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Caribbean Eden

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to take a week long vacation in Jamaica.  Since it was our 15th wedding anniversary, we decided to leave our kids with their grandparents so it could be just us.  After a good bit of research, we found an “all inclusive” resort in Jamaica that was […]

Red Thong

It always amazes me how visual men are.  I am a private person and even after several years of marriage I sometimes struggle with being seen nude by my hubby.  Anyway, I have always worn regular cotton panties, I grew up wearing them and just never stopped.  I have put on lingerie for my man […]

Train Ride

We left for the train station right after the wedding. We didn’t have time to change out of our attire. We arrived just a few minutes before the train pulled in. I watched you as boarded the train. I watched how the loose curls danced in the breeze. You looked so lovely. Your bronze shoulders […]

Vibrator Fun: Let’s Just Give A Sex Toy A Try

Vibrator Fun – I admit, I did not like the thought of a foreign object being slid up inside of me. My husband did. I honestly thought it would totally shut me down. My husband obviously thought different. He hinted. He asked. He discussed. He hinted. He asked. He discussed some more.  He told me […]

Hot love

Since we got married I have dreams about us all the time.  So I thought I would tell you my dream.  It was storming outside and we just got back from camping and we were both tired and warn out.  You were being really nice and sweet.  So you went to the bathroom and ran […]

Afternoon Delight

The hot Colorado sun beat down on Lisa Retoya’s shoulders as she finished mowing around the sprawling ranch house and barns that she and her husband, Jack, called home. When the big commercial mower finally fell silent, she used her kerchief to wipe some of the commingled dirt and sweat from her pretty face. Making […]

Pregnancy Sex Drive: Feeling Heated All the Time

Pregnancy Sex Drive -My Pregnancy sex drive is intense in a good way. What an amazing week of new found freedoms with my lover.  It started with some body sensitivity.  There’s bad sensitivity (like TOO intense, or a paper cut) and then there’s good sensitivity (like Ooooo Ohhhh Ahhhh).  This was very very good sensitivity. […]

Ranch Road Passion

The kids were tired, we’d been traveling for several hours, and you looked exhausted. The High Plains moon was shining brightly as we left the ranch house where we’d been visiting friends. We both were hoping that the next little town about 25 miles away would have a decent motel. As we dodged deer, raccoons […]

Away Alone

It is a beautiful night as we drive along the highway.  A full moon illuminates the sky.   The moon and the occasional light of passing cars shines on my passenger’s face.  The beauty of the person  sitting only inches away from me is mesmerizing in this light.  My wife and I are on our way […]

Farmer Sex -Wet and Wild Down on the Farm

Sam Mason watched as his pretty, young wife, Jena, placed the final bale from the load of alfalfa on the rattling elevator. Admiring the cleavage she unknowing displayed as she bent to the task, Sam thanked God for her spunky personality and amazing desirability. He took the advancing bale from the elevator and stacked it […]


My wife and I enjoy a wonderful sex life, largely because we are both risk takers and enjoy trying new things.  One new thing that we have been doing for over ten years (which means that it really isn’t a new thing) is to have sex during the many wedding receptions that we attend each […]