Mom for a Week (III)


Lisa opened her weary eyes to Allie’s cheerful voice as she scampered into the room, and stretched.  For the first time that week, Allie had beaten her on waking up.  Quickly looking to the clock on the nightstand, she sighed with relief to see that there was still plenty of time.  Staying on the phone with one’s husband late into the night had consequences!  Grinning with remembrance, she decided the ‘consequences’ were well worth it!  “G’mornin’, Sweetheart!”  Reaching out, she tousled Allie’s hair.

“Time to wake up!”

A bundle of energy already.  Smiling at her little charge, Lisa pried herself from the bed to meet the day, a part of her sad the week was over so quickly.  One last day to enjoy Allie, and be a ‘mom for the week.’  A flurry of activity ensued, and soon both ladies were off to their respective places of duty for the morning:  school and work.  This time, perhaps because of the seeming shortening of her remaining time with Allie, work seemed to fly.  Back at school she picked up a rosy-faced Allie and headed back home.

Today, they would stay home.  Every other day had been out, today would be in.  All week long Allie had been telling Lisa about her playhouse; it was high time to go see it.  Changing out of her scrubs, and helping Allie to likewise change from her school clothes, Lisa opened the sliding glass door to the back yard for the first time.

“Dere it is!”  Allie exclaimed, breaking into a run, just to be first so she could open the door for Lisa.

“Um… I don’t know if I can fit in there, Sweety,” Lisa smiled.  “But you can go in.”  Looking briefly perplexed, not to mention disappointed, Allie looked at Lisa again, and then understood.  “Go on in,” Lisa encouraged.  “Here—I’ll look through the window.  Truth be told, she might have been able to squeeze in, but it would have been a little uncomfortable.  Darren must have somehow contorted himself into a pretzel-shape to work on it.  Peering in the window, she watched Allie sit down at a little table, propping up an oversized doll on another chair.  Fascinated, she watched her little girl go into her own little world, talking to her doll nonstop, and pouring phantom tea out of her tea pot into a cute little cup.

Leaving Allie for a moment to her play world, Lisa explored the well-kept backyard.  Stooping down, she pulled a few weeds, which only made her think of the flowerbeds back at home that needed to be cleaned out… not that that would be the first item on the agenda once she reached home this particular night!  She missed her husband, the sound of his voice, the touch of his gentle hands, and… oh yes, even when he accidentally left the toilet seat up again for the umpteenth time.  A person could miss the silliest little things.


“Yes Allie?”

“Kin I go swimming?”

“Okay Sweety—let me go get your pool.”

Moments later Lisa filled the small wading pool from the garden hose.  It looked freezing cold, but the air was warm and comfortable.  Hopefully it wouldn’t take long to warm up.  Taking Allie’s hand, they went into the house, where she helped Allie change into her swimsuit.

“Do you swim?”  Allie inquired.

“I’m too big!” Lisa laughed.  “But I’ll soak my tootsies.”

“Wassa’ toot-zee?”

“My toes, silly!”  Tousling Allie’s hair, Lisa retreated to the bedroom to change into her swimsuit.  Come to think of it, the sunshine would feel nice.  Pulling the straps of her brilliant white one-piece over her shoulders, she appraised herself in the mirror.  It wasn’t quite the same as the bikinis her husband loved to see her in, but for this afternoon it would be just fine.  Gently fitting it around beautiful, full breasts, she momentarily imagined filling her husband’s hands with them instead and shivered involuntarily.  Tonight would come none too soon!

Rejoining Allie, she reached for her little hand.  Looking up at her and blinking her cute little eyes, Allie said, “Weesa, you petty!”  Petty?  Lisa couldn’t help but giggle.  She certainly hadn’t been called that before.  Allie started laughing with her.  “I funny!”

“T-thank you, Sweety!  I think you’re pretty, too!”

In the backyard once more, Lisa located a reclining lawn chair while Allie tested the water with her big toe.  “It code,” she reported.

Dragging the lawn chair over to the small wading pool, Lisa dipped a toe in the water and concurred with Allie’s assessment.  “Give it a little time,” she smiled.  “You can play in your little house while it warms up.”


