The Rain

I met her in the rain.

I was just out of college, first job in the city when a late autumn surprise downpour sent me scurrying under a business awning that late aftenoon. As I ran for cover, I found her already standing there; trying to shake the water out of her beautiful curly red hair.

We were there all alone and of course, I didn’t know what to say. But then she looked me at the first time with those beautiful blue eyes and dazzling smile. I was hooked for ever.

“Hi I am Kellie with an i-e” she said in that angelic voice.

“Hello there Kellie with an i-e,” I said, trying to cover up how awestruck I was by this woman.

We made small talk for a few minutes as we watched the rain come down. Kellie told me how much she enjoyed the rain and especially the chance to splash through water puddles. So that is what we did, splashing our way to a cab which took her home — but only after we exchanged telephone numbers.

A week later, we had our first date. Two dates later, I finally summoned up enough courage to kiss her. In the rain. After we splashed through water puddles. After our first rain-soaked kiss, Kellie hugged me and whispered in my ear, “I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to try!” I never worried about kissing her again.

On our wedding day, it rained lightly throughout the day before sunshine broke through for the service. On our wedding night, we could hear the rain drops fall on the window as we held each other after making love for the first time.

For some reason, water has always been part of our relationship. Whether it is during a church service, walking on the beach feeling the ocean lap up against our feet, traveling on an ocean cruise liner,  sharing an intimate moment in the shower or just watching the rain fall while sitting on our back deck, we have always felt comfortable and safe together in and around water. And always, in any rainfall, we would splash again in a puddle just like we did the day we met.

But lately, there had been no water — at least the rain kind. Our city and state was mired in a devastating drought. There had been no snow in the winter and no rain in the summer. It had been going on for almost two years. Oh, sure….we still had freezing cold in the winter and sizzling hot in the summer; but no rain.

Lawns turned brown as there were restrictions placed on watering. Crops withered and soil turned to dust. Each day people would pray for rain. Each time the forecast called for a chance for rain, hopes would rise only to be dashed again.

It seemed it would happen again on this early summer night. We were at home, having worked in the yard for awhile. Thunder clouds started to roll up from the west, but we didn’t pay attention because the forecast only called for a slight chance of rain. We didn’t get our hopes up. We had seen it all before.

Kellie and I were in the living room cuddled up and watching an old movie when suddenly, we heard drops on the window and saw the sidewalk getting wet. Then the rain started to come down hard — we actually had a downpour. We could smell the freshness of the rain through the open windows.

“Let’s go watch,” said Kellie, pulling me up from the couch.

So off we went to our back yard. Thanks to the my wife’s green thumb, our back yard has become a secluded sanctuary for us. There is a privacy fence adorned with trees, flowers and native grasses.  The patio includes a swing bench, a large wood picnic table, chairs and a grill. We like to entertain often out there.

But tonight, it was just us. I came up behind Kellie and wrapped my arms around her. We watched in silent thanksgiving, rejoicing in finally seeing the heavens open and the rain fall again. Kellie turned to face me, with her arms now wrapped around me.

“Do you know what we ought to do?” she said, a smile dancing on her lips.

“I am afraid to ask,” I replied.

Kellie just grinned. “We need to go run in the rain again; it would be fun. Of course, I would understand if you didn’t want to. After all, you are getting old.”

“Only four months older than you,” I said, kissing her on the nose.

We laughed together, pulled off our shoes and socks and ran into the pouring rain. The water was a shock to the system, but invigorating and warm. We were soaked through almost immediately, our clothes clinging to our bodies and our hair to our heads.

Then the fun began. Giggling like children, we took off running around the yard. Kellie chased me and I chased her. We skipped, we hopped, we danced, we sang goofy songs and we jumped to see who could make the biggest puddle.  Time stood still. The more rain that fell, the better it was.

As Kellie dashed by me once, I grabbed her and spun her into my arms. There we were holding each other, soaking wet. Kellie gave me one of those beautiful smiles and I responded by kissing her passionately. When we were done, Kellie pulled me close and whispered in my ear. “I was so hoping you would do that.”

More deep kisses followed. My hands found their way into the back of her shorts where they massaged her buttocks. She did the same to me.  I could feel my shorts start to expand outward as my arousal grew. The nipples on Kellie’s breasts were now visible through her shirt.

Kellie stepped back, saying, “Wet clothes are such a hindrance don’t you think?” With that, she removed her shirt, bra, shorts and  underwear. There stood my beloved, beautiful as ever, with the rain glistening off her entire body, flowing downward from her face, across her breasts, falling towards her stomach and then continuing to her dark love triangle and legs.

I quickly stepped out of my clothes. Kellie responded by coming forward, kneeling down in front of me and taking me into her mouth. I gasped as she began sucking my member and massaging my balls. Her beautiful red rain-filled hair fell around her face and around my groin.

Before I reached the point of no return, I pulled Kellie up to a standing position, put my penis flat against her stomach and kissed her again.  As I looked into her face, I said, “Before we leave this yard, I am making love to you.”

Kellie giggled. “I should certainly hope so,” she replied.

I led her by the hand through the falling rain to the wood picnic table on the patio. I laid our clothes on the top of the table and then gently helped Kellie get on top. Her legs dangled over the edge and I parted them so I could move close to her center. As I kissed her, I used a forefinger to probe the outer edges of her love entrance, rubbing her bump.

Kellie gasped and pushed my finger farther into her.  The rain, mixed with her own moisture, made entry into my beloved even easier than usual. I began a steady rhythm with one, then two fingers moving into her. Kellie’s hands tighten their grip on both sides of the bench. Her mouth opened, her back arched as her breasts pointed upwards to the falling rain.

I could tell she was getting close and then quickly she grabbed my arm, stopping me.  Kellie removed my hand from her opening and grabbed my erect shaft. “I need something else,” she whispered as she guided me into her.

I gently laid her back onto the table, shifting my weight so I could get deeper penetration. Kellie pushed me deeper into her. I kissed both of her breasts and felt the rain running down on top of us.

Kellie looked up at me and whispered, “I love you.” I replied in the same whisper, “I love you too.” She squeezed my hand; which is our signal that she is safe and ready. And then I began to slowly rock back and forth, pulling almost all of the way out and then sliding back in.

I kept my eyes on the love of my life. Watching her in the rain watch me only increased my desire and my speed. The thrusts were quicker and harder now. We locked hands as we pulled back-and-forth together. Kellie wrapped her legs around mine and I kept pushing forward.

Her mouth opened, her body tensed and she let out a small cry as she reached orgasm. Both her hands and her legs tighten around me. As I kept thrusting, I could feel the passionate excitement  starting to climb through my body. I stood straight, and arched my back, looking up into the falling rain, as my love stream finished its journey, running up my body, through me and into Kellie. I shuddered as the final drops left me.

We stayed coupled for a few minutes, catching our breath and feeling reborn again through each other and the rain.  I then helped Kellie off the table, holding her until she was steady again under her own power.  We gathered our clothes and walked inside hand-in-hand.  We took our time drying each other off as we enjoyed that sense of touching each other in all areas.

The rain was finally started to lighten up as we climbed into bed that night. We held each other close, our bodies warming the other.

“Now, that was a way to enjoy a rainfall,” said Kellie as she snuggled closer.

“Kellie with i-e,” I whispered as I tighten my arms around her and nuzzled her damp curly red hair. “Every rainfall has been special since that first one when I met you.”

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  1. Erin Ritchey says:

    I just had to say, I loved the build of this story and how much you love your wife. The whole backstory and the rain. So beautiful! Married sex is clearly best. It inspires me so much! Thank you!

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