Christian Sex – No One Else Knows! (L)

This story is about the jewel of a wife the Lord has given me.

My wife is the gentlest soul. She is a wonderful mother, who does a wonderful job homeschooling our children. Her values and life priorities have been honed by the teaching of the Bible. She loves God’s truth and loves to worship her Savior.

My wife is a sharp dresser. I love the way she looks in all her dresses, shorts, pants, sweats, swimsuit, and pajamas. She has a sexy body – and she dresses modestly. Her curves can still be appreciated – but she is not too revealing.

My wife and I have conservative values because we believe that is the application of what the Bible teaches. We love God and we love people. We love the opportunities God has given us to serve Him and His people in many ways. We are part of a great Bible teaching and Bible believing church. Our lives are full only because God is our treasure. Jesus Christ has saved us from our sins by dying for us on the cross. We are trusting in His sacrificial death as our substitute – and our sins have been forgiven. By God’s grace, we are Christians.

This is all background to who we are – and to the fact that no one knows my wife like I do. I love that! Many know her. They truly know her. She is not a fake or phony. She is the real deal. Our friends, family, and church family all know her in many wonderful ways – and I am more than glad to share her and the gifts that God has put in her for His glory.

Yet, there is one way that I only know her. I am glad to say that it is God’s design that I alone experientially know her in this way. It has been my honor and pleasure to know her like this for all the 28 years of our marriage. Christian Sex.

My wife is soft-spoken. She is quick to hear and slow to speak. Yet, when she speaks she speaks substantively. She is intelligent and wise. She is a Proverbs 31 wife and mother.

I would venture to guess that no one who knows my wife – would have a clue just how horny and sexy she is. They can observe that she is pretty, and has always been fit – and has wonderful features. But, they have no idea how crazy she gets when we are making love. I love knowing that this is known only by us. Christian Sex is important to her.

My wife and I love our sexual relationship. She loves how horny I am – and I love how horny she is. Though she loves the things we have learned from Marriage Heat in the last number months since we discovered the site – she is (presently) still shy enough not to be a writer on this site. She leaves that to me.

How do I make her know that I appreciate who she is as my horny and sexy wife?

I tell her, “You have the most perfect butt…no one in the whole world knows how sexy your butt is naked…except me” My wife is glad to know that I am so satisfied with her butt, tits, pussy, legs, mouth, face, lips…every bit of her. She knows from experience and because I am always telling her. It isn’t mindlessly repetitive – but regularly and sincerely communicated to her.

I tell her: I love your clit, I love your hard nipples, I love your tits bouncing in my face, I love your pussy lips, I love your hairy pussy, I love your tight asshole, I love your soft, firm butt cheeks, I love your hips slamming against me as you pump your pussy on my cock, I love the feel of your tongue flicking my tiny whole on the tip of my dick, I love the taste of your pussy juice, I love the sound you make when you are cumming, I love that God gave me a horny wife…I tell her all these things. No one else knows her like this – and it is wonderful!

Most people would probably think my wife and I have a good sexual relationship. No reason to suspect otherwise. What they wouldn’t fathom is just how horny she is! I don’t think she gives any hint to just how sexual she is. They would know that we are a normal couple – who engages in sex.

But, no one would imagine that she would be the kind of woman that would come into our closet while I am dressing and yank my underwear down that I just put on – and get on her knees and go crazy on my nuts and dick. Our kids think, mom and dad are getting dressed. NO! What they have no clue of is that their mom is so horny – she jumped in the closet and is fucking dad with her mouth! I love knowing that no one else knows!

They would have no idea how often she comes up to me and starts grinding her pussy on me (with clothes on and off!). Or that she humps me from behind for brief seconds in the kitchen after she is sure that no one sees. Or that she opens the shower door while I am showering to quickly take my dick into her mouth – just for a few seconds of foreplay. Or that she grabs my cock in the car while we are driving. Or that she grabs my bulge when we pass in the hall. Or that she gives me a show just before getting into the shower – by bending over and pulling her butt cheeks open and then her pussy. Or that she at opportune times will pull up her top to show me her boobs during the day. No one else knows my wife like this and I love it!

I’ve said this in other places on this site and I’ll say it again: Neither my wife nor I ever use sexual language in our speech outside of the context of our sex. We are not nor ever have been cussers (all glory to God!). We do appreciate the place that erotic language has in our relationship – referring to what the words mean! Fucking is intercourse. Pussy or cunt is vagina. Cock or dick is penis. Boobs or tits are breasts. Yet, when they are spoken and heard at the right and appropriate moments – they are so satisfying to experience! They turn us on! They are part of the symphony of our sex!

