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Sexy Letter – A Love Note to My Man

Sexy Letter – A Love Note to My Man

I am so in love with my dear sweet husband; what a special gift God has bestowed upon me. Scriptures say wives are gifts from the Lord; yet I am the one gifted to have my man!

I am in tears writing this note, tears of joy and thanksgiving for the beauty, intimacy, trust and yes, passionate heat of marital sex. No, I am not a Cindy Crawford or Scarlet Johansen; yet my man adores me!  He loves me for who I am. I praise God for how he wired men and different differently.  I love how my curves and softness compliment by husband’s hardness and toughness.

He has sweet brown eyes and a cute smile. A medium physique with outstanding legs (he is a runner). I love watching him walk across the room in shorts and marveling at the definition of his thighs and calves. Narrow hips and just the right amount of hair (everywhere). He has a tight firm cute little ass despite being over 6 feet tall and over 200 pounds. Yet he is very gentle and delicate with me, his delicate little flower. (except when he is fucking my brains out!)

Did I mention his beautiful cock?  What a tool my man has. His head is cut very nicely and I love to suck on it like my personal lolli and feel it against my mouth, down my throat and of course, nestled inside my tight inviting pussy.  Not that size matters, he is around 7 inches and knows how to use it. He can pound me like a horny sailor and ravish me like a whore; or he can go slow and steady letting me ride his thick manhood through orgasm after orgasm before he finally shoots his cream. He shaves his balls but not his cock. I love how his nutz feel and taste inside my mouth and when they slap against my bear ass as we fuck. And the sound of us mating like animals is so erotic—our hot flash slapping together with our juices combining; looking into the mirrors and seeing us entwined, joined by our mutual hairy crotches, connected the way God intended.

I am so blessed; just the sight of me doing a simple task as changing into jammies or changing my blouse turns him on. He loves my titties!  I love to show them to him and let him knead them for me. Not to mention how he manipulates my nipples with his mouth and expert fingers. My man can plays with my titties as long as he wants—as long as he lets me cum while he is doing it! I wish my ass was smaller yet he adores it. “The bigger the cushion the better the pushin” he likes to remind me. I am his and he is mine.

I love when we are alone together and I walk around the house in the nude. His eyes watching me really makes me moist and feel special. The sway of my breasts, while heavy and hurting my back and neck at times, is well worth it. I especially enjoy surprising him while he is on the couch reading or watching TV. I try to time it so I play with my pussy in the other room making it nice and moist, then I walk up naked behind him and brush my glistening fluffy bush right in his face. Or I brush his stubble with my muff and keep walking so he can watch my ass shake as I walk to the kitchen. Sometimes I will face the TV standing nude and bend over with my back to him pretending to look for a dropped contact lense so he can admire the neatly trimmed forest between my legs.

It’s such an honor that he has changed my body with his organ. His big dick has exploded countless times inside me over the years and gifted us with 2 children. I adore the power his seed had inside of me to bring about so many changes to my body, and to create new life inside my womb. I cherish whenever he releases into me.

Sometimes during our hot fuck sessions after I have climaxed numerous times and he is near explosion, I am torn between him shooting into my twat or shooting all over my lips or down my throat. His hot cream tastes so good at times I beg him to “feed me.” I love feeling it shoot into my mouth, the ropy milky strands mixed with my saliva; then swallowing it down. I taste him for hours afterward. Yes, I am his little cocksucker and very proud of it.

As he enters me and sticks his finger into my anus, I about lose it. His weight on top of me; his manhood stretching me and his balls smacking my ass, his mouth on mine and ours hands grasped together at the same time with my legs wrapped around his waist—I feel so warm and safe, so connected and protected. I am giving myself fully to my man and he is giving himself fully to his bride. What a spectacular gift.

Thank you for being my dear and sexy husband K; I love you forever…

Kay & K. 😀

Sexy Letter – Challenge

How about writing a sexy letter to your spouse?  Maybe your sexy letter will be broken up into sex texting. Maybe just siting down and writing a sexy letter will help you really appreciate the spouse the Lord has given you.




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20 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    A beautiful letter to your husband. You express your love for him very well my dear! Made me want to call Ben and just tell him I love him.

    Something I will do as soon as I finish masturbating. I started touching myself while I read it. Hope you don’t mind! Lol.

    God bless you and stay horny girl!

