A Little Love

As she stood at the door and waited she felt a rush of anticipation.  The candles were lit, dozens of white candles in varying sizes and widths set around the room casting a loving glow over the rose covered bed.  Red Roses set in vases around the room turning a deep burgundy in the soft candlelight.  He would be home soon.

She filled the tube adding bubble bath in a soft rose scent to the water, the sensual and heady scent touching the air like a lover.  As she sank in to the hot water she remembered there wedding night 5 years before and her awe at walking into the hotel suite to find a picture much the same as he would find tonight when he came home.  That had been the most wonderful night of her life; giving her body for the first time to the man she had pledged to love for the rest of her life.  When the water grew chill she rose and wrapped herself in the soft white towel.  She had been to the spa earlier and had been waxed and polished so this evening would be even more memorable.  She walked into the bedroom and opened the pink box on the table in her sitting area.  She brought the white negligee out and slipped it over her head, letting the silk and lace glide over her body like a glove until it clung to her every curve.

When her husband walked in she was standing in the doorway silhouetted perfectly by the candlelight.  Without a word he walked to her and took her in his arms.  As she slid her hands into his hair he took her lips in a passionate coupling that took them under.  She still the quiver in her belly and the curl I n her toes she did the first time he had kissed her like this.  When she broke the kiss, she took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom, smiling at his gasped surprise.

She released his hand and turned to him slipping off his tie and letting it fall carelessly to the floor as she began working the buttons on his pristine dress shirt.  When he finally regained his senses she had his shirt off and was pulling him under with another kiss as he ran his fingers down her back and over her hips.  He laid her gently down on the bed, never breaking the kiss, and began to love her with his hands and lips conveying all his love in the movements he made.

When he slid the white lace off her delicate shoulders, she had a flashing thought, a picture of the two of them on there wedding night and thought that even though they had been together countless times since then it always felt like the first.  However, as his hot mouth found her breast she lost that thought and all others.  He had intended on taking things slowly until her hand found his arousal in the front of his tailored pants he knew he was going to lose control. As his hands worked the lace sown her body he found that she wore nothing underneath and became more aroused then he thought possible.  Realizing her husband was weakening she maneuvered on top of him and worked off his pants and boxers planting soft kisses from his neck to his toes loving his body and giving him all he had given her.

When they were both undressed and covered in a fine mist of perspiration and rose petals, he linked their hands and slid into her soft body stopping only momentarily to savor the sensations going through his body.  Staring into her beautiful eyes he began to move in the way that man and wife have moved since the dawn of time.  Keeping the pace slow and methodical drawing out both of their pleasures as long as possible until finally they both found release.  With tears in her eyes she wrapped her arms around him, holding him to her pounding heart and whispering I Love You and saying a silent Thank You that she had found her forever love.

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