Hot wax drips on a woman's bare chest; MarriageHeat

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The thought brings a smile to my face... until another round of hot dripping wax finds its mark.. -- To read the rest of the story, please


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    • Tulsa says:

      A deputy friend of mine told me about a car, that was weaving on the road. He pulled them over, to make sure the driver wasn't drunk. When he wandered up to the driver's window, he then saw that there were two of them in the car. The guy driving was still pulling up his zipper, and the gal with him, was wiping her face. She didn't do a very good job apparently and still had cum dripping off her chin!
      My friend still laughs about that!

    • Tulsa says:

      LOL!!! 🙂
      No, the driver got a verbal warning, and a talk about keeping his mind on his driving.
      No doubt the gal with him, faced something stiff though!

  1. Ben G. says:

    Gina read this really hot story to me last night. Needless to say it wasn't long before I was rock hard and slowly stroking. Once she was through I took her doggy style and emptied myself into her warm wet pussy. Thank you for the story and inspiration. Haven't posted in a while but had to commend you on your very hot (always) story. God bless you and K, and keep writing.

    • LadyGarden says:

      Ben—thank you sir! Very nice compliments and happy you and GG were inspired to act upon it. We love it when readers implement what they have read about In our stories. Returning the favor, since it’s been a while since K has emptied his hot load into my inviting pussy from behind, I will invite him to do so tonight. But don’t tell him, that’s just between you, Gina and I! 😂

      Blessings to you both and keep loving each other!

    • LadyGarden says:

      Yes hats off to the Narrator AND sound effects. Bravo to her and to MH for catapulting our story to an entirely new level. It’s almost like a hidden mic was placed at our house—the voice characterizations and moaning sounds are incredibly accurate. So much so, I think it’s time to take off my clothes and play with the Magic Wand downstairs on the couch in the living room. Only question is do I leave the blinds open...


    • LadyGarden says:

      Yes, the Narrator did an amazing job. Listening to her audio interpretation is an incredible turn on and never fails to make me wet. My husband tied me up last night, lit some candles and replayed the story several times—yet due to the restraints I couldn’t touch myself. All this while watching him masturbate in front of me. So mean!!! Lol


  2. LilaY69 says:

    Such a sexy story, LadyGarden!!

    It's really cool to see how close you and your sister are, and can work together to turn up the heat!!!

    I also loved the description of the messy blowjob you gave Ken. Have you always been free with your saliva? I've always been a messy and dirty girl!! 😉🍆💦

    P.S. I just listened to audio narrated version of this. SO HOT!!

    I kinko that LadyGarden, the sounds she makes are accurately hot and a huge turn-on! Makes my pussy wet!!

    Please write more, babe! I hope you have more cummin' in more ways than one!! 😘💋♥️

  3. LadyGarden says:

    Thank you LilaY69! Really appreciate your encouragement, especially about including Sis in the story. Yes, we are unconventional alright. How many sisters hang out together in the nude? Let alone embrace and sweetly kiss each other?

    Glad my messy blow job AND the narrator’s interpretation made your pussy wet. Yes, I’ve always been free with my saliva. We find it incredibly erotic watching me spit on Ken’s dick—especially the long strands of clear drool when as he deep throats me. We like to see how long I can go without breathing too—my gasps for air are incredible and the drool is very prominent the longer I go with my airway temporarily blocked. (especially when he pinches my nostrils at the same time).

    Working on another story soon, trying to make it not as lengthy. But as you know, size matters!

    Hopefully it will be worthy of that same sexy narrator again—especially her moans and groans and related “sound effects.” Mmmmmmmmm.

    Hope to hear more from you too!

    • LilaY69 says:

      I'll have some stories cummin' soon, and speaking of sloppy blowjobs, I'm working on a story right now!

      It's a lengthy one, though! Pun intended🍆😉😉

      I also have come to love giving Deepthroat. I love when slimy deep throat froths all over his huge hard veiny cock as I gag and hold him deep down my throat. Mmmmmmm! So good!!

  4. Horny_boy says:

    It is nice to see you here @Lila69.

    I'm definitely looking forward to your story; your comments always make my cock so hard that I can't help it but stroke it.

    I'd also like to read how your husband eats you out and fucks your pussy to orgasm! You have so much to give, girl. I think my big sister is about your age (she's 24). She just got married, but I wouldn't talk to her about sex, so you are that sister who gives great sex tips to her little brother 😉 and I consider you a blessing for my sex life and to the MH family ♥️♥️🙌

    • Horny_boy says:

      Yes , she does know about MH because I mentioned it one time but she thinks it's a sin to read erotica and masturbate, no matter if it's between married christian couples. She even labeled MH as a porn site.
      And she told me that I shouldn't be visiting this site. I remember one time, about six years ago, when my sister caught me masturbating to porn and she was devastated and made me feel so bad and guilty, and told me that God's wrath would fall on me because I lusted for other women. You know, we grew up in a very conservative Christian home. She's the kind of girl you see on that YouTube channel called "girl defined".

      I'm basically like the black sheep of the family and this site has helped me a lot. Now I see masturbation and erotica as a tool to help me release my sexual tension, not to lust after some woman I can never have.

  5. OldManJam says:

    The audio was amazing, great job to the voice actors and MH for incorporating some hot sound effects.

    *Wonders if MH needs more audio of intimate times to add to the recordings.* 🙂

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