I am also glad to know that I am the only one who knows how horny my wife can be in her thoughts. She tells me of the horny thoughts she has towards me. My dick gets hard just thinking about her thinking in this way. I have to ask her to tell me about her thoughts – but she does. She has thoughts about my cock growing in my shorts and then springing out when my underwear come off. She loves the way my cock stands at attention when I walk around the bed. She stares at it lustily and just watching her eyes on my cock makes me go wild. I get so turned on by the fact that my wife loves my dick. She thinks about it! She is thinking about what is in my pants. There was a time when I only thought is was me thinking about what was in her pants. Not so! I love knowing something about her horny thoughts.

She has thoughts about me pounding her from on top. She fantasizes about gripping my butt cheeks tightly as she is cumming – holding me as close has she can…digging her nails into my butt. I love hearing about how she cups her own tits when she is getting in the mood to masturbate. No one but me has ever seen how hard show goes at it when she masturbates. It is borderline violent – but so erotic. The slurping of her wet pussy from her fingers moving fast around her clit – and going in and out. I can’t watch without grabbing my dick. I love knowing of her thoughts about watching me masturbate. It makes her want to immediately touch her pussy as she sees me playing with myself. I love knowing that she thinks about my cock cumming and likes the whiteness of my cream. Those thoughts she has turn me on!! I know that she is a godly woman who has very horny thoughts. That is not a contradiction!

The greatest thing of all is that none of this is dirty or sinful. We are a married couple who has been blessed to know God – and know that part of our life and being in this world is to relate to one another in this way. The world has so corrupted so many good gifts that God has given us. Fortunately, God has given us His Word and granted us wisdom to live as one flesh in so many wonderful ways.

My wife is for me and I am for my wife. Period! What I have described above is just the tip of the iceberg of the wonderful retreat center that God has given to every married couple – if they will only yield themselves to Him. The joys that we have experienced have been wonderful. And we are not done yet! In fact, we think our sexual relationship has gotten better and better over the years! We are hotter for one another now than ever. And we’ve been hot for 28 years!

To be frank, we are looking forward to tonight at around 11pm! Around that time, we will add another chapter of lovemaking to our big book. Between now and then, there will be some horny thoughts and some grabbing and groping. We have full lives and much else to do during our days in serving the Lord – but the sweet anticipation of what will come later in the night is such a blessing during the day.

It is a blessing for me to write this. I am a blessed man. My wife and I don’t take any of this for granted. We are not rich, but God has made us realize that He has indeed made us rich!

Dear Marriage Heat friends: I hope this encourages you in some way to realize the singular oneness that you have with your spouse. Be content with God’s gifts. We are in a daily fight with the values of a fallen world. It is a real fight. There is an enemy of our souls. We still have the residue of sin in us. Yet, the Word of God can make us equipped to fight the fight.

One of the great weapons we have to fight in the sexual arena is to have a vibrant, loving, regular, and horny relationship with our marriage covenant spouse. Don’t take it for granted. Thank God for it. Thank Him in prayer together before you have sex. Also, remember that our sex lives are just a part of our life. It is not an unimportant part. Yet, we must remind ourselves that even the joys of sex are not to be more ultimate than the joy we have in knowing God through faith in Jesus Christ.

I’ve shared with you some of the excitement we experience – knowing that no one knows just how horny and sexy my wife is – except me. I encourage you to know and appreciate this same excitement with your spouse. Let your spouse know how much you appreciate him or her being horny and wanting you alone! Tell him or her the thoughts you’ve had about your sex. You might find that your spouse wants to get to bed earlier tonight! Be content in knowing that no one else knows just how horny you are except your spouse.


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14 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Blondie, your words of encouragement are such a blessing to me! Wherever I am wise, I want to give thanks to God.

    Life has been pretty busy of late and so I’ve missed MH – besides a quick peek now and then. It was fun to write this one. I am a blessed man!

  2. hornyGG says:

    Loved this LH! Of course I enjoy all your post, they really get to me! Lol. Obviously, you are a very lucky man and your lovely bride is a very lucky woman.

    I love how you express your love for your wife, as only a loving and horny husband can. Your stories always never fail to encourage and inspire Ben and I ( not to mention turn us both on. Lol.) and are truly thought provoking.