Smiling as Allie scampered off, Lisa sat down on the lawn chair and adjusted it so she could lie back.  The afternoon then seemed to pause.  She watched Allie run to and from her little house, returning to test the water several times.  She managed to finish a few chapters in a novel as Allie finally did get to the water and caught the giggles as she splashed about.  And then she was out again, playing on her swing, chasing a butterfly that happened through the yard…  The book dropped from her hand, and a tired ‘Weesa’ caught a few winks as she dozed in the sun’s warmth…

‘Oh—my—’  Suddenly dry mouthed, a fascinated Darren stood in the doorway to his backyard.  Mentally chastising himself for staring, he simply couldn’t help it, his heart pounding like he was a teenager once more.  He stood transfixed, not wanting to move, lest it wake her (and maybe him) from a beautiful dream.  She had the face of an angel, and the body of a goddess, which only accentuated one of the sweetest people he’d ever known… and to think she hid all that underneath those nasty scrubs the hospital made them wear each day.  A shame!

He suddenly found white his favorite color.  Her gorgeous breasts softly rose and fell with each breath, an arm outstretched over the side of her lawn chair and nearly reaching the ground.  He could see where the book had dropped and knew what happened.  She shifted slightly in her sleep, the sunshine reflecting brilliantly from her outstretched legs, seeming all the longer with the high cut sides of her swimsuit.  His eyes followed its v-shape over her flat stomach, and lower, as it narrowed to the apex of her shimmering thighs.  Painfully erect, he wondered if he’d ever be the same after what he’d just seen.  What a lucky man her husband must be!

“Daddy!!!”  Allie burst from her playhouse on a mad dash to the back door, breaking the silence.  Barely getting the door open in time, he opened his arms as she rushed into them.  “Weesa, Daddy’s home!!”

The angel stirred on the lawn chair, looking up with a half-startled expression on her pretty face.  “Allie?  I—Darren!  Oh.  I must have fallen asleep!”

“Weesa seep.  I wet her,” Allie informed her father.

“It’s all right, Lisa,” Darren smiled.  “Don’t get up on my account.”  ‘Please don’t!’ he pleaded in his mind.

Remembering all her naughty actions in his bed through the week, she hid a sudden flush of embarrassment by yawning and stretching as she sat up.  Oh well, what he didn’t know would never hurt him!

He came to her side, and she accepted his hand, helping her to her feet.  She looked even sexier close up, and he smiled broadly in spite of himself.  Drop-dead gorgeous, and still the same, sweet Lisa he had grown to appreciate at work.  Seemingly unaware of the effect she was having on him, she stood and talked with him, while he diligently attempted to keep his eyes on her face… which was plenty interesting enough to look at all on its own, let alone the shadowy cleavage of her full breasts, that seemed to draw his eyes downward with the weight of an anchor…  ‘Good gosh!’  He dearly hoped she wasn’t a mind reader, or else he’d be dead toast and she’d never have anything to do with him ever again.  But how in the dickens was he to know what he’d see when he got back to his home?!

“Daddy?  I wanna’ pitcher.”

“Say what?”  Startled, Darren got her meaning.  From the mouths of babes!  Why, yes… and her daddy wanted a ‘pitcher’ too!  “Uh —okay, Sweety.  Um—all right with you, Lisa?”


Her smile was beautiful and disarming.  Hurriedly finding the camera in the house, he returned to them again.  At the moment they didn’t see them, and his heart nearly stopped in its tracks.  Allie’s little hand was held in Lisa’s, her cute little face upturned to her adopted caretaker with a questioning look.  The look on Lisa’s face was equally priceless, a curious mixture of happiness and sadness.  He wasn’t sure just where the sadness was from, but he took their picture before heading out.

“Daddy!!” Allie called again, straightening out and standing beside Lisa.

“How would you like us to pose?” Lisa smiled, giggling at Allie’s sudden serious expression.  “Sweety, you need to smile for your Daddy!”

‘On my bed,’ he wanted to say, but didn’t.  “Uh… t-that works.”  Hiding behind the small box of his camera he looked at them through the lens.  Smiling as he watched Lisa coax Allie into a smile, he clicked the shutter on another great picture.  Satisfied that she had an adequate memorial of the occasion, Allie zipped off as Lisa and Darren visited quietly once more as to how the week went.

