Showe Sex

Shower Sex – Fun in the Shower

Shower Sex – I hear the shower running. It has been years since my wife and I have taken a shower together. When we first married we had shower sex often. Over time she grew to dislike some of the wilder sexual things we did, including bath or shower sex. Over the past few years since I have learned to be a better husband and the kids are older; our sex life has gotten MUCH better! It has been borderline incredible. Though I would love sex more often, I have no room to complain anymore. My life and marriage are awesome!

Tonight we’re at the Hilton. I teach marriage conferences for the Army. Teaching these conferences has offered us the opportunity to stay at hotels I wouldn’t dream of paying for. Whenever she’s not with me I dream of the “wicked” ways and places I could take her throughout these swanky hotel rooms. I have imagined us doing it in front of a 23rd story window, bent over an oak desk, or standing on the balcony overlooking the Fox Theater, I have quite an imagination.

Shower Sex Story

The shower at this Hilton is made large enough for two people. The door is cracked so I peek in and watch the reflection of you showering in the mirror. I feel like I’m in high school, peeking in at some unsuspecting girl while she showers. I watch you lather yourself up and enjoy the large can showerhead. It looks like its washing away all of your tension. The dressing up, meeting my commanders, mixers I’m required to attend, all of the people and handshaking drives you nuts. Now as you place both hands through your hair and let the water cascade down your body, it seems like all of that anxiety is melting away.

I watch as you pick your head back up and the soapy water washes down your breasts. As you turn around I am having a difficult time containing myself as I watch your posterior facing me. I start taking off my clothes, watching your sexy back with soap streaming from your shoulders down through the crack of your perfect apple-shaped ass, running down your supple legs to those sexy feet. You then arch your back as you turn sideways. I see the water dripping from your hard nipples. Oh, how perfect your tits are! My clothes are coming off faster now. I watch you put the soap on your hands and rub it up and down your sexy legs. I am naked now with my manhood erect in my hand. You move your hands up your thighs and soap between your legs. I am so horny now I don’t care if you see me as I grip myself and feel the slick pre-cum on my hand. Your hands seem to linger down there for a bit. I can see your hands are moving as you wash between your legs. My mind wanders and wonders if you’re touching yourself. You keep your hands moving down there a little longer. I am hoping for a show that I will never forget, but you start moving them up your body again. You soap your stomach, slowly. It’s such a sexy show I could swear you know I’m watching and stroking myself, thinking of taking you in that oversized shower. Your hands come up to your firm supple breasts. You take both hands and soap them as if you know I’m watching. Each hand moves counter to the other, making the soap lather up between them! When you start rinsing the soap off your tits, I can’t stand it anymore. I burst into the bathroom and open the shower door. By the gasp and startled look on your face, you had no idea I was there.

“Hey,” as you look down at my swollen manhood, “Wow, somebody’s happy to see me.”

I shut the shower door behind me. “See, there’s plenty of room for the both of us.” I say this to calm and reassure you as I enter the large enclosed area, shutting the door behind me. However, my intentions are nowhere close to noble.

As you turn away from me, I grab you from behind and hug you close. When I do, I bend my knees so that my cock buries itself between your legs. Then I start kissing your neck. It seems like you were about to give protest, but my dick between your legs throws you. You seem to like it. I knew it was risky on my part, but I thought I’d give it a try.

I reach for the body wash and lather my hands up. “I think you’ve just never had a shower with someone who knows where to touch you,” I say as my hands move across her body.  One hand moves across your stomach, with your tits resting on my forearm. The other makes its way down to the mound of hair between your legs.

“I…” you start to protest when I manage to touch you in the right spot. Your breathing gets shallow as I move my hand up and down, holding the nub between my index and forefinger as I let my fingers spread your lips apart. You stop and grab my other arm to steady yourself. Your knees start to buckle as I insert a finger inside of you. You grip my arm tightly and dig your fingernails into it. As I move my finger in and out of you, with my big cock between your legs, your face contorts and it seems like you don’t know what to do. I can tell you wanted to protest but your body is telling you otherwise.