    I salute you and your lovely horny bride! I always look forward to your next post. Thank you so much for posting, God bless and as always stay….. Well you know! Lol.

  3. King Levi says:

    This is so beautiful. It really inspires me. I’m waiting until marriage to have sex. I pray the woman God has for me is beautiful to me. A woman’s body is truly a masterpiece.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Dear Harper,

      I’m hurt – I always read your stories right after you write them! 🙂
      God bless you!! 🙂

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Sorry LH… you posted this one before I came along, maybe that’s why and also I’ve got a busy schedule looking after my granddaughter too… Don’t be hurt ur a fav writer of mine! I’ve seen other great posts of yours 😉 I’ll be eager to read ur next one I promise 🙂 May God be with you always, brother! 😀

  4. PassionateForChrist says:

    Thanks to Mrs. Harper, I was just equally blessed to read this post as well. Dearest Lovinghusband, thank you for this post! There is such rich value in all you share, so much depth and truth. I always feel greatly encouraged and inspired by your perspectives, experiences, and the wisdom that you consistently share. I love your pure heart, which is so beautifully committed to God and to living by His Word. You are a special kind of amazing. It is my heart’s hope that the man God would match me up with in marriage will be a godly man of your kind. And it is my heart’s endeavor, desire and prayer to fully become, by His grace, such a godly wife to my future husband in the way that God has made me, just as your beautiful bride is one to you in all her God-given wonderful ways. God bless the both of you! May your sacred marriage relationship continue to flourish deeply, passionately and beautifully through and through!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Dear PassionateForChrist,

      Thank you for your kind words! You know what I mean when I say that when we ponder
      our own lives – we know that our hearts are not as pure as we would desire them to be. I
      will say this to you: If you desire to be the kind of bride my wife is – you are desiring a
      great thing! I am the blessed man!! I am excited about your future and what God has in
      store for you and your future husband. God bless you!!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      So sweet and encouraging! Thank you!! I’m always so blessed by the words you speak to me. I am the blessed MH reader! 😉 Love and blessings back to you and yours! 🙂

  5. Gracie says:

    Dear LH,

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this post for a while now. I know this is an older post of yours, so not sure if you’ll ever see this comment, but I thought you should know something. I’ve mentioned in comments the influence your stories have had on me, but in case you hadn't seen them I wanted to make sure you knew what an influence and inspiration you and your wife have been to me. I think what prompted me to write this comment after so long, is you highlighting in another one of your stories how important it is to comment and how encouraging it can be to the writer as well as others. I’ve diligently been praying to God to help me be a better wife, a Godly and submissive wife, the wife he has called me to be and on top of it all a confident and erotic wife in the bedroom. The more I pray the more I feel God working in me. I believe finding MH is something he helped me stumble upon. Wow! I never knew a Christian women could be Godly, yet a beautifully erotic woman in the bedroom. While I was encouraged by the immediate stories I read, it wasn't until I came across this post, when I realized that it truly is possible. I can be a Godly, conservative woman and wife, but also have an amazing sex life with my husband. I read the wonderful words you wrote about your wife, and I thought wow, she sounds like a beautiful woman. It’s women like your wife and men like you that are a true inspiration and testament to God’s intentions for marriage. I personally have no one to talk to or bounce things off of when it comes to my marriage and intimacy, so finding MH has helped tremendously. Your wife has been a huge inspiration to me, and I’m thankful to you LH for exemplifying your wife’s Godliness and sexiness 🙂 in your stories. Being married half as long as you and your wife, I really look up to the both of you and what you have to share. I hope you continue to share your wisdom on MH, thanks again.

    God Bless,


    • Lovinghusband says:

      Gracie, your comment means more than you can imagine! I'm so glad you found this story and that it encouraged you. My wife and I have come a long way. Her base foundation was very constricted by comparison. It has taken the joy of sex seen in the Bible to free her. We are still in progress like everyone else. We can be selfish. Yet, your comment, "Wow! I never knew a Christian women could be Godly, yet a beautifully erotic woman in the bedroom." – that is my wife! Gracie, live your name – while obeying the Lord and enjoying the joys of great sex with your husband. We are trying to do the same! I feel like I have some kindred spirits on MH – and like it or not, you are one of them now. 🙂 Many of us can identify with "no one to talk to or bounce things off" in this regard. Gracie, you made my day for sure!! Blessings in Christ! LH

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