Wet Pleasure – Master/Wench Role-play (L)

I was getting all nice and good smelling in the shower. Washing and getting ready for work while listening to music. Then I hear you coming in the bathroom to take your own shower and I  start fingering myself because I know it will excite you. Once you come in and see, I know that it does by the huge hard on you have.

I smile and moan. I slip another finger in and start tweaking a nipple. I know you love watching me masturbate. I put on a show just for you as the water cascades down my body. You start to touch yourself in the place that is only mine. I see your hand working and massaging it, and it makes me wetter and wetter as you touch yourself. I see the water running down your body, and I see your long thick cock in your hands. I know I need to feel you in me. I keep fingering and I move the hand that it playing with my nipples to your cock. I start to stroke it and feel it all over, no inch of skin misses my caress. You moan as you see me fall to my knees. When I take the head full on in my mouth, you put your hand on my head. You love seeing me unashamedly sucking your thick cock, and I love the taste. (I really do, Is that weird?)

We both like it, and I love it when I know I turn you on. I suck and lick, putting my tongue on the hole, caressing your tender glans on the bottom of your head, sucking it deeply in all the right spots. I relax my jaw and put you all the way in. Your body is thrusting into my mouth deeper now. I know that you are close to coming, so I ask where you wanna cum.

You tell me you wanna cum in me so I take you out of my mouth with one last deep suck. I stop and stand still for a moment so you don’t shoot your load right in my pussy before we have the chance to really get at it.

You push me against the wall and you kiss me hard and deep. One of your hands on my neck, the other traveling down my body, sliding down my hip and around to my ass, which you give a playful slap as we kiss.

I moan and put my hands on your hips and pull them close, so I feel your thick member against my stomach. I see some precum, sticky and salty on my stomach. I smile and reach down to taste it. I know that pushes you over the edge, you grab my hips and you lift me up and my legs wrap around your waist as you stick it in my wet and waiting pussy.

I moan as you first slip in, that is always my favorite part. I feel you thrusting slow and your strokes are deep, relishing the feeling of being in my wet pussy. It contracts around your cock, and that makes you go faster and faster, your strokes going deeper and deeper. Soon I feel a wonderful orgasm coming, and you sense this. You plunge still deeper into my pussy, and you hold it there. The fact that all of you is pressed into my tiny hole to your balls, makes me have a earthshaking orgasm. You hold me trembling in your arms until you turn off the water and take me to the bed, you smile and you tell me that you still aren’t done with me. You beg me to put on of my sexier outfits, which I obligingly do, knowing how much you like looking at me in a costume.

I put on a thong and bra set you’d bought for me and I ask you if you would like to play wench and master, your favorite game.

Hearing me say that, you get off the bed and press me down on it, telling me : “You are mine tonight wench, all mine, mine to fuck and do whatever I want with, mine to claim, you understand that my little wench?”

“Yes, master” Is my husky reply, I am so turned on by this point it is hard to play along.

“Spread your little legs wench and let me see that pussy,” you say.

“As you please, my master, your wish is my command,” I say meekly and I lay back on the bed for you, moving my thong aside and letting you see. To my surprise you stick your tongue in, you lick my pussy up and down, and up and down.

Over and over, you make me spasm in pleasure, and then you ask, “You like that, my little wench? Well your gonna have to be very good if you want anymore of that, your going to have to prove how much you want it, show me how much you want it right now. Show me how bad of a wench you can be to earn my tongue or cock,” you challenge.

I oblige willingly. I gently press you onto the bed, and I straddle your face, so that you have a front row seat to my show. You watch as I finger and play with my clit, you hear my moans and then you push my thighs down and I feel your perfect tongue eating me out.

“Oh, master, mm-mm-mm, master! Mm-mm… Yes, master! Give it to me! Mm-mm, eat my pussy!” I scream as I orgasm yet again. I love role-play and I know that you do too. You continue to eat me out until you observe my second orgasm is over.

You then say, “Let me fuck my little wench! Get on my cock! I wanna fuck that tight little pussy! Im gonna fuck it hard and rough all night. I want that pussy!”

I get on your cock and I ride it like the dirty wench I am. You haven’t been back in me 5 times before you cum all inside my pussy with your own huge orgasm. Then you offer me a towel and you whisper, “I love you, my little ‘wench‘.”

We fall asleep covered in our own love juice.


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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I like the way you write Alextif! This was such a hot story. I like how you both anticipated each other in the shower. Can’t wait for my wife and I in the shower!
    Looking forward to your next story! Blessings on you and your husband.

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