  2. doctemp2 says:

    Oh sweet Gina, thank you for the kind post. No girlfriend; I certainly don’t mind that you took matters into your own hands while reading our story. It is very erotic that our words brought you to climax(s). We look so forward to your stories and posts. BTW K. is dropping the kids off at the rec center to swim and we have a scheduled sex date in 1 hour with 3 hours alone time. Any suggestions we shoud incorporate? Perhaps a story will cum out of it! Kay 😀

    • doctemp2 says:

      Steve and Annie thank you! We are pleased you enjoyed our story and thank you for reading. We will keep them coming and look forward to more of your adventures. Take good care! Kay 😀

    • doctemp2 says:

      Lovinghusband thank you for taking the time to write. One of the many blessings of MH is how Blondie has created a safe and comfortable environment where especially women can share our most intimate feelings and thoughts. Men seem to have an easier time writing than us ladies do yet sharing our posts here feels totally natural. I’m not ashamed to proclaim my love for Jesus, His Word, Marriage Heat, my amazing husband and the love of God-given hot marital sex and nakedness together! Lets all continue our stories as we share these gifts among this special community of horny married couples. Kay 😀

    • Strawberry says:

      Hot married sex is life changing, marriage building, affair discouraging, and God glorifying. I have been telling my friends about this site. For some of my friends they have been so discouraged, but hopefully MH can recharge their creativity. For others this site is hitting a sweet spot. Some of my friends were honestly offended at the site’s existence, which I thought was interesting. Blondie must get plenty of spiritual warfare leading this effort.

    • Blondie says:

      Strawberry, it is interesting how you bring up spiritual warfare, because I’ve definitely felt it recently and could use prayer. But we (the other admins and I) know we have to keep pushing ahead with this site despite the flak we get. I have seen others’ lives and families fall apart in my own personal life because the understanding of sex was so distorted. Sexuality is where the Devil has a strong foothold in our world. Pornography addiction, prostitution, adultery, fornication, sexual perversions… the list goes on with the depravity.

      I know some of my Christian friends and family might reject me if they knew I ran a site like this, but I want to tell them about it anyway. I want to help those closest to me and let them know what I know about Christian marriages so they don’t have to continue in a dead sex life or go down the trail so many others have because of temptation. I want them to see that all of you who contribute and comment are living and loving hot marriage sex with your spouses. We need to keep promoting God’s desire for sex in marriage. The Song of Songs message of cherishing our spouse and desiring them and only them is so encouraging because God WANTS us to have fun with and enjoy the person He’s given us.

      This note is a lot like a chapter from Song of Songs where the beloved is praising her lover, Kay. Thanks for posting!

    • Gina G. says:

      I am praying for ya Blondie. Heaven’s know I have had my share of flak over my stories.

      If it were not for the support of you, my husband Ben and a couple true friends. I would have quit. Came very close as you well know. I mention this in my last post.

      God bless you girl! Hang in there and stay horny!

    • Gina G. says:

      Three climax’s to be exact, but whose counting right! Lol!

      Have fun and enjoy loving your husband. Cum lots!

      God bless! Not gonna say stay horny girl since your gonna get you some. Lol.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Oh yes Ms. Gina; like the old Van Halen song asked–“Everybody want’s some; how bout you?” lol We enjoyed some nice Afternoon Delight on a cloudy rainy day. After perhaps 20 minutes of nude deep kissing and petting; he mounted me and slowly made love to me for quite a while while I used the “Magic Wand” at the same time. Such marital bliss. I enjoyed three overwhelming climaxes and after K. finished, he shot so much sperm deep into my pussy, I had to take my second shower of the day to clean up! Mmmm, mmmm, mmm,–what a heavenly gift our Creator bestowed upon all His children…

  3. lttlb says:

    Wow! Just wow.

    It’s such a sad reality that marriages in the Christian community are as bad as marriages in secular society (in terms of the divorce rate). If only our marriages were as the one you’ve described and are living, how much greater our witness to the world might be!

    What a blessing you must be to your husband!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Lttlb thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I do my best to please K. in all aspects of my life and he does the same for me. Only God could bring us together in this fashion. You are so right–if more couples faced harship together, focused on God instead of self, and counted each day together–marriages in America would be so much happier and hotter.
      I am blessed to have my man, and I am pretty sure he enjoys having me around too, lol Kay ;-D

  4. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, Blondie! It is an honor to be published on your outstanding MH site. We pray for you and all who participate; it is sad you undergo flak for providing this healthy, God-given forum to celebrate hot marital sex. Innovators are usually harassed and riduculed meaning your are doing something right! Dont back off and dont give up. Many couples benefit from this site and it is a healthy forum and alternative to all the sexual snares on line and elsewhere. Keep up the great work and this wonderful site. Whoever does the photo illustrations is to be commended too–amazing way of illustrating with images the tone of these hot marital love stories.
    Kay & K. 😀

    • Gina G. says:

      Amen Kay! Couldn’t have said it better.

      BTW the fringe benefits of keep our husbands sexually satisfied is well worth the effort! I think us ladies can agree on that as well! Just saying! Lol.

      God bless and stay horny girlfriend!

  5. Smitten says:

    Lady Smitten to Lady Garden: Just read this for the first time and it brought tears to my eyes also. It is just the way that I feel about my husband and sometimes I feel like I don’t let him know it as much as I should. Thanks for the reminder.

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