Marriage Sex – “What’s in there?”

Marriage Sex – What’s in There?

“Everyones in bed & Tatas are waiting for you but My eyelids are getting so heavy…”

“I brushed my hair & have lipstick & perfume on. A short skirt & one of your shirts ;)”

J: Ooh. On my way

This is what followed:

“I see you’re wearing my aloha shirt. What’s going on Miss Aloha?”

Me, softly, teasingly: I don’t know what you mean. I just threw on this soft short-sleeved shirt.

He pushed me on my back [oh how I deliciously eat it up when he takes charge in the bedroom!)] & slowly unbuttoned my/his shirt.

He kissed me & moved to my sassy red lacy bra.

“What’s in here?” He wondered aloud.

“A surprise,” I said simply. I had one of those candy tassel things one of his friends gave him as a gag gift on my right boob (but only my right because I really wanted to feel him on my skin as soon as possible ;).

He didn’t disappoint as he leaned in & kissed and wonderfully sucked my left nipple then gently removed the tassel so he could do the same to my right as he rubbed my left nipple between his thumb & finger.

Ohhhh, shivers down my spine to my toes! Then he firmly squeezed one breast in each hand as he kissed me lower lower then flipped the short skirt up and kissed me through my panty. It was quickly soaked and pretty soon he had removed my panty and was licking, kissing, and sucking my wetness between my legs. Heavenly! And so exciting! And he just kept going and going and going! It was already mind-numbingly amazing. Then he added his finger (and then more fingers) to the mix of kissing and sucking, with one hand still spread across my left breast. Every now and then he squeezed it for extra excitement, and oh boy, was I excited!!!

I had one orgasm right there, no stopping it. It was so amazing; I was not holding anything back except my volume although even my holding it in, did not keep it very low.

Tears were now STREAMING down my face. My long hair was splayed in all directions & I was helplessly, deliriously, writhing in spasms of ecstasy. I told him more than once I longed to but would Never be able to give him pleasure the way–or as long– as he was for me right then. And OH My!

He responded by going even faster, deeper and kissing and squeezing even harder!

It was Super-awesome amazingly long.Unbelievably hot and wild!

The bed was so wet from him pouring me out over and over and still I flowed! After what seemed like sex heaven for 1/2 an eternity, I managed to moisten my mouth enough to say, “I really want to kiss you all over madly and deeply, but then you’d have to come up here and be above me because everything’s tingly and on fire but I’m so weak! I’m limp and paralyzed.”

He smiled with such mischief is his eyes and hovered his handsome face and sexy chest over me while I kissed him. My hands grabbed his hair and I massaged his head for a bit while kissing nonstop. I gathered what strength I had left and squeezed and massaged his butt, still kissing and nibbling his earlobe and I gradually kissed toward his ready shaft and began licking, kissing, and sucking with all the love and energy I had. He watched me for a moment, sighed deeply and contentedly, I smiled when our eyes met then sucked him in as deep as I could, but he started playing his fingers between my legs again, foiling my plan to really taste him and give so deliciously back to him. I mumbled a weak protest, ” but, but I won’t..won’t be able to focus, focus on y…”

It’s all a blur, still, but somehow he swiftly set me on my knees and forearms and came at me from behind. I was so wet he slid almost too easily in & out. I tried grabbing his butt & grinding my butt into him. He then withdrew till just his tip was there, teasing me, filling me with even more desire. I would sit back onto him then he’d withdraw partway, then ram me once and withdraw again, further back this time so I had to lift my butt so I could feel him deep inside because I wanted him to fill me up. then he’d ram and withdraw again–I was going MAD with desire I was so hot and ready.

My husband knows just how to drive me over the edge when I think I’ve already reached the top. He playfully pinched or squeezed my breasts at just the right times and I tried my hardest to squeeze his piston while he was inside me but we were so slippery! Back on my back now and I watched his muscles in his glistening arms lift my limp legs and turn them like I was on my side. He used one of his legs to separate mine and came deeper than it almost felt possible before he finally (oh man, FINALLY) said he had to come. And come he did! I love to watch his face as he’s coming; it always fills me with this indescribably good feeling of marriage sex–until I come… Again!

We both just collapsed in a tangle and had to lay there for the longest time afterwards. Almost fell asleep on the spot! It was absolutely amazing and perfect!

I told him, “I don’t think you’ll never be able to top this time!” He just smiled as he drifted off to dreamland.


By: Elvert Barnes

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