Saturday Morning Workout (L)

It was Saturday morning and she was a good sport to get up and go to the gym with him. The gym was a place of encouragement for him. Having played several sports in his younger days, the gym provided an outlet for his desire to be active and enjoy the physical, mental and emotional benefits that exercise brings. At the gym he could work out kinks, stiffness and any frustration left over from the work week. He appreciated her willingness to support his interest. As a former runner and butterfly on her cheer squad she also enjoyed being active. Now that the kids were a bit older Saturday morning workouts also became a mini date. As they walked laps to warm up they could hold hands and talk uninterrupted.

Now on this particular morning he woke up thinking about her. As they got up and got ready he enjoyed the early morning view. To bed she had worn a black spaghetti string top and some leopard print string bikini cut panties.
The top was form fitting and the bikini cut gave him a great view of her legs, hips and cute butt. Standing at their dressers she took off her top to get dressed. He enjoyed the sight of her beautiful tits. He quickly walked over and gave her a hug. She enjoyed the warmth of his broad chest on her soft skin. As he gave her a gentle kiss he slid his right hand from her waist to her ass making sure to get inside he panties for a little love squeeze. The embrace was short but long enough for her to feel his manhood spring to life. She enjoyed knowing the he was attracted to her and admired his strong shoulders and back as he walked to the closet. They finished getting ready and headed out the door. She thought he looked handsome in his black shorts and red Addidas shirt. He enjoyed the way her workout pants and striped top accentuated her feminine curves.

They had a good workout and enjoyed their time together. During the workout he had enjoyed catching glimpses of her. She was not trying to be overtly sexual but he enjoyed seeing her body in motion. Likewise, she admired his strength and enjoyed the way some of the exercises highlighted his athletic build. On the way home they continued to talk as the listened to the radio.

Feeling relaxed they discussed a couple of fun things the might do with the kids that weekend. As they finished making a plan, he said “I can think of a couple of other fun things to do this weekend.”

She replied “Really? What might that be?” with a slightly mischievous smile and coy look. Being a playful tease made her feel sexy and she enjoyed the way his eyes lit up with passion for her when they bantered back and forth. He placed his hand just above her knee and let it slowly glide up her leg to mid thigh. Her workout pants were silky smooth and he enjoyed the firmness of her post workout body. On top of the workout endorphins he began to feel the rush of arousal as his cock stiffened.

As they pulled into the driveway she turned to him and said in a slightly suggestive tone “Love, could you look at something for me in the downstairs bathroom when we get inside?”

Based on the twinkle in her eyes and suggestive smile he enthusiastically replied “I would love to but will definitely need your assistance.”

“With pleasure,” she said.

As they walked in two of their kids were watching Saturday cartoons upstairs and the teenager was asleep.
As they walked into the small room she stood in front of the sink and he was behind her. She bent over and pretended to look at the faucet making sure that her ass pressed against his manhood. Playfully she moved side to side grinding herself against him. He let out a slight moan of pleasure and grabbed her hips and pulled her cute bum firm against him. She liked the strength of his grip and felt her pussy become wet as she enjoyed knowing he was aroused. She stood up and turned around. He kissed her and she kissed him back. His left hand slid down from her hip to her thigh and lifted her leg up. She wrapped her leg around him as their bodies fit perfectly together. She teased him with seductive kisses and he pulled her even closer while moving his hips in a way that rubbed her clit just right. He slipped one hand under her shirt to the small of her back and with the other began to remove her workout pants. Likewise she pulled his shorts off. He lifted her onto the counter and knelled down between her spread legs. She rested one foot on the window sill and the other on the door knob.

He could smell the perfume of her arousal and it intoxicated him. Knowing she enjoyed the seduction of being teased he kept her panties on and slowly began to caress and kiss her inner thighs and ever so often brushed against her womanhood. He enjoyed hearing her become more and more aroused. Her hands moved to his head and she ran her fingers through his hair. Knowing she was getting hotter and hotter he began to lick her cunt through her silky panties. She loved the way his firm tongue moved in long strokes from bottom to top. She wanted him to continue but wanted his big dick even more. She lifted his face up and kissed him deeply. Knowing she was ready he slide her panties to one side and she freed him from his boxers. Their breathes were taken away when they melted into one another.

“You are so big and hard,” she groaned into his ear.

“Your cunt is amazing,” he responded. He drove himself deep inside and she grinded her clit against him.

Their kisses became frantic and his hands began to search for her breasts. He was glad to find her bra had a front clasp and set her perky tits free. She leaned back so he could get his lips and mouth on her breasts. It drove her crazy as he flicked her nipples with his tongue while he kept his hot hard cock pressed deep inside of her as she stroked her clit against him. “Mmmm, fuck my pussy, lover you feel so …”

Her breathless request was cut short as the wave of orgasm flooded her body. As he watched her succumb to the pleasure he began to ride her as hard and as fast as he could. He moaned with satisfaction as she dug her nails into his broad and muscular shoulder blades.

“You love my pussy, don’t you?” she asked with authority. He looked deep into her eyes of passion as she seductively licked her lips. As he exploded inside of her, she enjoyed the warmth of his hot cream filling her happy cunt.

She loved knowing her man was deeply satisfied and he enjoyed knowing he could unleash her passion.

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