Sweet Passion

It was December of 1993 when this beautiful, special night happened. December 10th to be exact, so not at all long before Christmas. It wasn’t our best year (nothing to do with our marriage, all was well there), but everything was well now, and December was wonderful. At least God brought us through and our marriage was as strong as ever. Also, we in our private moments refer to that year as the “sitting” year because most times we were intimate that time were in the sitting position.

We came home one evening after going to the movies with our girls, had supper, and went to bed. In our room we started with some light kissing. Then, some touching followed while slowly unwrapping each other’s clothes. My husband sat on our bed, naked and I joined him once my remaining garments fell off. I gently touched his shoulders as I straddled and kissed him before lowering myself onto his hard cock.

“Baby, you’re so beautiful. I love you,” he said.

“I love you too, my handsome man,” I replied.

We wrapped our arms each other tight when he was fully inside me, taking time to enjoy that beautiful intimate feeling. I caressed his smooth back and he kissed my neck. We nuzzled lightly before exchanging sweet, erotic kisses. I kissed his forehead as he caressed my back before bringing one of his hands around to gently caress my breasts. He took one pointed nipple in his mouth, slowly licking and kissing it, giving me the orgasmic tingles. He then did the same with the other breast.

I then felt my husband’s hard, throbbing cock move a bit in my wet ladyplace. It felt so pleasurable while he pulsated in my ladyplace. My husband moved gently at first, and I started to move, too.

I clutched him, my breasts pressed up against his chest as my hips went back and forth, pleasuring us both. Our movements got faster, and I orgasmed strongly, with my husband cumming with me. We held each other tight while thrusting and moaning in orgasmic abandon before we came down, and relaxed in each others arms, taking a moment before my husband lay back, and lay me on him.

My husband held my hand as I rested it on his chest. With his other hand he stroked me, and rested his arm around me as I fell asleep in his arms.

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17 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    No need for a name on this story Mrs Harper, my cock recognized the passionate lovemaking and erotic fucking as it hardened yet again to one of your HOT marriage heat stories ! It's wonderful to have so much time off over the Christmas period, my wife an I make full use of it before I have to leave for work again, she frequently sucks my big cock and we masturbate together whereafter I shoot my hot cum all over her large breasts and use my hard cock to rub it in and massage her tits. Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family during this time.

  2. Dean316 says:

    Always find it heartening to read about the love between you and your husband, Harper. God has gifted the two of you a beautiful and hot marriage. I pray you two be free and happy in your marriage, especially in sex!

    Stay horny.

    God bless,

  3. OneCouple says:

    Thank you Mrs Harper, just some questions about the "sitting" year and sitting position, if you don't mind ? Does your husband sit up straight on the bed, or in what position is he actually sitting, did you ever do it where he sits on a chair or couch ? Are you facing him all the time ? I would love to know which position allows for the best penetration and/or orgasm for you. Thank you again for sharing this HOT story and God bless you both !

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Sometimes he'd sit at the edge of the bed, but we liked it better when he'd sit in the middle of the bed with my on his lap, and I'd always be facing him so he could play with my breasts, we'd kiss, and hug, things like that. We never did it on a chair or couch, and yes i'd face him all the time. I think it's different for different couples, but that's the best position for us as far as the sitting position goes. Thank you for your kind words and you're welcome, I might re-post so you can find it in my archives. God bless you too, I hope there are more stories cumming from you two!

  5. OneCouple says:

    Thank you for sharing that Mrs Harper, the last time we had sex in the sitting position was after one of your HOT stories, we both came HARD and it turned out great ! Today however, we have a few very special things to celebrate, my sexy wife asked that me make a fuck date for tonight and I saved up a lot of cum for her over the last few days (if you know what I mean). Also, I'm looking very much forward to (for the first time ever), use a big dildo that I bought her for this special occasion, on her. I'm so hard just thinking about it, I'll have to restrain myself until tonight ! God is so good, special blessings to you, Mrs C, and all your loved ones over this Christmas period and I hope to read another one of your HOT stories very soon !

  6. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple Thank you, and may I ask which story it was? 😉 I hope you have fun tonight, and thank you for your well wishes. Mrs C is coping very well, she is strong. God is good indeed! I have another one cumming on Sunday! 😀 Hope you'll enjoy that one, God bless you too! <3

  7. OneCouple says:

    Mrs Harper, I think it was called "More Land Sex", if I remember correctly, not a hundred percent sure, but it did triggered some very erotic sex, really looking forward to Sunday's story ! God bless

  8. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple You'll love it I'm sure! And some more exciting new is on Tuesday we'll be going to Greenland for about a month during Christmas, that's confirmed! Clara's husband will get to see the Northern Lights one more time! It'll be beautiful! Thankfully he's still fit to travel! God bless

  9. OneCouple says:

    I'm pretty sure I will Mrs Harper, that's exciting news for the holidays, hopefully lots of opportunities for some hard and erotic fucking for you both ? We just encountered an amazing and unbelievable turn of events in our own sex life last night ourselves, some ground breaking stuff, I never imagined that in my wildest dreams, my cock is literally still tingling today, amazing !!! God bless you all !

  10. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple sounds hot, will you maybe share that with us? Yes, there sure will be especially since that place brings back lots of erotic memories back for us from when we were younger! God bless!

  11. OneCouple says:

    Yes Mrs Harper, I certainly can do that, I could write a story and maybe call it "Turn of Events", or something like that. I'll have to jack off my cock as I'm thinking back on that momentous occasion for us ! My cock is super hard and feels amazing in my hand right now, thank you for sharing and triggering these hot and horny thoughts all over again ! God bless you.

  12. Old Lover says:

    A truly sweet and tender story, Mrs. Harper. My Anne loves my loving attention on her breasts. Neither of us can get enough of the sweet passion that breast time and play brings to us. Thanks, Mrs. Harper, and please write more about the pleasure and joy of sweet passionate breast love.

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