Surprise in the dark

It was one of those evenings where my husband was gone to worship practice, and I was at home with both of our children.  Throughout the day, we had made erotic comments back & forth, so we both were aware of each other’s desire to have sex at some point in the day.  However, the day time came and went and we just didn’t fit it in.

When he left for the evening, I told him that I would give him a phone call when I was ready for him to come home.  It was evening, and I had just tucked both boys in bed.  The house was quiet, so I decided to jump in the bathtub, and take a soothing bubble bath.

I wasn’t in there long when the idea popped into my head to shave myself bare in the pubic area.  I’ve done this before, and my husband always enjoyed it very much.  I looked at the clock and realized that I had some time yet before worship practice was over, and he would be expecting my call, so I went to work.

Within 5-10 minutes, everything was shaved clean, and just the feel of it to my own touch started to get my juices flowing.  I rubbed some glow-in-the-dark lotion on my breasts, and made two paths with it that v’d right down to my crotch area.  Even though I knew that my husband would come home with sex on his mind, I decided to have something at the door when he walked in.

I went down to the door, and started to undress.  I left my slippers in the entryway, my pants on the kitchen floor, my shirt on the dining room floor, and my bra on the steps.  It was like a little trail for him, so he could come and find me.  I left my underwear outside our bedroom door, so he would have no doubts as to where I was awaiting his arrival.

I called him, and told him to come home–I would be waiting.  Then, I put on a red feathery apron, so he would not notice my bare pubic area right away, and laid in bed, ready for his arrival.  When I heard him come in the front door, it didn’t take long for him to come up to our bedroom–he was hungry with desire, and was a man on a mission.

The bedroom lights were off, so the only light in the room was from the streetlights outside.  I had him undress right away, and our bodies came together.  We were so hungry for each other.  It didn’t take long for him to take my apron off, and as he did so, I had him feel my bare pubic area.  That got him even more excited.

He nibbled on my breasts, which always turns me on, then started nibbling on down to my pubic area.  This is one part of the sexual experience that I absolutely love!  When he starts nibbling on my clit, it makes my body go wild.  The more he nibbled, the more I moaned, until I could feel the waves of orgasm crashing over me.

Then, he entered me, and we rocked back & forth, creating a pleasure that is truly a gift from God.  After he climaxed, we both lay down and just breathed some deep sighs–what an awesome gift to be able to share together!

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