outdoor loving

Outdoor Loving – Still in Love After 30 years

Outdoor Loving – My wife had been sitting on a blanket for sometime looking out over the lake outside our home in Missouri.  Her hair blew in the wind as she sat in the sun longing for my return.  An hour or so passed and she drifted away becoming lost in her thoughts.  When I returned, I crept up behind her, my hands gently caressing her shoulders and she closed her eyes.

I sat down behind her with my legs straddling her anticipating some outdoor loving.   I wrapped my arms tightly around her just under her breasts so that they lay upon my forearms.  She leaned back laying her head on my shoulder exposing a tempting view of her neck and shapely chest.  I slid the top of her dress off of her shoulder and warmly kissed it.  I slowly kissed my way up her neck and I could hear her draw a deep breath.  I pulled the sleeves of her dress down her arms exposing her breast.  She lay limp in my arms enjoying the sense of my touch and the warmth of the sun.

Slowly, she pulled up her dress placing her hand on her inner thigh.  Then, slid her hand up her leg and gently fingered her most sensitive area.  She let out an “mmmmm” in anticipation of what was to follow.  I caressed her neck and breast with one hand and followed her arm down with my other hand to join her between her legs.  She put her hand on mine and placed it firmly on top of her mound.

She was warm and moist to the touch.  I stroked the whole area with all of my fingers while my middle finger slowly began to sink into her body.  With each stroke, the finger penetrated deeper until the tip was deep inside leaving the upper part of the middle finger pressed against her button.  I gently, but firmly, stroked and her body moved in harmony with my motion.

Quickly, I moved and lifted her up while still sitting.  I turned her around so that she knelt above my lap with her legs on each side of me.  She loosened my belt and the button of my pants.  Unzipping my pants, she reached in and freed my hardened member.  I pulled her close to me, our bodies now casting long shadows.

Placing both hands beneath her firm buttocks, I lifted her up and gently set her down on me.  Her head fell back and her back arched as she was pierced.  I put my arms around her body and again pulled her close to mine.  With her kneeling, she lifted herself up, and then relaxed and she did this over and over and over until the two of us exploded completing out outdoor loving.

When we had finished our outdoor loving we remained there clinging to one another still in love after 30 years enjoying the warm breeze and setting sun.

outdoor loving

By: Parker Knight

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I were married recently and this site DEFINITELY HAS helped us. I had so many fears about marriage sex. We are off to a great start. I have learned so much from all your stories! I am thinking of writing a story too!

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