Confidence swells in me as I pleasure you, and you begin to abandon your “no shower sex” rule. One finger becomes two as I keep fingering you and applying pressure with my palm to your mound. The heel of my hand moves in a circle as my fingers press inside while moving in and out of you. Your other hand moves to the wall to steady yourself as I relentlessly rub the delicate pleasure spots between your legs. My fingers move in and out pulling against your front G-spot and your body starts to stiffen. My dick is still between your legs. It gets harder as your body tenses and I feel your ass against my stomach. I keep the steady motion of my fingers moving as your body begins to relax and tighten at the same time. I see and feel your leg start to shake as I continue to thrust my fingers inside of you as you grip my arm tighter and tighter. Your head is almost straight up now and your mouth is open. The showerhead sprays water onto your shoulder and perfect tits as I consistently drive you toward your crescendo. One of your legs lifts up on its toes and begins to shake, seemingly uncontrollably. As your leg moves, the head of my cock brushes against your coarse hair creeping closer to the pleasure cavern I love so much. I am so tempted to thrust into you right now! Oh how it would feel for me to be inside of you, holding your hips while thrusting hard against your ass. Hearing our skin slapping against each other as my cock grows and the pressure builds inside of me. I think of how it would feel to reach up and grab your tits from behind as I thrust and shoot off deep inside of you!

But I can’t, I have to continue what I started! (After all, if I make this happen, you may abandon your no shower rule for good!) As I keep the rhythm, your back arches while I nibble your shoulder and start to kiss down your back. Your tits are still on my forearm and you press my arm tighter against you. You open your mouth and gasp now as I keep a steady rhythm moving inside of you. Suddenly you stiffen! Your legs tighten on my cock as your arm raises, open palmed, as if it doesn’t know what to do. When you let go of the arm holding you, I take the opportunity to take my other hand and move it down to your pleasure spot. Your hand moves to your face as my fingers find the spot that drives you wild as my other fingers thrust in and out of you. I find your nub and hold it between my fingers as my other hand keeps moving. Your body starts to shake and you reach your hand up and behind your head to grab my hair and pull me to you.

My fingers start moving your clit in a circle while I keep fingering you. Your leg is shaking and your breathing is getting shallow. You gasp and throw your hand in the air as I relentlessly keep doing what I know you enjoy. I love knowing I can bring you to heights of pleasure where you lose control. Your hand finally finds the wall in front of you, your head bows down and the water splashes your face. Your entire body tenses, then again. After that I feel your entire frame tense and shake uncontrollably. You seem to have lost all grip on reality as waves of pleasure ride through your body, causing it to lurch over and over. I feel your walls squeezing my fingers uncontrollably as I thrust in and out of you, my other hand still working your clit. You attempt to move my arm to stop me, but you’re too weak, and I am determined. I keep moving my fingers and the waves keep shaking you. I feel your legs about to give out, so I pull my fingers out of you and wrap my arm around you to steady you, still working your clit with my other hand. You are still coming hard as I hold you and rub you at the same time. I am holding a lot of your weight now as you are on the balls of your toes, and the rest is held by your arms leaning on the shower walls.  Your body steadily shakes and lurches as pleasure fills you uncontrollably. I finally feel your orgasm subsiding and I slow my movements down to match your body.

I can tell you are recovering now. I am still amazed how hard your orgasm rocks your whole body from head to toe. I love watching you come so hard and knowing I had something to do with it.

Now that your orgasm is finished, you turn around with a hungry look in your eyes. I grab you and kiss you deeply as you grab my dick. Man! I swear you’ve got me in a vice grip! You say no words as you pull me down and into you. No stroking, no waiting, no teasing, you want sex NOW! I am only glad to accommodate you as I thrust my thickness into your waiting body. Every cell in my dick explodes in pleasure as I thrust into you! I wrap my arms around your waist as I kiss down your face into your neck. I have your whole body against me as I slam into you. My whole body is in ecstasy as I bury my face in your neck, feel your tits crushing against my chest, and drive my shaft in and out of you.

I pull back to look at your beautiful face and slow down before I finish. You make it clear by grabbing me that you’re not ready for me to slow down yet!  With renewed vigor I grab your ass and start pistoning in and out of you like a jackhammer. I hear our skin slapping against each other with every thrust I make. I can feel the pressure building in my balls as I plunge deeper into you.

