An American in Capri – Part 2

Note –  This is another  fore play scene from a fantasy role-playing story about a sexy American woman who falls in love with a modern Italian prince on the island of Capri. As in the first excerpt the scene does not culminate in sex but once again I figure readers can make up their own ending.

The moon was beginning to rise casting its soft light upon the clear waters. He wrapped his arms around her as she leaned back against him making sure her cute ass pressed into him. After drinking in the beautiful view for several minutes he leaned in and whispered

“That was a cruel and very pleasurable trick you played on me in the shower today”

Shivers ran down her spine as he kissed her shoulders.

“I have no idea what you are talking about” she countered in mock ignorance.

“Oh, really, well this gorgeous temptress stole my towel. I think she wore black lingerie”

His hands began to caress her body as he described what she wore. She closed her eyes and focused his touch and the sound of his voice. She felt his strong and handsome hands explore her legs, hips and torso. She then felt his hands move higher with confidence. Seductively he caressed all around her breasts while never touching them. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her lips as he touched her.


She felt his cock grow against her ass which in turn made her feel even sexier. His hands moved to her shoulders and seductively lowered her dress, letting his fingers teasingly graze just above her tits. He knew she was ready to be ravished but he had other plans in store.

“Ready to go” he said as he pulled her dress back up gently.

“Oooo, you are too cruel”

“Just returning the favor” he quipped as he playfully smacked her butt.

“Alright then, game on mister”

Walking back towards the dining room she pulled him quickly into an open room closed the door.

“We really do need to get back. He protested.

” Well I am starving and need a quick snack”. She said as she unzipped his pants and pushed him into a chair. Expertly she freed his hardening cock and began to seductively feast on his manhood. All the while she made sure to keep his eyes locked on hers.

“Mmmm, so yummy” she purred.

In rhythmic fashion she ran her tongue up and down in wet, long and slow strokes. Then she began to suck and swirl her tongue on his head using her hands to massage his sac and stroke his shaft.


Groaning with pleasure, his eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. She enjoyed the taste of his salty pre-cum. Then just as she could tell he was really enjoying her amazing blow job she jumped up and headed towards the door.

“Don’t be late” she playfully scolded him.

But he was quicker than she realized. Jumping up, he closed the gap fast. As her hand reached for the door, he grabbed her by the waist and directed her to a nearby table. She braced herself on the table as he hiked up her dress and pulled down sexy black panties. She gasped as she felt his strong, hot cock slide across her wet cunt. She enjoyed his boldness and the strength of his hands on her hips. A wave of pleasure washed over her as he adjusted his angle so that the soft lubed head of his dick caressed her clit. After several amazing strokes he then turned on his heels and headed for the door.  Looking back over his shoulder he acted as if nothing had just happened

“I’m ready, are you?”

“Absolutely, big boy” she shot back as she put herself back together without missing a beat.

She took his hand as they entered the hall. Their minds raced with passion and excitement as the calmly and quietly walked down the hall.

“I hope you are enjoying yourself as much as I am  he asked already knowing the answer.

“Immensely” she responded with a big smile.

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