Exotic Dancing: Jena Style!

The hot summer sun was slowly working its way across the crystal blue Iowa sky. Jena Mason tied her sweat-dampened hair out of her pretty face. It was the end of a long afternoon working cattle with her husband Sam. She’d been unable to assist in the morning while she guided the weekly ladies Bible study, but after a quick lunch, she’d pitched in to help him with the largest group. As the couple pushed the final set of cows and calves back out to pasture after completing a series of pre-weaning immunizations, they were both hot and tired.

“Honey, I’ve got to get these vaccines back in the fridge. Would you mind letting those herd bulls out into the front lot for the night. I already put hay out there for them. I’ll haul them to the “bachelor pasture” tomorrow.” Sam asked his young bride as they rested in the shade of the large, historic barn that was the centerpiece of their farmstead.

“Oh, I guess, but only on one condition!” she teased.

“What’s that?” a weary Sam asked grudgingly.

“I really need something cold to drink, and it had better be waiting for me when I see you here again!” was her sassy reply.

Grinning at her spunkiness, Sam headed to the small refrigerator in the front part of the barn. Returning the partially full 7-way bottles to the protective coolness, he then grabbed two cold cans of Pepsi and started slowly back to their assigned meeting spot. Upon his arrival at that particular corner of the barn farthest away from the busy road that ran in front of their place, he noticed that the big herd bulls were still right where they’d been earlier. Aggravated, he wondered if Jena had already forgotten her part of the bargain. He stepped around the corner of the barn, grudgingly resigned to moving the cattle himself.

Noticing the bulls watching something in the doorway of the barn, he stepped closer to focus on the dark opening. To his total astonishment, out stepped Jena, totally naked, her perky breasts and tempting other distinctly female features on proud display. So dumbstruck that he couldn’t move or speak, Sam stood there with his mouth hanging open, simply amazed at his predictably modest wife’s shocking boldness.

“Hey, big boy, did you remember my cold drink?” she asked as she sashayed toward him, totally comfortable with her nudity.

“Uh, uhhhhh, yeah, sure! Here it is.” Sam said, finally coming back to reality long enough to recognize the feel of the cold cans in his callused hands. Jena continued her tantalizing stroll toward him, nearly laughing out loud at the befuddled look on his handsome face.

“I was hot, so I hoped this might cool me off a little!” she snickered, turning a slow spin just out of arm’s reach. “How about you, Sam, are you cooled off yet?” she asked mischievously. Using every iota of the natural poise and grace that had always set her apart from other women, she sensuously danced before his glazed eyes. This uninhibited, unselfish display of her luscious body mysteriously blended pure innocence and blatant eroticism to Sam’s total delight.

Taking a huge gulp from his soda seemed to give poor Sam time to collect himself, and he finally replied, “No, come to think of it, I’m not cooled off at all!”

His earlier astonishment was now totally replaced by an unmistakably lustful gleam in his bright blue eyes. Extending the second drink just short of her reach, he enticed her toward him, slowly pulling it back as she willingly advanced. When she finally tried to take it from his hand, he resisted, instead offering it’s dark contents to her thirsty lips. Swallowing eagerly, she enjoyed the refreshing coolness while he simultaneously pressed his own cold can against her sun-reddened neck. “Oh, that feels good!” Jena said, closing her eyes and totally enjoying the drips of condensation now sliding down her naked skin.

The moment seemed frozen in time. The bulls were no longer paying attention, much more interested in the scent and sight of a group of young heifers just out of reach across the fence. The shade of the barn provided a pleasant escape from the heat waves flowing across the baked earth of the dusty pens. Sam waited attentively, tantalized by visions of what her next move might be. The soft breeze and the rustling of the nearby cattle not nearly enough distraction to pull his gaze from the exotic creation dancing in front of his eyes.

Jena took her can from him and guzzled a healthy swallow before setting it on top of a nearby fence post. Turning with her back to the fence, she rested her elbows on one of the rough planks, then sensuously lifted one foot to a comfortable spot on the bottom board. This seemingly casual display of her femininity brought a sharp intake of breath to Sam. Her fresh beauty made his heart almost hurt with joy and the swelling in his jeans suddenly became the most pressing matter of this hectic day.

In a single stride, he was in front of her, leaning in to kiss her soundly. His broad brimmed hat provided an interesting bit of privacy to their embrace, a strange contrast to the blatant exposure of her voluptuous body to the afternoon air. Her return of his kiss was full of passion and promise, validated by the simultaneous erotic motion of her body against his. The heady aroma of the day’s earthiness intermingled with her husband’s sweat served to enhance her already strong sense of need.

Slowly, deliberately, wantonly, she looked him in the eye, silently challenging him to take her as she was, pressed against the rough boards, arms spread, at the mercy of his masculinity. His responding kiss conveyed the strength of his answer to her taunt. Forcefully, he moved his denim-clad knee between her thighs, leaving no doubt about what was to come. Freeing himself from the confines of his Levi’s, he sought entrance to her, his rigid shaft glistening in its eagerness. Clinging tightly to her wooden handholds, Jena arched towards his hardness, seeking him nearly as much as he sought her.

His initial penetration was accompanied by a sudden gust of hot, summer wind, adding even more unusual sensations to this unique situation. Sam’s thrusting was now pressing her harder against the fence, but she didn’t even feel it’s roughness, so intent was she on providing him as much joy as possible. As he kissed her neck, her upper breasts, her fluttering eyelids and her inviting lips, Sam quickly approached the point of no return. Jena watched the passion overtake his face, delighting in the obvious pleasure he took in her as she gave herself to him so willingly. His eruption overwhelmed him as he drove deeply into her, filling her with his hard, thick and total love.

Groaning against her, resting his day’s beard on her chest, he savored the afterglow of their lovemaking. “You are just amazing!” he said, kissing her as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You aren’t bad yourself!” she said, “But I’d like a little more thorough sample of you later, if you’re not too tired!”

Nuzzling her exposed breasts, Sam teasingly mumbled, “Yeah, if I’m not too tired!”

They both knew full well that by the time they got the bulls moved and themselves into the farmhouse he’d be more than ready to take her to the level of total satisfaction she’d just surprised and blessed him with.

Slowly, the couple sank to the grass underfoot, taking the cool refreshments with them, laughing at how they must look; her totally naked form; his maleness so exposed. Their only audience, a pair of frustrated herd bulls, just rolled their eyes and ignored them, choosing instead to dream about waking up tomorrow in that forbidden heifer pen!

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  1. cowboybiker says:

    I can almost feel the warm, dusty breeze as it swished through the barn, a small whirlwind of straw dancing down the center corridor. His hot, sweaty wife in all her naked, conservative glory…just begging to be taken. I've spent a lot of time in and around old barns and NEVER have I had the luxury of watching a beautiful woman (especially not my conservative wife) dancing like only the cattle could see her. Maybe someday. For now, I'll settle for the memory of her asking to go for a ride on my motorcycle, then surprising me with a naked dance in the shade of the trees that bordered the big hay meadow.

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