Great Time

My bride is the most beautiful women in the world to me. The other night we went out to a wonderful meal she wore a sexy dress with a hint of cleavage, which kept me on the edge of arousal all night. When we were driving home she unzipped her shirt to show me her sheer bra. Wow an awesome sight. We went home and then in a little while we began to get hot.

We hurried into the bedroom closing the door behind us. Undressing each in the heat of passion. She pulled off my shirt running her hands over my chest while I unsnapped the front of her bra sexy sheer bra releasing her ample nipples for my enjoyment. She then unbuckles my pants and pulled them down with my shorts. We were naked together. Her hands were rubbing my very hard organ while I fingered her love spot.

We French kissed and hugged each other. We broke our embrace as she lay on the bedspread with her legs spread and invited me to mount her.  I inched closer as she guided me into her very wet love spot. We watched as the head slowly disappeared inside her. The feeling when I am inside is awesome.  We stop for some control. Then we thrust in some slow round movements.

She guides my hands to her breast and nipples, as I grow harder inside her vagina. My wife moans in sexual desire as I tell her I love you.

We start thrusting faster and playing with her breast and nipples as she screams in lovemaking with loud moans.

She starts her climax and brings me with her as I ejaculate a huge load of love cream inside her sexy body.  I pull out fully limped Thanking God and Jesus.

Our Lovemaking only gets better with time and practice. We kissed and went to sleep holding each other.

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