Honeymoon – Practice Makes Perfect

Honeymoon -We had dated for less than a year before we got married, but when you are near 30 years old and never have been married, you already know exactly what you are looking for.  We were ready for each other.  We also knew that we were going to wait until marriage before having sex.  It was very important to both of us, being people of faith.

I tell you what though, it gets quite hard (quite literally) waiting when you are almost 30 years old and have never been with a woman, but always fantasized what it would be like.  I couldn’t sleep the night before the wedding, and I refused to “take care of it” the night before, wanting to make sure it was that much more special on our special night together.

On the day of the wedding, it was all I could do to keep from thinking about what was “cumming” later that night.  The wedding was excellent. We had an early wedding, and a finger food reception.  We wanted to be in our hotel room by 7pm that night as we did want to get to bed (actually sleeping) before 11 as we had a 7am flight the next morning to California to do the whole Disney thing.   While this was before 9/11, you still had to be at the airport 45 minutes early, and the airport was an hour away, so we knew we had to be up early.

As 5pm approached, we both looked at each other and decided we couldn’t wait much longer.  The week or so before the wedding, we had talked about how we were looking forward to the honeymoon night, and how we were  glad we had decided to wait, but now that we were finally married, the wait was killing us (And we had only been married for a few hours).  We told our wedding party that we were going to take off for the night, and believe me, we got many “understanding nods” on that one.

It wasn’t as easy getting out as we thought, because you know how it goes…everyone wants to get their pictures with the new bride and groom.  Then, of course, you had the people that had to follow you after you leave to see where you are going.  I ditched them in a complex parking garage that I had become familiar with, figuring we’d need to make a Great Escape.  At about 6:30, we arrived at the hotel.  We had the honeymoon suite reserved.  It was a beautiful room.  They even had a bottle of wine for us waiting in the room.  My new wife said she needed to go into the restroom for a minute, so I opened the wine up, in anticipation.

Marriage Heat StoreShe came out of the bathroom, and in that short time she was in there, it was like I forgot how beautiful she was.  When she came out, still in her beautiful gown, it was like I saw her for the first time.  Little Me was also quite excited and quickly stood at attention as best he could behind my tuxedo pants.

“Are you nervous?” I asked her.

“Yes.  I am, but we’ve waiting for what seems like forever for this night, let’s not wait any longer.” With that, she came in for a kiss.

Our tongues quickly explored each other’s mouths.  It was like we had never kissed before  (We did not make a no kissing before marriage vow, though I highly respect those that do).

She had what seemed like a hundred pins in her hair, that was holding her hair just right for her dress.  I started working on those.  After struggling with a few of those she told me to stop worrying about those, there were more important things to take off first.  I think I was nervous, and was just trying to make sure I wasn’t rushing too much.

I started working on her gown.  She had to assist, of course.  She wasn’t nearly as shy as I thought she would be about getting naked in front of me for the first time.  We had her down to nothing but her panties and she stopped me.  “Uh uh, Mr., you have way too many clothes on.  That’s not going to work for what needs to happen next.”

I didn’t even give her a chance to help, those clothes came off in a second.  “That better, my bride?”

Her eyes went right down to Little Me, who wasn’t quite so little any longer. She nodded.

We pulled back the covers to the beautiful bed and we laid down, her on her back, me on my stomach and continued to make out for a little bit.  My hands started to caress her breasts and our mouths never parted.  She started to moan as I continues fondling her boobs, which had extremely erect nipples.  As my hands started down her tummy, she said, “Wait.  Kiss my boobs first.”

She didn’t have to ask that twice.

She was really getting into that, making all kinds of “yummy noises.”  My penis was throbbing by this point, and I was ready for the next step, but I didn’t want to rush her at all.  We knew that the first time was going to be difficult, and probably pretty quick, so I wanted to make sure it was special as possible.  As I continued to kiss her boobs, my hands started to explore down past her tummy, underneath her panties and into her garden.  I discovered she was extremely wet by that point, and this made me even harder, and I actually felt like I was going to cum already (but I didn’t…not yet anyway).