“Thanks so much, Lisa,” Darren said.  “This means a lot to me.”

“Me too, Darren.”  ‘More than you’ll ever know,’ she didn’t add.  “I think you’ll find a few other pictures on there from this past week.  We had quite a time of it!”  Then she shivered.  “Where did the sun go?  I should probably get out of this suit!  Let’s go in Allie!”

Seeing them headed for the house, Allie caught up.  “Daddy?”

“Yes, Sweetheart?”

“I wanna’ simsuit jus’ wike Weesa’s.”

Darren looked at Lisa briefly and shrugged.  Amused, she grinned back at him as he gave his daughter a chuckling response.  Satisfied, Allie bounded off to her room to change.  “I’m sorry, Lisa,” he muttered.  “I imagine she’d copy everything about you if she could.”

“There’s not much to copy,” she giggled.  “Maybe I can make her one for her next birthday.”  And then she winked, as if in reassurance, “At least I didn’t wear my bikini!”  He stared hard at her for a brief moment, searching for some indication that she was doing this to him on purpose, and came up with absolutely nothing.  From all appearances, she could have been commenting on the weather.  Later, he tried to remember what his response was, but couldn’t, except to know his tongue had been inexplicably tied in knots.  He hoped had hadn’t said something stupid.

Looking down at her breasts, she briefly rubbed soft hands over their beautiful surface, as if to smooth down nipples that were growing insistently erect.  It was an innocent gesture, and she mentioned the cold again, as if that was surely what he must have been thinking too.  As she turned up the hallway to her bedroom—actually HIS bedroom—to change, he nearly wilted again with the knowledge that the back was as beautiful as the front.  As if breaking the final straw, he blinked when he saw her slide a finger under the back of her suit which had ridden up on the curve of her bum, resituating it to its proper place, and without a backward glance.  It was nearly maddening.  That she did nothing by contrivance seemed to make her all the sexier.  What he didn’t know at the time was that he hadn’t yet reached the final ‘straw.’

Gathering her things, Lisa said her ‘goodbyes,’ took one last look around, and stepped into her car.  She saw them both waving to her in her rearview mirror, and stifled back the tears that threatened to roll down her cheeks.  No, she couldn’t go home like this.  It was no way to meet her husband.

Darren watched her go, a measure of his sadness returning.  The first woman, a very nice one at that, to spend time in his house, and there he sat, ogling her like a horny teenager!  The feelings she had unknowingly aroused in his heart (let alone other places), feelings he’d wondered if he’d ever be able to feel again after the loss of his wife, had caught him completely off guard.

When Allie’s first question upon Lisa’s leaving was to ask if he had found her a mommy yet, he felt ashamed.  He couldn’t help the reaction of a man to a beautiful woman, but she deserved far better than that!  And indeed, he did want more than that.  He remembered his first love, and the joy that had once been shared in this home.  He was not ashamed to admit that he treasured the physical relationship with his lover, as did she, but he’d learned there was far more to happiness than mere physical pleasure, something that had become all the more apparent when he no longer heard her voice in his house.  He’d give a fortune to have it all back!

“I wanna mommy wike Weesa,” Allie continued, interrupting his thoughts.  “She nice!”

He smiled at her, amused at the innocent request of a child, but hoping Allie didn’t notice the sadness he felt.  If only it was as easy as heading down to the store, and going to the shelf that said, ‘like Lisa.’  Drawing her to his arms, he kissed her soft cheeks and whispered, “She is very nice.”

“She petty,” Allie continued, as if marking things off on an imaginary checklist for her daddy as to the criteria for a mommy.

“Yes, and very pretty,” Darren smiled, kissing her again.  “You’re pretty, too, you know that?”

“I petty?”

“Jus’ like your mommy.”


