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Pregnancy Sex Stories -At eight months pregnant her ability to perform sex had diminished although at times her desire hadn’t.  The last time they had sex she was on top, but both felt it had become almost impossible to continue to do it comfortably and safely.  She was aware that his desire hadn’t diminished and she wanted to be able to offer something.  He still had desires for her but didn’t want her to feel pressured into sex.  They had discussed this and he would leave it up to her to initiate, when she felt like it.

It had been a week and the desire entered her.  They had gone to bed early, more for rest than for lovemaking.  He was reading his book, she was thinking about sex.  She moved down under the doona and started fondling his balls.  “You’re naughty,” he exclaimed as his cock grew.  It had become ever increasingly difficult for her to maneuvre as her stomached bulged.  She was on all fours between his opened legs.

He was hardening all the time and when she began long licks from his balls up to the head of his cock he fully hardened.  She continued to lick long receiving audible moans and compliments along the way.  After one long lick she then took his cock deep into her mouth, “I love having my cock in your mouth,” he encouraged.  He lifted the doona so he could see her wonderful work, but also to give her the fresh air she needed to continue.

After a few minutes she stopped and began moving up the bed, at the same time he began moving down.  Her breasts had become full and he delighted in their new firmness.  His tongue moved in a circular motion around her nipples, he made sure he gave each one equal time.  He moved on when both nipples had hardened.

His kissing continued down her torso, over her bulging abdomen and onto her inner thighs.  He liked to tease her by kissing her thighs, moving from one to the other, his breath on her pussy when he swapped over making her sense that he might go down on her, only to find that he had gone to the other thigh.  He then stopped midway, blowing a cool, strong stream of breath onto her pussy, she knew his tongue was imminent.

She gasped as his tongue wiggled its way between her lips, her dryness soon gave way to his saliva and her subsequent juices.  He licked around the opening, always keeping a check on her amount of lubrication.  When satisfied of her juices flowing freely he drove his tongue deep into her sweet tasting cunt.  Her gasping pleasure and thrusting movement of her hips made his cock throb harder, he loved giving her so much pleasure.  “Lick my clit,” she demanded, and like the honest soldier he was, he complied.  He licked her clit like he did her nipples, slow rotations until the tiny organ was engorged and super sensitive.  He then began to lick with force, his enthusiasm taking over.  “A bit softer,” she requested, he regained his senses and began the sensation she liked, and it was like he was tickling her clit with his tongue.

He then took this opportunity to slowly massage her lips with his finger.  He slowly rubbed around the opening of her dripping cunt.  Then with his palm facing upwards he thrust his middle finger deep inside her, moving it up and down ensuring that her whole inside was producing the wonderful lubricating juices.  As he thrust his finger her back arched, he raised his hand with her ensuring the pleasure continued.  He began massaging the top wall of her cunt, the place where the clit is internally.  This stimulation combined with direct stimulation of her clit by his tongue had her ever so close to orgasm.

He quickened the pace, working hard to stay with her writhing body.  She normally loved watching him eat her cunt, but her bulge ceased this occurring, instead she was fully concerned with her own pleasure.  Her breathing became quicker and deeper, gasping, longing for her reward.  He was close to being exhausted but when he heard her loud moaning, sighing and indescribable sounds this gave him the extra energy needed to be even faster.  Her loud outbursts of orgasm continued 5, 10, 15 seconds, she started to ease off but he knew if he kept going she could go longer, further waves of ecstasy arose and after 30 seconds of a huge orgasm she was exhausted.  He feasted on her juices, which had multiplied with every second of her orgasm.

“What can I do for you?” she asked, “I think I’ll give you a ‘doggy,’” and knowing this she assumed the position.  He marveled at his work, a wet, engorged cunt just waiting for his eager cock.  It slipped in without difficulty.  He was so horny he knew he wouldn’t be long, so he took his time, slowly pushing in and slowly pulling out, her warm cunt so inviting for his come.  He loved to go slowly, lengthening the sensation of pre orgasm, a feeling almost like tickling, pleasurable and uncomfortable at the same time, but immensely satisfying.

Pregnancy Sex Stories

By: Jorge Mejía peralta

His gasping increased in rapidness and she knew he would explode soon and was happy to encourage it, after all contraception wasn’t needed!  ”Fill me full of your come,” was enough encouragement for him to do so and a huge stream of his come shot deep into her chasm.  His orgasm too lasted some time, enhanced by her tensing her pelvic floor muscles in short bursts, giving immense pleasure to his very sensitive post ejaculative cock.

He collapsed onto the bed next to her, both satisfied in and savoring the result with both knowing that at any time it could be their last indulgence for some weeks. For this pregnancy, this was likely one of their last pregnancy sex stories.

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  1. Marriage Heat says:

    New Author! Welcome! This brings back great memories of our pregnancies. My wife was sizzling too. We found that those climaxes strengthened her PC muscles for delivery. We also thought that late pregnancies orgasms induced labor. Just our theory…lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      I was the same way during both of my pregnancies…I couldn’t have enough sex! My nipples were ultra sensitive especially during the end of the pregnancy when I started producing milk.

  2. JAM777 says:

    Hey Admins,
    The top links for suggested stories at the bottom don't seem to work for me….

    I remember reading "Just Friends" before and really liked it! Is there a new link or something? Or was it one of the lost ones?

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