Smitten – Your Breasts, Our Memories

My wife and I are in our sixties and have been married 40 plus years. Before I met her, and not having had a serious girlfriend, and just like most teenage boys, I thought for sure the lower half of a woman was interesting but breasts were mesmerizing, hypnotizing. The first time that I saw my future wife’s breasts was when we were teenagers. It has been a lasting image that has tethered me to her all of these years; something that we reminisce about. We were searching for a place to be alone for the first time, as I drove us down a narrow lane surrounding a cornfield (There are lots of cornfields in Illinois) and stopped at the secluded far end. As we exited the car our eyes met and I felt her nervous excitement rippling into mine as though our gazes were emitting erotic molecules that danced across the distance between our trembling bodies.The grass was green and soft where we sat, the mature cornstalks concealing, and the late afternoon sunshine seemed to soothe our jitters. She stretched and laid on her back, her gaze calling to me. Not being experienced at this sort of thing, I had some difficulty raising her dress and unhooking her bra. Then as I exposed her breasts with an enticing jiggle, the soft rays of the setting sun illuminated her moderate pink nipples and my eyes took in their wondrous beauty, their mystery, as they seemed to be begging me to partake. I was smitten by an awakened instinct, a biological imperative, a deep yearning to gaze, fondle, and then to suckle. As if an invisible force from her breasts had lassoed me and was rhythmically nudging me closer, and gazing so closely at the real thing, I surrendered to their needy calling and slowly sucked in her left nipple until it filled my mouth, my tongue rhythmically pressing upward and working from back to front. Then a euphoria came over me that was so overwhelming that it has always summoned me back for more. It was the day that we imprinted.

A few years later, we married and had children that were each breastfed for a year. Our focus was on the children’s welfare as our world became harsh and unforgiving. If the thought of sharing in my wife’s bounty of milk ever did cross my mind it was quickly squashed by the severity of our circumstances.

Years went by quickly and our lives became easier and gentler as our children grew up and left home and we retired. As we aged we discovered the serenity and comfort in extended foreplay, and though we are healthy and enjoy sex often, her breasts became more and more important and satisfying to me as she loved having me give them the extended attention.

Now the sublime nursing on her breasts and her freely and joyously giving me her milk is no longer solely a part of foreplay but an integral part of every day. We are calmer, intimately closer, and experiencing serenity that many older couples seem to be missing. Entwined by the electrifying connection of lips and nipples and meeting of the minds we agree that time seems to expand, the world around us vanishes, and for a while we are the only two people in the universe. At our age the end of the line can be fully visualized and, instead of withering away to an unfulfilled senior existence, we have reawakened and found again those very same intoxicating emotions that we experienced as young lovers.

We can’t imagine it being any other way, as our love has grown beyond a few minutes of ecstasy during sex to a higher plane of bonding, intimacy, and fulfillment that lasts 24 hours a day.


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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you smitten! I love to learn from people who have walked further down the road than me. I am so glad for you and your wife – and the love you have together. Blessings on you both!

    • smitten says:

      It’s nice to have some years behind a relationship because you can start connecting the dots that tell where you’ve been and a possible future.

  2. hornyGG says:

    A beautifully written story smitten. I truly enjoyed reading it. My hubby and I have been married thirty years, and let me say I found your story to be very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing sir. God bless you and your lovely wife and stay wonderfully horny!

    • smitten says:

      We are thrilled that you enjoyed reading about us and inspired to know that there are others that have been married a long time that still have the flame burning.

    • firemusic says:

      A lovely and very romantic story. I am 60 and have been married for 38 years. I first remember seeing my wife’s beautiful legs one summer when I was 21, she was wearing a short summer dress, and the sight of her wonderful sun-tanned legs made me literally tremble.

      To this day those legs still look fantastic, and my wife loves me to sit and admire them as she gradually raises her skirt up to the tops of her thighs. Even today I still tremble when she does that!

    • smitten says:

      Isn’t it wonderful and mysterious how something about our mates will trigger something very deep within our makeup.

  3. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    I saw my wife’s perfect breasts a few months before we were married. I was able to play with them briefly. I’m so glad she was strong willed enough to stop what we were doing or we may not have stayed together long enough to get married. I will never forget my heart skipping a beat.

    I have been showered with my wife’s sweet breastmilk many times. I never felt the desire to suckle her milk. Being raised in farmland, I had tasted warm milk straight from the cow and didn’t really enjoy it. Her milk was sweet but she seemed to produce at about the same time as the baby was needing it.

    Her breasts give me great comfort now in our 50s. I love to lay on her breasts when I’m feeling a little down. I love playing with them just for the fun of playing with them. I love standing behind her in the shower and wash her breasts from behind. She always gasps when I grab them, pull her hard into me, while kissing and biting her neck.

    Ah, the wonders of titties. They never cease to titillate.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jazzd: I too had tasted raw cow’s milk and didn’t like it and didn’t even like processed and cold milk. But human milk is very sweet and tastes like milted ice cream and it is not taken from a glass and there is something deep about sucking on a nipple whether there is milk or not.

  5. marriedman0217 says:

    I remember my wife’s full breasts when she was nursing. After our second child was born and our sex life resumed she would often ask me to help relieve the the pressure in those beautiful round breasts. I would oblige her by suckling her while she sat astride me. It was such a privilege and extremely erotic. When near those lovely tits these days I look back with great fondness.

  6. smitten says:

    To marriedman0217 from the Smittens.
    We have noticed that quite a few people look back at the childbearing years with fondness of suckling but are not engaging in this wonderful intimacy any longer? There are some fears of being engorged again and Lady Smitten does not get engorged and probably most people beyond the childbearing years would not also. When suckling starts the milk machine goes into high gear and when not . . . it diminishes. God bless you.