Out came the picture albums once more.  Darren had been through the drill more than a few times, and Allie stared at them with interest.  Maybe it was too much for a child.  She remembered her mother, or the fact that she’d once had one… yet to a child who had lost her mother at the ‘old’ age of three, her mommy had become something quite ‘abstract.’  Either way, he treasured the time to hold his little Sweety.  Eventually she changed the subject, mercifully, and began recounting everything that they’d done during the week, continuing over supper, all the way up to when he tucked her into bed.

“Daddy?  I woves you!!”

“I love you, too.  Nighty-night-sleep-tight!”

“Don wet da’ bed bugs bite!” Allie finished.

Tired from his travels, Darren yawned and headed into his bedroom, scarcely knowing at the moment just how quickly his spirits would soon be revived.


Across town, a very happy couple enjoyed a night out at her favorite restaurant.  They didn’t have many options in their small town, but it did have Chinese, which she loved.  He’d surprised her at the door of their home with flowers upon her arrival.  Not even letting her take in her things, he’d turned her around immediately to the car so they could head out to eat.  In between bites of kung pao something-or-other and various other unpronounceable dishes, they caught up on the week past.

Back at home again, two famished lovers stood toe-to-toe, eyes locked, each removing clothing with trembling fingers, their breathing and the rustle of clothing the only sounds in the room.  Neither seemed to care or notice the clothing strewn about, lying as it fell, and falling from hands yearning to love.  Nor did either utter a single word, their eyes communicating all that was needed.  Naked, and happily unashamed, knowing and being known, each blissfully reacquainted themselves with the beauty of their spouse.

He nearly wept to see her breathtaking beauty once more, his heart pounding with excitement to be again with his precious bride.  His manhood wept for him, silky fluids gathering in his tip and spilling down his hard length in sleek trails.

There was nowhere else she’d rather be.  The need in his humble eyes matched her own, her heart flooded with warmth just being close to him.  His familiar scent was comforting, as would be the adoring touch of his hands all over her body.  She blinked her pretty blue eyes, her soul laid bare to his, each wanting to give the other all, and knowing already it would be greater than the sum of each part!

The supreme comfort of her soft skin against his was nearly more than he could take as he held her pretty face against his chest, his hands gently playing in her hair.  His voice returning, he spoke his heart into hers, his hands touching her with gentle reverence.  And then she was in his arms, lifted as easily as a child, and tenderly placed on their bed.  Even their bed seemed familiar against her body, as she leaned back and looked up at her glorious lover as he stared in admiration.

His eyes were filled with wonderment at trembling, whispery smooth legs that drew his gaze over shimmering thighs to her womanhood. Soft hands holding sexy, full breasts to her lover from which to quench his every thirst. The soft rise and fall of her flat tummy and dimpled shadow of her navel, her beautiful face shrouded in soft, flowing brown hair. Her lips seeming to glisten with invitation.

“P-please make love with me,” she whispered, opening gorgeous legs in invitation and smoothing a hand over her quivering tummy.  Mesmerized, he followed her softly whispering fingers, as they felt along the soft bristles of a perfectly trimmed landing strip of pubic hair, as if to point him the way.  Her soft moan of pleasure as moist fingers found her clitoris jarred him to life.

Nearly whimpering with need, he drew closer.  Their eyes met, then immediately moved to their bodies, his throbbing manhood gently pulsing against her as he rested in her slippery cleft.  His own hand met up with hers as they grasped his penis, gently guiding him to the wellspring of shared passion, gasping with mutual delight as her soft folds opened, and then conformed around him, as if to say, ‘Mine!’

His eyes blinked into hers, scarcely able to contain the sheer joy of his heart.  His trembling hand found hers, fingers intertwining as he stretched her arm far above her head.  Throwing himself headlong into the fascinating blue pools of her eyes, he buried himself within her, sobbing with contentment to be joined with her once more.  When it came right down to it, there was nothing more he could possibly want out of life, than the joy he found with her.

Clasping her legs around his back, she held him in place, not wishing him to ever depart, were it possible.  This was where he belonged!  She could feel each throbbing pulse of his manhood within, thick and powerful, and then the sharp intake of breath as she squeezed him inside with loving welcome.  His lips brushed against hers, their tongues flickering out to touch and taste, their lungs inhaling even the sweet breath of one another, tearing their passion to the ragged edge of sanity.

