love nest

New Love Nest

Love Nest – It had been a long day. My husband, kids and I had just finished moving into our new house and tempers were running high. Finally we got it all done, I made supper, not long after the kids went to bed, and then James, my husband,  and I went to our room to get ready for bed.

Our new home was designed by my husband, with a little help from me. He asked me if there was anything specific I wanted in the design and I told him I wanted a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves and I wanted our bedroom to be on one floor and the kids bedroom to be on a different floor.

We finished getting ready for bed. James went to bed with just his underwear on and I wore my highly unattractive flannel pajamas (we live in Wisconsin now and it is freezing in the winter). We curled up together and prayed, we asked for forgiveness for our anger at each other and our children among other items. When we said “amen” James pulled me in deep into his arms and kissed my neck.

“Leah I’m sorry for being short with you today.”

“I forgive you and I’m sorry too.” he nodded and nuzzled my neck. At this point I was starting to become aroused and was hoping we could have some ‘sexy time.’

James gave a soft sigh and said “baby, what gave you the idea to have our room on on floor and the kids on the other? I love the idea, but it just never would have occurred to me on my own.”

“I wanted to let them feel like they had their own space upstairs, and so we could have our own space down here.”

He smiled into my neck, planting another kiss there, arousing me more, “so your intentions were less than innocent?”

“Correct boy-wonder!” (just a joke, we are movie junkies).

He uttered a soft laugh and then kissed my lips, “this is why I love you. You keep our marriage spicy.”

“Oh I see, so the only reason you keep me around is because I’m a good lover.” I said with mockingly indignant.

“The best. And its not the only reason, you are also an amazing baker and cook.”

“Glad to know I’m worth something.”

“You are my most precious possession.” He gave more sweet kisses to my neck, teasing and tantalizing me.

“Hmph, you just said the the only reason you keep me around is because I’m a good lover.”

“Yes, but that’s not why I married you, I had no idea about your skills as a lover until after we married, and it isn’t the only reason I keep you around.”

“I know darling, I was being silly. But why did you marry me?” I asked slyly hoping to pick up a few compliments.

“I married you because you’re funny, smart, loving, selfless, sweet, beautiful, you have an amazing relationship with God despite everything that has happened to you. And I know the value of trust, love, willingness, and acceptance you give me when we make love. The fact that you trust me enough to, and want me to make love to you is so incredibly amazing and I don’t deserve that.” and he buried his face in my neck. (what my husband was referring to was I came from an abusive home where my I was beaten and harmed sexually by my father.)

I was soo wet and turned on at this point. I wanted him BAD. “Baby,” I purred “I love you and right now I need you, make love with me?” He nodded, and began kissing my lips and face. James maneuvered me so I was lying on my back.

“You know what the best part about our new room is?” He growled.

“What” I panted.

“We don’t have to be quite as quiet.” He began to unbutton my pajama top, kissing the new skin he exposed with the undoing of each button. When he got to my breasts he lavished them with affection, teasing, sucking, nipping, nibbling. I was cooing and stroking my hands through his hair, shoulders, face, whatever I could reach. He continued he way down, kissing my tummy, nipping at my hips.

“You are so sexy,” her murmured, nuzzling my tummy.

“You’re not so bad looking yourself, hot lips.”

James is truly built like a Greek god. He’s 6’8″ and covered in hot, heavy muscles. He’s got thick, dark hair, and in our 12 years of marriage he’s never gained a pound-isn’t he lucky…

James grabbed my pajama pants with his teeth. When he saw what was under there, nothing, his eyes-already smoldering- became even darker with passion.

“Naughty, naughty girl.”

“You like,” I asked coyly.

“Why don’t check,” he replied just as coy. He came back up to the top of the bed and laid down on his side. I peppered his face with kisses and then worked down his chest, playing with his nipples, and belly button. I reached his underwear and his raging hard manhood. I nuzzled his erection and he moaned. I teased him around this area until he was begging for release. Slowly I removed his confines and gazed upon the flattering sight that only I was privileged to partake in. He had precum dribbling and I was more than happy to clean it up.

I went a little further than just removing the precum, but not quite far enough for him to lose his load. James was pleading with me to let him find release. I crawled back up so we were facing each other again.

He took one look at me and said “you’re going to pay for that.” He swiftly pinned me to the bed and dived into my pussy. He pounded me like he hadn’t in years. I was so taken aback that for the first few moments all I could do was lie there in shock, but soon I found the rhythm and gripped his shoulders running my nails over the heavy muscles of his back.

James didn’t lie, he was making me pay for that teasing. For as hard as he was taking me, he made sure my build up was agonizingly slow. I was begging him to let me cum. Soon our breathing became heavier, more fervent. Then I was floating on a sea of ecstasy as wave after wave of my orgasm hit. I could feel and hear James as he came, his orgasm just as powerful as mine. He collapsed, fortunately, to the side of me. After we regained our breath, James pulled me close and kissed me softly on the lips.

“I love you so much, my beautiful Leah.”

“I love you more, my handsome James.” He chuckled and snuggled me closer.

“I think I will very much enjoy our new love nest.”

“Good, because I think we will get a lot of use out of it.”

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

“Night baby.” Together we closed our eyes and fell into a blissful post-orgasmic sleep.

love nest

By: Dan Previte

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