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Sex Advice -Where do you get the truth about married sex?  What sex advise do you take?

Stories that may include well spoken advise from those married a long time, or apt words that will help marriage heat thrive.

Marriage sex advise is often hard to get because of privacy issues. MarriageHeat, com gives you a fresh perspective where real couples reflect on the truth of their lives.

Sexual humility is about listening to the needs of your spouse. Do you want to learn from others? Do you want a curious path for your sexuality?

These Stories are for you!
Sexual Advise

Vaginismus: Advice needed!

This is my first post here, and let me start by thanking you all for the encouraging stories of hot monogamy!…

Prayer Before or After Sexy Time?

My fiance and I are wondering what others do—pray before "the dirty" or after? Throughout our dating…

Questions about “Phone Sex”

I'm sure most of us on this site are quite knowledgeable about "phone sex." But what about "secretive"…


I'm curious about one of your closest relationships: you and your best friend, your cock.

Can multiple orgasms be learned?

My husband and I are both interested in my “learning” to have multiple orgasms. Our typical pattern…

Christian Erotica? Seriously?

Can erotica be truly Christian literature and not porn? That is the first question I believe a lot…

Sex is NEVER Free

I am going to stick my neck out and say that SEX is NEVER FREE.   Sex has a cost to it.  Good and…

God’s Miracle of Hope

Back in the early 80s, I learned the hard way about “premarital sex.” No, we didn’t have intercourse…

Ladies, let’s do it!

A very short note from my wife: I felt that I needed to share this thought with you. It is just something…

Getting Touchy? – Seduction by Masturbation

Has your husband ever asked you to touch yourself in front of him? Maybe he has, but you just weren’t…

The Big Question

The Big Question – What Does He Want in the Bedroom? Allow me to start off by saying that it is…

The Power of a Preview

A few years ago, I shared with my wife my desire to be completely open with one another about our sexual…