Weekend At the Cabin

My husband and I decided to take a weekend away from the kids and spend a romantic weekend away at the cabin.  We hadn’t been having sex very often because of being busy with the kids and our room being near theirs.

This was our chance to go wild.  We started with a little game.  We both blindfolded ourselves and started to undress each other.  As we did so, we explored each other’s bodies.  Once we were completely undressed, we continued this game as we explored each other’s bodies- with our fingertips, lips, and tongues.  This led to extremely intimate sex as we kept our blindfolds on the entire time.

The next game we played involved the sexual desires of each other.  We each wrote down, on slips of paper, a handful of things that we would like to try during sex.  Then, we drew them out one at a time, and, if we both agreed to try it, we did what it said on the paper.  What an amazing and erotic experience! Within this game, he licked whipped cream off of my breasts, tried it with the lights on, tried doggy style (which gave me an amazing G-spot orgasm), and many other things! These are some great ideas that you should definitely try!

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