spicying up mature marriage

Spicing Up Mature Marriage – A Good Start to Better Things (L)

Spicing Up Mature Marriage – My wife and I have been married 40 years and like some long term marriages the ho hum sex has been a source of frustration for us. I have almost begged my wife to loosen up and let loose a little.This plea is usually ignored or blown off as nonsense.

The other day I asked my wife to strip down and lay down with me because I love to feel her body against mine.To my surprise she did, and soon we were talking about the old days and the hot times we used to have.

Soon she was getting into things and was rubbing her huge tits against me. I then took the opportunity to remind her that enjoying sex was not a sin, and is actually a wholesome part of a Christian life! I then told her about a Christian site about couples enjoying themselves in married sex (Marriage Heat).

She didn’t rebuff me so I asked her if she wanted to see the site on the computer, and, to my surprise, she said okay.

As we were viewing the site she read some stories and I started massaging her breasts and to my surprise she seemed to enjoy my touch. Things seemed to be going okay so I asked her if she wanted to read aloud some of the stories and–to my surprise–she did. As the erotic words emerged from her mouth the flashbacks of our younger hot times together flashed through my mind. Then suddenly she looked up and said lets go back to bed. As we were laying beside each other she suddenly asked me if we were going to fuck or not. Imagine my surprise on hearing that for the first time in our time together.

I decided to warm her some more and asked her to describe what she wanted, and she proclaimed she wanted me to put my big dick in her and push it in all the way and all the way out again and again. Now I was beyond shocked and decided to push my luck by asking her what she would would say to the guy doing that to her. She then replied, “I’d tell him to fuck me and fuck me real hard.”

I would have fallen over if I weren’t laying down, I was about to pinch myself to see if I was awake and not dreaming when she asked me if I was going to fuck her or talk all day. As I slid my dick into her my surprise was about to double as she ordered me to fuck her, now I’m flabbergasted as she repeats her command several times each time louder.

After a few minutes she tells me to let her have it and as I was in no shape to argue I orgasmed and filled up and overflowed her love hole. As we were laying next to each other panting and gasping all she kept saying was, “Wow!” As I was laying there wondering what happened to my prudish church-going wife she looked me straight in my face and told she would give me oral sex if I won’t come in her mouth. I told her okay but I need some recoup time, so she snuggled up to me and asked me how I felt about what had happened. I replied that I have never been happier in our sex life.

We must have talked about a half hour when without warning she leans over and takes my entire flaccid penis into her mouth and sucks licks and hummed up a storm until I regained my erection when she then only took me to the bottom of my head.I felt an orgasm coming on and warned her so she took me out of her mouth and stroked him to a powerful but almost dry orgasm.Now as shocked as I was I asked her if I could return the favor and without waiting for an answer I slid down and licked her love hole slowly and gently, she did not orgasm for about 10 minutes but when she did she squirted for the first time in our relationship.

As we were laying making small talk I told her how much I appreciated what had happened and she said like Marriage Heat says Christians can have fun too. I probably would not have believed this story if it wasn’t mine. Maybe a sign of better times!

Spicing Up Mature Marriage Stories Wanted:

MarriageHeat is encouraging mature couples to share your stories of how you decided and acted upon spicing up your marriage. These spicing up mature marriage stories will give great hope to newly married couples who wonder if sexual passion can be enjoyed as our marriages mature.


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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I am so happy for you both! We are not on this earth
    long enough to get to a point when we have nothing
    new to learn! Your experience is a lesson to others
    who have been married fewer years than you – we
    can expect God to teach us new things in the days
    and years ahead. This is exciting. God bless you.

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