Afternoon Delight

The hot Colorado sun beat down on Lisa Retoya’s shoulders as she finished mowing around the sprawling ranch house and barns that she and her husband, Jack, called home. When the big commercial mower finally fell silent, she used her kerchief to wipe some of the commingled dirt and sweat from her pretty face. Making sure none of their several ranch hands were around, she pulled her tank top off, allowing the dry air to sweep over her upper body. Deciding that her black sports bra was sufficient coverage for the time being, she headed for the house.

Her path took her directly beside their new pool, distinctively shaped like their hanging moon brand. The temptation of the cool water was too great, and she slipped out of her fitted jeans, and into the refreshing depths. Coming to the surface, she laughed as two small swirls of muddy water dripped off her breasts into the pool. Sighing, she looked down the long driveway to see if there was any sign of Jack’s return. Disappointed, she swam a few laps around the brilliant blue pool. When she got out, she lay face down on a double width chaise lounge, behind the privacy fence they’d recently erected.

The warm sun, combined with her weariness, soon lulled her to sleep. As her mind wandered into dreamland, Lisa didn’t actually hear the diesel pickup truck pull into the ranch drive. Somehow, those rumbling vibrations belonged in her dream, causing delicious tingles to course through her body. Quietly moaning, she subconsciously moved the hand under her to her mound.

By now, the truck’s occupants, Jack and Travis had finished unloading their fencing tools. “Trav, let’s go to the house for something cold to drink.” Jack said. “Sounds good, boss.” was the quick reply. As the men approached the side door, completely unaware of Lisa location, Jack hollered. “Lisa, have you got anything for a couple of thirsty guys?” The total silence that answered him was a little baffling, as he’d noted that she’d finished mowing and returned the mower to the barn. “Lisa?”, he shouted again, but again no response.

Lisa, deep in her dream, was hearing a familiar masculine voice speak her name over and over. An incredible warmth was spreading through her body, totally enjoyable, and so connected to that manly voice. Getting more and more involved in her dream, she spread her legs and began softly stroking her labia. As the muted sounds of male voices drifted again into her mind, she instinctively fondled her erect clitoris and began moving her pelvis in that age old manner.

Meanwhile, Jack sent Travis to the barns and other outbuildings to look for the missing ranch wife. Jack began to search throughout the spacious house for his bride of 25 years. Finding nothing, he happened to glance out the back window of the den and spotted the unmistakable form of a woman near the pool. Making one of the instant decisions that had made him successful in ranching, he grabbed the phone from the near by rolltop desk and hit the speed dial number for Travis’s cell phone. “She’s right here, so why don’t you go on out and check the pairs in the Comstock section. If everything’s OK there, then go on home. It’s been a long hot day!” Jack said. Travis readily agreed and soon could be heard pulling down the long, winding driveway.

Grinning, Jack sauntered to the master bedroom, taking a cordless vibrator from the nightstand. He took just a minute to slip out of his dirty clothes leaving on just his boxers for modesty. He approached the pool area quietly, still formulating his little plan. Lisa was totally unaware of him standing over her, smiling at her luscious body. His enjoyment of her beauty was only enhanced when he noticed her dreamy stimulation of herself. As her sleek, tanned body undulated on the lounge, his boxers tented around his swelling manhood, the apex throbbing in almost perfect timing with her own motions.

Quietly, he knelt on the chaise between her now widely spread legs. Her exploring fingers had pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, fully exposing her swollen lips and clitoris. The sheen of her moisture was glistening in the late afternoon sun, perhaps one of the most erotic views of her he’d ever seen! Jack turned the vibrator on a medium speed and slowly, gently started tracing a path from her calf upward. As he approached the union of her thighs, he intentionally avoided any direct contact with her eager female parts, choosing instead to trace back down the other leg. Her moans were increasing in volume, and her motions were by now unmistakable – she was becoming highly aroused, but was still deep in sleep!

Jack made another circuit with the toy, intending to stop briefly at the center of her femininity. As he approached her pubic region, she surprised him by reaching awkwardly for the vibrator. The astonished husband willingly allowed her to guide the machine directly to her swollen clitoris. The reaction was strong and immediate, as her own ministrations had provided more than adequate foreplay. Trapping the buzzing shaft between her hungry bud and the mesh of the chair, she thrust and thrust against it, nearly screaming in the throes of her passion. Jack slid first one, then two fingers into her slippery vagina, curling them down against her G spot, just as he knew she so enjoyed. The intensity of her orgasm doubled with this dual stimulation, and her entire body pulsed with the release.

Riding out the storm, Jack finally eased away from her, taking his penetrating fingers and satisfying vibrator with him. Lisa groaned again, shuddering and wriggling in a manner that created a delightful view for her attentive husband. Her own hand cupped her mound, but more in satisfaction than stimulation. Her eyelids fluttered open for just a second, then contentedly closed again.

Jack’s erection was hard and stiff, eager for entrance into her sweet depths. Stretching the waistband over the formidable interference of his penis, he quickly rid himself of the confining boxers. Kneeling again behind her, he gently reached his callused hands under her hips, raising her to her knees. Still asleep, her face and chest remained supported by the chaise. As he grabbed his throbbing tool, he used it to push the lacy black fabric of her panties aside, gaining access to the prize he sought.

As the wide head of his thick rod spread her lips, she again began to groan in pleasure. Pushing back against him, she unknowingly aided his effort to explore all of her. Rocking back and forth, she soon was providing the delightful motion that threatened to bring him over the edge. Her continued sleeping state served only to arouse him even more. Her uninhibited enjoyment of his hard presence in her eager body finally pushed him to the point of no return. Joining her motions now, matching her thrust for thrust, he threw his head back in delight as he delivered his love to her. Her spasming vaginal walls milked him dry, as a wave of orgasmic passion again consumed her luscious body.

Sated, he gently withdrew and eased her back down into a fully reclined position. Still naked, he lay beside her, taking her into his arms. Kissing her eyelids, cheeks, nose and lips soon caused the drowsy beauty to awaken. Somewhat startled, she opened her eyes wide until she recognized his rugged features. Snuggling against his muscular chest, she said, “Sweetie, you’d never believe the dream I just had about you!”

“Oh, why don’t you tell me about it, and I’ll see for myself whether it’s believable or not!”, her smiling husband replied, savoring her beauty, and God’s gift to him that she was.

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