 25 years. Seeing how much he loved reading them to me gave me […]