There would be time for sweetness later.  Rotating her hips against his, and doing nothing to muffle the cries of delight she poured into his ears, she begged him to take her.  With flushed face and melting heart, he surrendered everything to her, withdrawing from her body only to return again with vigor, each practiced, sensuous stroke filling them both with heady pleasure.  Their senses seemed to heighten in the joyous bliss of being one heart, and one soul.

It was as if Hands greater than theirs, having brought two souls together, now poured out the richness of Heaven’s love, and smiled on the erotic delight of two special souls!

Her unmistakable cries of ecstasy drove straight to his heart, even as he joined her, his ragged cries the inexplicable confession of a man deeply in love.  His pleasure-filled sobs radiated within her body, lifting her to new heights, her sweet lips crying with erotic delight in time with each piston-like stroke of his penis as he came and came and came, spurting the warmth of his heart into the soul of a woman in which he found great delight!

Forcing his eyes open, he watched her flushed face, basking in near continuous waves that fluttered their way through her body.  Opening her eyes, she was momentarily surprised to see him watching her, the thrill of pleasure written all over his handsome face.  He even managed to smile, one arm coming around to support her back, the other to hold her head close to his.  The unmistakable purity of joy, love, and respect she saw in his eyes simply melted her heart, and made her feel lucky all over again!  Breathtaking passions shuddered through her again, her slender form writhing uncontrollably in the arms of a man that made her feel cherished and sexy.  And even with her eyes closed once more, she could still see his smiling face, and feel the love that flowed from his heart to warm hers.

The weight of gratitude and thankfulness he felt at that very moment was inexplicable, and it was all he could do to keep the tears from his eyes.  Never would he have once imagined just how much he would need and care for another soul.  Gently smoothing a hand over her warm forehead, he leaned in to kiss her pretty lips, reveling in the softness of her body that meant so much to him, before tracing a trail of kisses to the nape of her neck where he laid his head on her shoulder.  He could absently feel the soft rub of her hands on his back, and the snug warmth of smooth legs holding him to her.

At the moment he covered her like a blanket, resting on the softness of her body.  She felt each soft kiss, and the continued throbbing of his manhood within as echoes of the pleasure she had given him sated his heart.  She could almost feel the measured beats of his heart beating as one with hers, and cherished the childlike and absolute love he had for her that was wrapped in a body that was all man!  To come home to this—it was almost worth it to be separated for a while!

“I love you,” each whispered, laughing softly to have said it at the same time.  And then there was more hushed whispers and laughter, and all the silly little things that seemed to come to mind in the brilliant afterglow of lovemaking until the pesky sense of practicality returned to them both.

He carried her to their small restroom, where they shared a steaming hot shower, once again making plans to ‘knock the wall out’ so there would be more room for both of them in there.  Tugging him by the hand, she happily returned him to their now rumpled bed.  He helped her pick up their clothes and hefted her suitcase onto the bed so she could unpack.  Of course, he just had to ‘help’ her with the unpacking as well, standing behind her and roaming his hands all over her gorgeous naked body.  It was one of his favorite things to do in the kitchen fully clothed, incidentally, which had given her a lot of laughs… even if it did hinder progress.  But progress wasn’t the point; his recuperation was, and she giggled to feel him returning to strength in the cleft of her bum.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.  Nearly done, she furrowed her brow and wondered what was missing.  “Hon – did you see where I put my vibr—I mean, Mr. Bunny?”


On the other side of town a very relaxed man happened to be considering the very same thing.  Trying to put his pretty coworker out of mind, he’d gone through the typical routine of preparing for bed.  After seeing what had been left on his nightstand, surely by mistake, the evening had taken a decidedly different turn.  How he’d managed to pick his jaw up from the floor without a forklift, he didn’t know, but it gave him a chuckle again.  Should it seem such a great surprise that even a sweet person would have desires… and maybe even a private naughty streak?  Evidently there was more to the ‘sweet’ Lisa than he happened to know!