As I grab your ass, suddenly I want to feel your cheeks in my hands. Not just the meaty part, the underside where the curve meets your thighs. I reach down and lift you up by your ass. When I do, your legs close together, wrapping my dick between them. The sensation is CRAZY Hot!   I lift you up against the wall and wrap my legs around yours with my hands under that fine ass of yours!  My cock grows inside of you while your legs clamp together. I know you can feel the sensation of my swollen member inside of you. I hold you up and start to move in and out again. I see you bite your lip and put your head down. I realize our position has my length dragging across your clit every time I stroke. Your legs being closed up tight squeezes me and keeps my strokes shallow inside of you.

You put your hands on my shoulders and I hear you gasp as I keep thrusting. I imagine you feel as if you’re floating while I continue to hold you up and push deep inside of you. I can feel my come building as I thrust in and out. The added sensation of your thighs is driving me wild and I can’t last any longer. I am holding you up with your ass in my hands and I lift up on my toes as I come hard! I feel your smooth thighs around my dick, your tits on my face, and your ass in my hands! My senses overload and I feel like my come is pulling from my toes as it shoots out of me like a rocket! I hear myself whine in a high pitched girly sound as I feel like every ounce of liquid in my body is shooting into you. I want to be embarrassed about the noises I am making, but I have nothing left in my body for my brain to feel self-conscious. I feel like my whole being is coming. My legs are shaking and I bury my face in your cleavage. Your gorgeous tits are on either side of my head. The sensation of your soft tits on my face drains every ounce of come from my dick. My world turns white and my eyes shut tight as I stream inside of you! I am spent and my legs are shaking as I feel my bulbous head throb with every spasm of my orgasm while I keep heaving myself into you. My vision returns with white spots in front of my eyes, and I slowly put your body down and I begin to contract and shrivel up inside of you. As I lower you down, I realize how little strength I have in my legs. Our roles have reversed as my legs buckle, you grab my arm to steady me, and I grab the side of the shower to steady myself.

“Baby, are you okay?” you say, trying to steady me.

“Uh…yeah.” I say as I catch myself. Panting, my vision comes back and I remember the past few minutes. “Whew…oh…wow…oh!” I am having a hard time putting sentences together as I am remembering the past few minutes. My legs keep trying to buckle. I try to focus on steadying myself.

I look at her, she has a hand on my chest and my arm. She looks so happy and it seems like she wonders if she should be worried about me. I look in her eyes and realize how much I love this woman. So beautiful, so hot, so…awesome! I think I’m going to get hard again thinking about her.  Well, apparently not. I must not have any more in me.

Panting, I say, “I’m fine, my legs are…you know. I love you.  Omigosh, I love you so much.”

“You’d better!” She says teasingly. She moves her hand up and down my chest.

“Ohh…” I put my hand on either side of her to steady myself against the wall. “Wow, baby, just wow.”

“Okay, get out of my way or get me a towel!” she says as she turns me around and pushes me against the wall and drags her naked body across me. Okay, I am not dead down there as I twitch at the touch of her body. She teases me every time we finish, and I love it.


I try to hold my composure as she leaves, then when she’s gone I collapse with my back against the wall and put my face in my hands. My legs are still shaking and I am praising God because of how lucky I am. I put my head under the showerhead and hold myself up on the wall.

Thinking about the shower sex romp we just had and my wife’s naked body, the south begins to rise again. “Really, after all that?” I say looking down at myself. Though it’s doubtful, I am hoping tonight’s festivities are not over yet.

 Showe Sex

By: Gail Frederick


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    • damian45 says:

      Actually I have thought about it. I have only recently found this site, so I haven’t had the opportunity yet. We have a section where we discuss sex in marriage, and I always encourage couples to explore new ideas. However, I know the dangers of pornography and try to steer them clear of it. This seems to be the perfect site to suggest.

  1. Anonymous says:

    My husband who is in the military and I were going some bad paths mostly fueled by pornography. Sir, I am glad you are doing marriage seminars. This site has turned our thinking around. My husband and I would love to go to one of your seminars.

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