Hearts at Home – An Invitation

The sound of wheels upon wet pavement signals your arrival home.  That time of the year has arrived when daylight, once beating a hasty retreat ahead of the encroaching darkness, arrives earlier and stays later, when the weather seems all wrong as snow is yet on the ground, but pelting rain falls from the skies accompanied by dense fog from the invasion of the warmer climate.  In the distance, a ribbon of twinkling light, its glow diffused in the heavy mist, winds through the valley.  It is the Friday commuters headed for hearth and home, or perhaps more sensual intrigue.

Our house is strangely dark and quiet when you enter; only a faint glow of light spills down the stairs from the hallway above.  The cacophony of laughter and play are in absence.  Our children are away with their grandparents for the weekend.

Upon coming up to our bedroom, you find our bed adorned in cream colored satin, the pillows sheathed with the same.  A crimson satin comforter lies folded in a soft pile at the foot of the bed.  Champagne chills in a sterling silver bucket, while two crystal flutes await filling on your nightstand.  Atop the bed, a red cellophane wrapped basket of grown-up goodies awaits our indulgence.  Attached to it you find a note from me.  It reads, “Undress, and come join me in the shower.”  The sound of running water emanating from the master bath awakens you from your sensual trance.

Our bath chamber is filled with steam.  Through the misted glass of the shower, I can barely make out your nude form as you enter the room until the shower door opens and you step in to join me, your naked body a visual feast for my eyes, visibly aroused, and more handsome now than I spent the day imagining.  With arms extended, you approach and collect me in a potent embrace, encircling my waist and bringing your hands to rest upon my plush bottom, pulling me so close that not even a sliver of light could pass between us.  Your stiffening penis presses hot against my belly.  The taste of your mouth, open upon my own, invites intense investigation.

Beneath the warming mist of our shower, the very essence of our beings entwine into a blissful entanglement of arms, legs, hearts and souls.  Our spirits pour into each other.  Hands warmed by radiant love float upon the sinuous forms of each other’s bodies stimulating as they touch, pleasuring the intimate places where they deliberately linger, all the while painting each other in lavender lather.  When you reach my breasts, you hold them in the cupped palm of your hands, ravishing each with licks and luscious kisses, gently sucking all around their supple swells,   encircling the dark pink circles surrounding my pronounced nipples before drawing them into your pursed lips.  Back and forth, upon each breast you passionately dwell, rendering me wet and wanting.

Then down and all over my belly you leave a field of warm, succulent kisses, licking the water off my body as you go, leaving me with your wetness instead, until you reach my smooth junction.  Looking up, your eyes meet mine, and always the gentleman, never assuming, wait to see if I welcome your intentions.  My legs part in response.

Closing my eyes, I wait with almost craving anticipation the joyful shudder that will rush through my senses when you delve into the pink folds of my vagina, conjuring my aromatic nectars to flow like perfumed rivers inside me in which you will delight your pallet.  You do not disappoint.

With nothing to grasp onto in the shower, I clutch my hands to your head, feeling my legs weaken beneath me as my lips part in response to your seductive ministrations.  You coax my clitoris out from under its hood flicking your tongue rapidly across its swollen tip launching spasms of electric ecstasy throughout the whole of my being.

You probe at my snug portal, tracing ever tightening circles where you have never touched me before.  My body responds, relaxes, and opens to allow you entry.  The tip of your finger dips gently in.  The thrill of penetration enthralls.

Waves of sheer bliss washes over me.  I am taken, willfully, unashamedly, without reserve.  Your probe moves deeper in, the flick of your tongue on my clit becoming more insistent, until I am a mass of quivering flesh and I come, smothering you between my legs, drowning you in my orgasmic waters.

My orgasm drains me, leaves me weak.  You catch me up in your arms and hold me, comfortingly, speaking words of love, caressing me gently.  Still erect, I reach for your member and gently contain you in the clutch of my fingers, loving the way you respond to my touch, all the while looking deeply into your passion-filled eyes wondering where ecstasy will guide us.  We share a passionate kiss, and I taste myself for the first time on your lips.

