A Letter Of Honesty To My Husband

My Dearest Husband-
I know that we often find our lives consumed by schedules, alarm clocks, children’s activities, to-do lists, and professional commitments. At the end of the evening it takes all we have just to get ourselves ready for bed and fall asleep only to do it all over again the next day. I also know we do not kiss how we once did or steal moments away to touch or look at one another lustfully. We both settle for the excuses mentioned above and resign ourselves to thinking, “Maybe this weekend….”.

I’m not sure why I personally do not make more time to show you affection or let you know you are still the only man for me. Please forgive my neglect and know every word I have written is utterly true.

You and I both know you would do anything for me. You would go to the ends of the earth if it meant my happiness. I have believed this since we fell in love and you have never faltered. But, this is not a letter to revisit what you and I both already know. I want to tell you things that you maybe once knew but have forgotten about yourself. A forgotten memory that I take full accountability for.

I love your masculinity when you kiss me in the way that you are demanding I kiss back. If I sit perfectly still and close my eyes, I can feel your mouth on mine and taste your sweetness. I love when your tongue teases mine and you trace the outline of my mouth while stopping to gently suck on my bottom lip. You know this is satisfying to me because I whimper and moan with excitement and anticipation. Your hand moves down my neck to my chest and you begin to massage my breast and gently pinch my nipple between your thumb and index finger. You have always known my breasts are tender and highly responsive to your fondling. By this time, I have begun to feel that tingling between my legs that starts deep in my belly when I think about all the sensual, feminine feelings you stir within me.

When you have put me in this state, it takes every last bit of strength, which isn’t much, to stop myself from climaxing. I try to wait because I know once you move your hand down in between my legs and gently push your finger down my slit to rub my clit, it will only be a matter of time until you make my body quake with orgasms. What is best is that these orgasms are so much more than cumming; they are a spiritual experience that brings me closer to you. You don’t allow me to stop at just one. No. You bring me to this state at least 4 times over the course of 10 minutes. I am reduced to a state of exhaustion and breathlessness that only you are capable of causing. You see, when we are in bed together sharing in this vulnerable, intimate act, I am inferior. Inferior to your love making talent and powerless over your abilities.

In most other situations as your wife I am organized, capable, and in control. However, this is one time when I relish not having the upper hand and submitting to your demands on my body. It is now I see and appreciate the man you are. Your masculinity envelops me while you become privy to my innermost desires and thoughts. I will do whatever you ask of me. I try with every ounce of femininity that I have to seduce you the way you do me, but I know it is no use. I am powerless.

Powerless submission is exactly how I like you to have me. It is most exciting to me to just lay back and be available to your every whim and fantasy. Your generosity is evident in bed because of the time and attention that you pay to each one of my breasts by softly licking my nipples as you heighten my arousal. Soon, your soft licking gives way to more aggressive sucking and nibbling. My sweet husband, you are so attune to my body that you know my soft moans are indicative of my ever moistening desire. Although your fingers are nothing compared to your generous manhood, the two of them that you slip inside of me will be just enough to push me to climax. Not being one to leave any detail unattended to, you place your thumb gently on my swollen clit and quickly work me into a frenzy.

Once you are satisfied that I am out of breath and dizzy, you languidly lick me off of your fingers and savor the taste as if you are drinking an expensive bottle of wine. I am barely able to collect myself before you are on top of me ready to finish your conquest. What comes next is, quite simply, too profound to put into words.

Please read this letter and know that my heart is full of love and admiration for not only the man that you are to your family, but also the man that enlivens a deep passion within me. I adore you and hope I can continue to fulfill your desires.

Deeply In Love-
Your Wife


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4 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    An honest and beautiful story of love, with just the right amount of eroticism. Great job 316Loving! Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you and your husband and stay horny!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    I absolutely loved this letter of honesty! You honored your husband and your marriage in this. I trust that this is the fruit of a marriage that seeks to honor God. I know this must have touched your husband’s heart. God bless you both.

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