I quickly helped her out of her panties and my finger entered into her lower lips, and I started to massage in and out.  She asked me to go up to her clitoris instead, (I was new to this, ya know, I had to explore).  I started to circle her clit and I couldn’t believe the way she reacted to that.  It was like she lost control of her body.  Her entire body started to shake, my eyes were glues to her boobs, shaking back and forth, up and down.  My ears could hear nothing but her moans of pure ecstasy.  She started to scream and shake more.  My fingers plunged inside of her again, and she got louder and louder, forgetting we were in a hotel, figuring the honeymoon suite likely heard this type of sound quite often.

Suddenly, her body clenched.  I could feel the muscles in her vagina clenching my fingers as she started to scream out. “Oh…Oh-h-h-h…honey…Oh….my…Oh…..”  Her vagina was still contracting for what seemed like forever.  She finally said, “I need you in me now. Please.”

Again, she didn’t have to tell me twice.

I got up from laying on my stomach, still kissing her all over her body, and slowly slid myself into her extremely moist vagina, still pulsating ever so slightly from her intense first orgasm of her marriage.   As soon as the head of my penis was engulfed by her, I could sense that it was starting to hurt her a little, so I stopped. “Are you ok?”

She nodded, but I could tell it was slightly painful.  “Go slow, please, but please keep going.”  I slowly slid into her a little deeper, in which she cried out a little, never having anything this big inside of her before.

There was a little pool of blood on the sheets below us, and that startled me a little.  I pulled out and said, “Are you sure you are ok?”

She smiled, and said, “Yes.  Let’s keep going.”

I started to kiss her a little more, not in any kind of hurry at all.

“Please, let’s do this.” She said.

As I slowly started to move myself to put myself back into her, I felt the point of no return.  My body tensed up, and suddenly, streams of hot semen shot out of my penis and all over her belly.  “Oh no! I am so sorry.” I said.

“Why?  Did it feel good?”

“Yes.  It was amazing.” I replied.

“Don’t worry about it then.  We have our whole lives ahead of us, to get this right.  Practice makes perfect, you know.”

That night, we both slept better than I remember ever having slept before.

We had to get up early to catch our flight.  When we arrived in California to go to Disney, we went right into our hotel room around noon, both agreeing that we couldn’t wait any longer, and had to do it again, and it had to happen now.

We quickly stripped down naked and I noticed she was already glistening with moisture down below.  That was all it took for Little Me to come out to play again.  As I slid myself inside of her for the second time of our married life, it felt so warm.  So good.  So silky smooth.  As I started to thrust in and out, she started to writhe under me, grinding up and down, making more appreciative noises.  I started to thrust faster and faster, and she quickly matched my speed.  Her body started to shake again, and again, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her boobs, as they were shaking up and down.  She wrapped her legs around my back and started to scream again. I couldn’t control myself any longer and started to shoot my load inside of her just as her body started to clench from another intense orgasm.  We just laid there for a about 20 minutes after, both of us very happy about our new lives that day.  My penis still inside of her, with my juices dripping out onto the bed.

Our honeymoon continued like this.  Once in the morning, once at night.  Every day for the entire 10 days we were there.  Once, we even came back at lunch and had another quickie, making that a three time day.  By the end of the week, I had learned to give her multiple orgasms, once before I entered her, and once after.

We had also experimented with several different positions.  Her on top was one of our favorites, as she could control the speed a lot better.  We definitely got the practice, but after almost 20 years, I hope we continue practicing and never get it perfect.


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  1. 76servant says:

    Yes I agree! I’m sure the stories continue through the unhindered anticipation with the sweet memories of the honeymoon! Inspires me to always do a pass and review of our first intimate moment with my lovely forever bride! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Herp Derp says:

    I’m getting married soon if all goes well. But I’m really worried about premature ejaculation. I’ve masturbated since I was 11 and I have the problem since 16. I’ve tried some methods by myself and I fear that actual sex, being more stimulating, would make it even worse. 🙁

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