Now the feel of silky satin against our naked bodies beckons us to the bedroom.  I guide you out, back onto the plush carpet that covers the bedroom floor and over to our marriage bed.  Together, standing next to our bed, we re-enter the embrace we first shared in the shower.  I sense excitement in your touch, as though you are contemplating something.  It is infectious.

We guide each other onto the bed, where you lay me down gently onto my back, propping my head up on the satin sheathed pillows, which are elegantly smooth and cool.  Kneeling next to me, you run your eyes and hands over the length of my nakedness soaking in my image as though you’d never seen me undressed before, returning always to my breasts.  It makes me feel beautiful as you gaze upon me.

And then you straddle me, pressing your penis between my breasts and begin to rub against me.  I hold them for you, wrapping them tightly around your inches, grasping you within their lissome mass.  As you thrust, I raise my head to lick you sampling the beads of your pre-cum oozing from the tip. The thought of seeing you come excites me.  Within all the years you’ve been coming inside me I’ve never seen it happen.  I tell you the same.

A seductive smile crosses your face as you lean back and begin to touch yourself in front of me.  I watch with awe as you caress your member before my eyes, entertaining my desire by running your fingers up and down your length, closing your eyes and playing for my pleasure.  An erotic performance for my benefit.  It is incredible to watch.

Reaching for you, I join my fingers with yours and together we caress the length of your member.  Against the tips of my fingers I feel it pulse, the first spasms of your pending release.  “I want you to come all over me,” enticingly I whisper.

A stream of white seed bursts from the tip of your penis and splashes hot onto my breasts.  And then another.  Before long, my breasts are covered in rivulets of white cum.  It feels good on my skin.  I tell you I could bathe it, and then rub it all over my breasts in front of you as you stare in aroused amazement at the scene unfolding in front of you.

Side by side you lay next to me on the bed, fondling me, your fingers dipping into my vagina, mine wrapped around you penis, coaxing it back to hardness.  There is only one thing left to do this night.  The words drip from my lips effortlessly, “Take me”.

I raise my legs open for you, inviting you into my vagina.  More than graciously accepting my invitation, you enter me, first dipping the head of your manhood into my wetness and then rubbing it around my entrance.  Then holding your manhood, you guide it in, slowly in those first moments, slipping the dome inside and then pausing, watching it disappear within my lips before easing the rest of your inches in.  Leaning over me you begin in long luscious strokes to pump your penis into me, while I wrap my legs around you, resting my feet on your bottom, feeling the muscles flex each time you press your manhood in.

We take for long luscious moments, sometimes slowly, sensuously, as though in slow motion, almost pulling out at times, and then gliding back in.  Other times you are taking me, driving in, pushing me deep into our bed, your balls slapping against my bottom as your inches thrust into me.  Our language is as heated as our actions, uncensored, tempered by our lovemaking.

As though inhibition has taken leave of her senses, I reach down and now touch myself in front of you, rubbing hard against my clit, wanting to come in unison with you.   The vision entices you, and you take me even more passionately.

Your eyes tell of your urgency; orgasm is imminent.  I beg you to wait, to hold on, not to come until we can come together.  I watch you strain against the onrushing need for release.  When orgasm finally takes me, I reach for you, grasp you, and cry out to you, my vagina wrapping itself tightly around your embedded penis.  There is no delaying it.  You lunge deep and explode inside me, your cum splashing hot in eruptive spasms inside of me, mingling your seed with my nectars, until your orgasm subsides and you come to rest on top of me, cradling my face in your hands and kissing me gently, speaking words of romantic love.

Our first night is over, and afterwards, we lay together, wrapped in a cocoon of cool satin, cuddling, wonderfully spent, enjoying each other’s company.  And after you fall asleep, I lay awake planning a day of loving tomorrow.

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