Make Up Sex

Make Up Sex – A Sizzling Reunion And Dessert Too

Make Up Sex – My husband and I have been married for six years. We have had our share of fights, just like I am sure most couples do. I hate fighting with my husband, but in the end it makes our relationship stronger and the best part is definitely the make up sex.  I remember one fight in particular a few years ago that was a doozie. Now I do not remember what exactly we were upset with each other about, but it was our longest fight and it lasted for a couple of days. We hardly spoke to each other for those couple of days. I was miserable and so was he. Around the third day we had both sufficiently cooled off and were ready to reconcile.

That night my husband cooked me a very romantic dinner. While I was at work he had set up candles all over the house and on our back porch. I came home around 6:30 and was very surprised to see my husband in the kitchen cooking in only his “kiss the cook” apron. I was extremely aroused for some make up sex, and wanted to jump him right there in the kitchen. I decided to wait until dessert for that, however. I looked around at our house and noticed all of the candles that he had so deliberately placed. He made me my favorite meal and I was so smitten. We ate on our porch, my husband decided to put on some clothes, but only after I made him promise to take them off as soon as we were finished.

After that we proceeded to the living room with whipped cream and strawberries, where my husband had lit a fire. I took off my clothes as fast as I could. Then I tore off his clothes in a hormonal rage. I took the whipped cream and sprayed it in a line down his body. I started at his lips and drew the line all the way down one leg to his toes. I slowly began my smooth decent down his body, carefully following the trail of whipped cream. I playfully skipped over his package and gently sucked on his toes.

He was in such ecstasy that he had laid himself on the floor. I moved carefully back up to his package. As I took his testicle into my mouth I heard him groan. I put more whipping cream on his penis proceeded up his shaft before taking his whole member into my mouth. I continued until he was almost ready to climax.

As I took a break, he got out the strawberries. He started by putting one in my mouth, so tasty. He squeezed one on my nipples then ate the strawberries and licked my nipples. He took a strawberry and used it to tease my clit. He nibbled on the strawberry while its texture drove me crazy. After consuming the strawberry, his tongue was all about make up sex.  I think that I climaxed about six times in a five-minute period. It was so amazing.

My dripping wet vagina was so ready for him. I wanted him so badly. Then without warning I got what I had been yearning for. With one smooth thrust he was inside of me thrusting away. I could feel another orgasm coming on. I never wanted it to end. I could sense that he was about to climax. I reached orgasm again and I sent him over the edge. We lay on our living room floor in front of our fireplace convulsing. It was the most amazing end to a fight that we have ever had.

After our make up sex, we talked about the issues that put us into our situation. We made love twice that weekend. I still cannot believe that we do not remember what we fought about, but we definitely remember the make up sex.

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Make Up Sex

By: Sakena


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! The creativity I read about on this site is inspiring. This site has shown us so many more dimensions of married sex. My wife and i regularly come to this site to get our imagination for marriage heightened for each other. My wife is more comfortable with her sexuality now. We are talking. The only challenge for us has been to make time, but Marriageheat does help because we can just sign in for a little inspiration here and there. I think I am going to try the Strawberry idea later on.

    I wonder: Does anyone else sign in for a little inspiration like us?

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