He wasn’t exactly proud of what followed, but at the moment he perceived two things.  One, he hadn’t felt this much at peace in a very long time, an unwitting gift from a person he never would have expected.  And two… how in the Sam Hill was he going to get this… this ‘thing’ back to her without crushing her with embarrassment?!  It was sort of funny, and he found himself laughing aloud at the things that came to mind… but then again, it wasn’t.


“Lisa, you scatter brain!!”  It was quite likely the most vociferous self-recrimination he’d ever heard her utter, and it wasn’t helped by the fact that he was laughing his head off.  “It’s NOT funny!!”  She attempted to glare at him, which was ridiculous, since she just didn’t have the features to appear angry.  “Oh, what am I going to do?!”

“Well… in next week’s staff meeting, you could stand up and query the ‘lost and found’ and—”  Of course he was trying to be ‘helpful,’ and barely dodged the pillow in time that she lobbed his direction.  Had he known that it would shut off intimacy for the rest of the night, he might not have been laughing so hard.

Even so, he was still smiling as they snuggled under the covers of their bed to rest.  His good natured teasing had finally made her smile in spite of herself.  Her lovely form was spooned against his.  He hugged her to him, his arm draped over her side and gently palming a magnificent breast.  She was an amazing woman… even with a blooper, and this was a good one!  Neither knew just how it would get resolved, but somehow even this would pass.

“I love you,” he whispered one last time.  She was already sleeping, but he said it anyway, before joining her dreams.

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6 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    All I can say is AWESOME sir! A variety of emotions ran through my mind as I read your story. I very much enjoyed all three IttIb.

    Thank you so much for posting this piece of erotic work. You are very talented in my opinion.
    God bless you IttIb and stay horny!

    • lttlb says:

      Thanks Gina! Hopefully they were ‘good’ emotions. 🙂

      And might I add that you are an incredible encourager. It must be one of your gifts.

    • Gina G. says:

      I only speak the truth sir. They were wonderful emotions!

      Like Kay, I also teared up several times while reading, but also smiled. Please keep your stories comming! Btw, they are not silly little stories! How can they be silly when it touches your heart and inspires you to wanna make love to your husband/ wife.

      Once again, a great job! Thank You!

      God bless and stay horny!

  2. doctemp2 says:

    Bravo Lttlb; Bravo! Your story brought tears to my eyes more than once and the contrast between the human suffering and the marital bliss was very well done. You are a gifted writer and we are blessed to have your contributing to this site. Your series was poignant and erotic at the same time. We salute you! Kay 😀

    • lttlb says:

      Thank you Kay!… though I surely didn’t mean to make anyone cry. Hopefully nobody minded the inclusion of a sparky little girl to a story that appears on here.

      I’ve known a few couples over the years who were unable to have a child. It seems to provoke all kinds of different emotions inside. There is one lady at my church that this impacts, and it grieves me that she is one of the unhappiest people I’ve ever known as a result. And on the flip side, I’ve known others that have courageously accepted it as God’s will, and have ‘moved on,’ even to the point of smiling again (at least publicly)… though I imagine there are still moments of private hurt. And still others were pleasantly surprised, even years later, when God provided a little one. This isn’t my personal circumstance… but it is part of the character I created.

      And that doesn’t even touch on a widower’s hurt, or a little one’s hurt in losing a parent. I’ve been around long enough to see those, too, and to observe at least some of the hurts… though I admit my understanding of them is small.

      But this I do know and have found it to be true — God is able to provide joy in spite of our circumstances. And hopefully my silly little stories convey at least that, in my own small way.

      Thank you again for your encouragement. 🙂

  3. doctemp2 says:

    You are very sweet Lttlb and no offense taken at all. As Gina posted, unlike what Paul McCartney once sang about–yours ARE NOT Silly Love Songs or stories. Your stories are an excellent mix of pathos, ethos and married erotica. The little girl and the widowed father was a very nice touch. And my husband said many men who are happily married are still tempted to look at other women much like the protagonist in your story. He says men have these wondering thoughts and then beat themselves up for thinking like horny 16 years olds. Thats what us gals are here for right Gina and Blondie–to love our men and to keep them sexually satisfied at home so they dont stray. Its a tough job but someone has to do it! Again, great series Lttlb, we love your work! Kay 😀

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