From the Moment He Walked in the Door

I can’t wait for my husband to come home from work.  When we were first married, I planned an entire evening (in the middle of the week!), starting from the moment he walked in the door.  I put on one of his button down shirts – with only one of the buttons fastened and wearing nothing underneath, and met him when he came in the house.  We stood and kissed, pressing hard against each other for several seconds without ever saying a word.

The table was set with his favorite meal – baked chicken breast with cheese, bacon, and chives on top, broccoli casserole, and wine (you can substitute this with grape juice – but use the goblets).  A candle lit the table.  Already, he was on top of the world!  He caught glimpses of my body as I moved around the kitchen in his big old shirt, making the final preparations for dinner.  I took his hand and sat him down at the table, then facing him, climbed onto his lap.  We held each other and kissed for several minutes (almost didn’t get to eat the food I had prepared).  Finally, we tore away from each other and I sat in my own chair.  As always, we held hands and asked that God bless the meal and continue to “grow” and bless our marriage.  As we ate, we talked and laughed, forgetting about the worries of the world.  It was just us!

Then, because he is a movie buff (and this was HIS night), I selected a romantic movie to further set the mood, made a bed on the floor in front of the television.  Throughout the movie, we snuggled and I would reach over and caress his chest, then his lower abdomen, then his penis and testicles – kissing his face, licking his neck, and sucking on his chest.  I wanted him to become aroused and just enjoy the arousal – for a VERY LONG time.

I’m sorry, I don’t remember much about the movie – in fact, I don’t even know which one we “watched.”  But by the time it was over, we were definitely ready for bed!  In the bedroom, we undressed, lay down, and just held each other tightly…celebrating the love we share.  Feeling each other’s nakedness and really taking time to “touch.”

Not yet wanting the night to come to a climax, I rolled him over onto his stomach.  Then I began to massage his toes, then feet, then legs, then buttocks.  Straddling his bottom, I rubbed his shoulders and back.  Most of the time, my hands were focused and firm on his body; but occasionally, they would stray off course and reach beneath to fondle his genitals, tickling that hollow spot in his hip area.  Now and then, I leaned forward allowing him to feel my breasts brush against his back.  Rolling him over, my hands and lips again explored his face, chest, and genitals.

When he could lay there no longer, he lay me down and returned the massage, using his mouth and hands.  Softly, gently searching out every part of me until my body ached to feel him inside.

The communion, the unity was so intense it brought tears to my eyes.  Never had I experienced such closeness and completeness.  As we made love by candlelight, staring into each other’s eyes, there was a connection that goes beyond words or explanation.

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