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A Series of Unfortunate Events

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.”  “Damn, Ken; your cock feels sooooooooo good, you really fill me up. Agh…Agh..Agh… that’s it, keep pounding me babe, keep pounding me”  “Damn girl, you are sooo tight; and I feel…ooooooo, that’s quite a vise grip you’ve got on me.”  “I love clamping down around you, Ken. Now you know why I faithfully do […]

The Surrogate (F)

This story is a fantasy (F). You can read more about the purpose of this annotation in our Guidelines. sexual surrogate, noun: a professionally trained/certified person who addresses issues of intimacy and sexuality. Surrogate partners work in collaboration with sex therapists to meet the goals of their clients. “Hello!” You must be the person my […]

Married to a Contortionist (L/A)

This story contains an instance of strong language (L) and involves anal play (A). You can read about these annotations and more in the guidelines. Long-time readers of our adventures recognize my beloved Kay as a very limber former gymnast. During the course of our stories, we’ve mentioned times that she has displayed her incredible […]

How You All Inspire Us

This post was submitted as a comment to the discussion post “Visual Erotica?“, but was more of a story than a discussion comment, so we “reclassified” it.  Thanks, Kay and K! Hello everyone–especially AlwaysReady, PacMan, Penny4URthoughts, IndyDad, sterlingcooper, SecondMarge, New Wife, and of course—LilaY69. Outstanding thinking, writing and openness in this incredibly hot thread everyone; […]

Beach Ballin’

When we were newly married, K and I took an excursion to the Canary Islands. Anyone who has ever been there knows they have beautiful beaches. Late one night, after an afternoon of flirting and drinking followed by a light dinner and more drinks, we decided to take a romantic stroll along the beach. It […]

Cat On a Hot Tits Roof

“I don’t know, K. This could be really embarrassing.” “Really? What are you talking about?” “You know, I keep leaking. I’m afraid I will start leaking right there on the dance floor, in front of your old high school friends.” “You mean girlfriends?” “Ha! Funny, mister. How would you like to go to your reunion […]

Nineteen Minutes

“I set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes; so we need to hurry. Are you sure you are up to the challenge?  Oh, well from the looks at that thing down there; it looks like you are. Oh, my. How old are you again, K?” The kids had friends over and were playing one of […]

A Sexy St. Pat’s (A)

[Editor’s Note: This piece was originally posted in the comments section of another post. It has been compiled and posted here to help ladygarden fans find it more easily.] After I signed off MH last night, my sweet sister unexpectedly dropped over for a quick visit and gave me a sexy three-piece green leprechaun costume […]

Breakfast Leftovers

Despite making love for nearly the entire evening in the LA apartment I shared with my roommate, (she was out of town for the weekend) the tenderness was bittersweet knowing my beloved K had to catch an early morning flight for the east coast. Newly married, a spirit of sadness hung in the air knowing […]

Aw, Snap! (L)

“Oh K, oh K, it feels soooooo good. So damn good. Pound me harder, babe, pound me harder!” What a luscious site before me; my beloved Kay with her back to me as she leaned forward in the shower, her palms open and braced against the tiles. Her heaving breasts molded into the shower wall […]

Public Sex Adventure – An Amtrak Experience

Public Sex Adventure Public Sex Adventure – Its a balmy summer evening, a gentle breeze rustles my hair as the full moon casts a romantically eerie light upon the platform. I have my hair in a smart pony and am wearing a figure flattering strappy little skater dress, (sans bra of course) with my favorite sandals. […]