playful submission

Playful Submission -Who’s the boss?

Playful Submission – He opened the door after being at work all day and she was nowhere to be seen.  He checks the mail and there is a note for him, it reads:

He’d been so horny thinking about her all day, have a quick shower, there is another note in the bathroom.

What a great way to relax after work.  He jumps into the shower for a quick wash, dries himself, and then reads the next note that is on the basin;

Come to the bedroom naked. When he entered the room shut his eyes,

“I will blindfold you and give you orders from there.”

His cock was already getting hard.  He loved it when she would be self-indulgent and put her needs first, he felt so good being able to satisfy her the way she wanted to be.  He entered the room, eyes closed and she was soon upon him attaching his blindfold.  She too was naked and had been anxiously awaiting his return home for the last hour, she was so horny she was trembling.

“Get down on your knees,” was the first command and he did so happily.

She stood in front of him and gently pushed his shoulders down so his head was level with her groin.

“Now lick my pussy.”

By this stage he too was trembling with excitement, going into the unknown, but knowing that it would all be pleasurable.  He placed his hands on her buttocks and his first long lick made him aware her pussy was already wet with excitement.  He continued licking her lips and up to her clit.

“Now lick my clit.”

He moved up to her clit and gently and quickly moved his tongue up and down on her sensitive little organ, just like tickling it but with his tongue.

“Now stick your tongue into my cunt,” his cock became so hard with this demand.

He stuck his tongue as far as he could inside her cunt, tasting her sweet warm juices.  He then began to move his tongue up and down inside her.  Moans, sighs and other sounds emanated from deep within her, her breathing fastened and gasping she managed to say, “now eat me.”

He began to chew and suck on her whole cunt and clit and her legs began to tremble.  Although his neck was in an uncomfortable position he knew it wouldn’t be for long, either she would stop and go onto the next delicacy or shower his face with come.  She grabbed his head and held it steady against her cunt, her cunt was flooding with a mixture of her juices and his saliva and it began to drip down her thighs and down his chin, although he was slurping up as much of the sweet fluid as he could.  Not being able to see, his taste and touch sensations had been heightened.  After hours of waiting and all the sexual tension she had held inside her, she burst into a body trembling orgasm.  Her voice filled the room with sounds of ecstasy and her cunt produced even more delicate nectar for him to indulge in.

It had been a great orgasm but she still had more energy in store.  What was next he thought and he didn’t have to wait long.  She led him to the bed and he lay on his back.  She took one of his balls and sucked it into her mouth and gently licked it.  The tension he had on his body began to drain as she used his cock like a big lollipop with long licks up his shaft up to his head.  Each time she did this his cock would pulse for more.  Without warning she then took most of his cock deep into her mouth, which made him moan with pleasure.  He wondered whether this would be his final treat.  She however had ulterior motives, getting his cock lubricated enough to stick deep into her cunt.

Next thing he knew his cock was searching in the open air, the source of heat having been removed, but it was short lived as his cock soon found a new home, hotter and wetter than the last.  She had moved up and claimed his cock.  She knew he was close to orgasm and she was still super sensitive after her orgasm just a few minutes before.

“Suck my tits,” she demanded so he grabbed her beautifully rounded breasts, massaging them in a circular motion up against her chest.

He then took the left breast and sucked in as much of it as he could.  He then licked the nipple inside his mouth.  She loved her nipples being sucked, it felt like both ends of her body were being stimulated simultaneously.  As they both got closer he moved her nipple to the front of his mouth and gently squashed it against his teeth.  This little bit of discomfort adding, not diminishing her joy.  Her clit was hard up against the base of his cock and she was rubbing it quickly and forcefully against him.  Her pleasure was almost becoming unbearable almost uncomfortable, but instead of stopping she thrust harder against him.  She was rewarded with another huge orgasm, the loudest he had ever heard.  He too was so close and wanted to join in her utopia.

After 15 seconds of her huge orgasm, her cunt pulsating on his cock, the feel of her tits in his hands and the feeling of pride being able to make her come like that, he too began to orgasm.  He too had built up to breaking point and his come seemed to have travelled from his feet.  He could feel the slow rise from his testicles and ascending up his shaft then exploding out into her cunt.  She was ready to collapse but the sensation of feeling his cock bulge inside her then having her cunt showered in his come intensified her orgasm even further, she became so loud she even shocked herself.

They both collapsed, totally spent.  She rested her head onto his hairy chest, her cunt leaking a mixture of fluids down his cock, onto his balls and onto the sheets.  They would often lie like this for minutes, alternatively breathing in and out so it wasn’t uncomfortable.

“You’re such a great lover,” she confessed, “You are!” he replied in his cheeky schoolboy way.

Playful submission is a blessing whether the wife if the lead or the husband is the lead. Check out this playful submission story where the husband is the more of the lead. Check this story out


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