  7. Upcomingauthor says:

    If there was ever an article that screamed how I felt about my wife, this is it! Exactly how I felt when I saw her breast for the first time, and while we are still young I want this same adoration in the years to come! God bless you both, and thank you! 🙂

    • smitten says:

      To Upcomingauthor from Smitten. Thanks for your comment about a truly deep and wonderful mystery, the man being the strong warrior protector is melted by the sight and softness of the woman’s breasts. The reason why there are so many paintings of women showing their breasts and women are allowed to show some of their breasts out in public is because it transcends sex.
      May your wish come true.

  8. Dennis Timko says:

    This is wonderful to see such a happy couple after so many years. At age 41, I’m trying to talk my wife into this type of bonding, but she doesn’t seem to thrilled yet (milk is only for baby). Hopefully she will learn as I have from research and reading about couples like yourselves that this type of love is normal and healthy.

    • smitten says:

      Thanks for your gracious comment.. The truth is that women and their breasts in all of their glory have more gifts to give than just a couple years of breastfeeding baby–out of an entire lifetime– then after feeding baby to let their breasts atrophy and their husbands emotionally starved., and their biological imperative to give and comfort go to waste.

      This site is excellent in its own way but anyone interested in adult breastfeeding should go to The Land of Milk and Honey/Gift of Milk. There are lots and lots and lots of couples that have discovered this wonderful joy of marriage that raises intimacy to a higher level.


  9. Old Lover says:

    Although we do not have a lactating ANR, my mid-60s wife, Anne, loves to dry nurse me at least weekly. We, also, discovered the incredible intimacy of breast nurturing in our mid-50s. The act of presenting her breast to me and holding my head as I suckle and kneed her breasts creates a bond that is indescribable. The only challenge we face is the tremendous turn on for Anne. Inevitably our Adult Nurturing Relationship sessions – up to15 minutes – culminate in her jilling-off until she can bear it no longer and demands that I make her cum.

  10. Grace911 says:

    I know this is an old post, but I have to tell you I still loved your story. I'm fairly new to MH, have been wondering if anyone here enjoyed an ANR and was gratified to see several stories about it. My husband and I have enjoyed a dry ANR for 12 years, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I would dearly love to produce but have, unfortunately, never been able to. Not for lack of want and trying. We've been married for nearly 54 years, and, as we women age, our muscles tend to lose some of their sensitivity. His nursing has become our go-to path for an orgasm for me, EVERY time we make love. I absolutely love it when he nurses!

    • smitten says:

      to Grace911:
      Thanks for sharing you and your husband's love for each other. It just proves that romance and deep bonding can still be had after 54 years of marriage and that social conditioning about older married couples not having the joy of love and life is a myth.
      Best wishes,
      Lady and Smitten

  11. smitten says:

    Lady Smitten and Smitten:
    Hello to all of our old friends and new ones:
    I still worship Lady's breasts and she loves it, and we can tell you that it only gets better as we age. Of course sexual intercourse is still on the menu. As we have aged we have become more philosophical about our relationship with each other and the world around us. We would like to share a story that we composed about this sort of thing that has more to do with our long lasting love than intercourse.
    We have spent many month long trips in the wilderness where we have not seen another human. It is a strange feeling to watch that airplane lift off of the lake in the Canadian North and disappear over the horizon as we begin our canoe trip, knowing that we will have no contact with the outside world until it arrives again in a month. About two weeks into the trip something wonderful happens. We start living with the rhythms of the planet instead of resisting it. We go to bed soon after dark and get up at sunrise. Wind, rain, lightning, and snow are no longer our enemies. Now, we live in harmony with them. Death is accepted in a different way. We have been in severe lightning storms and wind storms of 100 miles per hour for several hours and along the way it comes to us that there is not a single thing that we can do about it. If lightning strikes one or both of us or a tree falls on us, they have no dark political objective, prejudice, self-interest, or harsh feelings toward us. It is just nature and life and death on our planet.
    After we snuggle into our warm sleeping bags and while listening to the breeze whirring through the tree tops and water lapping on the shoreline we automatically drift into a state of soul-searching. We are alone, in harmony with nature, the man praising God for the woman's nurturing spirit and the woman for her strong protecting man on a planet circling a star in our galaxy, among many galaxies, children under the watchful eye of their Heavenly Father. How have we done out there in civilization? It softly comes to us that we have failed many times to be the loving, caring citizens of humanity that we so strive to be. Alone in the wilderness, it comes to us night after night as we slowly begin viewing ourselves with a greater clarity. We make promises to God, ourselves, each other, and to humanity that we will strive to be better people.
    Once when we were on a 14 day wilderness trip we came across two sisters traveling the opposite direction from us along a trail that connected two lakes. We had been out there ten days without seeing another human. As we unloaded some of our stuff at the lakeshore at the end of the trail, we felt the warm urge to pick up the last of their stuff and carry it to them on our way back across the trail. Midway in the trail we met up with the two ladies who were carrying the last of our stuff across the trail. We all burst out laughing, and strangely, we all had tears in our eyes. We know now that the tears came from a realization that we all had changed, soul searched, dug deep into our minds and hearts and weeded out the negative while replacing it with the positive, and had become better people while in the wilderness.

    It is very hard to keep the right perspective in our chaotic civilization, seldom being alone, and so we fail sometimes in our efforts to be better people. Some nights when we go to bed at home we open the window and the cold air pours in over us like smooth flowing water as we listen for the message in the whirring trees and try once again to remember the gift of insight that the wilderness bestowed upon us.
    Lady and Smitten

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