Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant – One Special Night

Getting Pregnant – My husband and I have been married for a little over two years now. Our wedding was beautiful. We were married in a gorgeous cathedral near to where the two of us had grown up. I first met David in high school. At age fifteen, David and I were very close friends. I was his bro, his buddy…we did everything together and he never cared that I was a girl. He had once told me that what he considered to be a good marriage was two best friends that have a lot of good sex…I knew then, that he was the man that I wanted to spend my life with. I didn’t really know why he was so drawn to me. I mean, I wasn’t the prettiest girl in school, I didn’t have the best grades and well, in my eyes I just really wasn’t that special.

David on the other hand had plenty to be conceited about. He had the looks, athletic abilities and the brains. He was captain of the varsity wrestling team, president of DFC (Disciples for Christ), Homecoming King, and he ranked eighth in the senior class. He was the guy every girl wanted to take to prom…but I was the lucky girl that he chose.

Yep, David was your all around Mr. Perfect. By the time we were married, David had finished medical school and was working in his uncle’s practice. I had a wonderful job as a pharmacist. Life as we knew it was perfect.

David and I both agreed we wanted to wait before getting pregnant. For about a year or so, the two of us wanted to lead an utterly romantic life where we did nothing but travel, make love and spend our money on fancy dining, seeing plays and drinking expensive wine. And that’s what we did. And it was beautiful. We knew getting pregnant would bring us into a new beautiful era.

After that year, I started worrying about my biological clock. My sister, who is a mother of three and expecting another made me feel more urgent about getting pregnant. I talked to David and he agreed to start trying…our first attempt to conceive was that night.

Getting Pregnant For A Boy

I made sure my lingerie was blue that night because I wanted our first born to be a boy, but I must say I would be happy with what God gave us. I wore a baby blue bustier with white lace trimmings and thong panties to match. I was hot. And David thought so too. He untied the ties of my bustier slowly as he kissed my neck the way he knows I love so much. He lowered his lips to my breasts and sucked one nipple while he pinched and fumbled with the other. He removed my panties and slipped his large hands under my rear, gripping my butt cheeks firmly. Still kissing, still fondling, he massaged my thighs…and then he went in.

Oh! The feeling of him inside me sends a gush of joy through me, getting pregnant was fun! He embraces my entire body as he goes in and out…first slowly…then a little harder…then faster and gentle…then faster and hard…then slow and hard…he licked his thumb and uses it to fondle my vagina. He knows that drives me wild. Husbands pick up a few secrets along the way 🙂 I try to massage his back as he makes love to me but I’m in such an orgasmic frenzy, uggghh, I can’t think, it’s like I’m in another state of mind. The necking, the fondling, the “thumbing” as we call it, the pushing and pulling in my vagina, the holding. He holds me so tight and close like the two of us are one. And we are. Full of love, we are one and two at the same time…and soon, there will be three.

After he ejaculated, we laid back and held each other. After we were well rested, I started with the necking…it was time for me to make him feel good…ohhhhh yea. I nibbled on his earlobe because I know he likes that. Then I climbed on him, stretching my long silky legs (one of my best features thank you very much) around him.

We kissed for a while to get us ready…and to make me wet. He fondles and I rubbed. He gripped and I massaged. After a little more foreplay, I reached down into David’s lap and put his penis inside me. Not to brag or anything,…but I am AWFULLY good on top. I really know how to work it. I’m flexible and energetic and I know what David likes. I go down on him in different angles. Leaning towards him, leaning away and then going down perfectly vertical. I go slow and then surprise him with sudden hard thrusts. I reach behind and I fondle with his testicles. Gently. I also have a little trick. I curve my torso in a wave like motion as I go up and down, letting my cleanly shaven vagina rub against David’s stomach. He loves it. I love seeing him love it. I love being on top.

By the time David got to the “thumbing” my vagina was already drenched. We were both exhausted (and my thighs were sore from the stretch) by the time David climaxed.

After a bit, we decided it was time for a bath 🙂 We tried having sex in the tub once before, and it was awful. Because of this we strictly limit bathtub fun to oral sex and foreplay. And this is what we did. After the two of us were properly “cleaned off” we went to bed. I dreamed of the happy family we’d soon have.

The love we made that night was different…so much more special than the love that we had shared before. It was exciting and meaningful. The love we made proved our love for each other, a love great enough to create a whole separate being.

I’m expected to go into labor in a week. This past nine months have been very special. A special time that began with a very special night where getting pregnant was unforgettable.

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Getting Pregnant

By: Marc Samsom

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