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My wife and I have been married for 33 years. We make love less frequently these days for various reasons, but when we do, it is hot and sexy. I love feeling connected with her physically as well as emotionally. She takes good care of her appearance and I find her so very attractive. This story is from last spring and the memory goes on with me because it was a fantasy come true. That is why I want to share it.

My wife was going to be working a long shift on a Sunday. We were discussing things before she left and I commented that I was thinking about her and wanted her. It had been a while since we made love, and I had been thinking about her.

She smiled and said, “Maybe we can make love when I get home tonight.” I felt a strong urge to make sure that happened, but she didn’t get off until midnight, and I worked early the next morning. She left for work, and I had things to get done for the day too.

But mid-afternoon, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. I was fantasizing of her the way I have many times, picturing her in a sexy dress, high heels, and silky stockings. She was in my mind and desires. I started to lay out a plan.

I went to her closet and started looking through her dresses. My wife owned a dress store for many years. She knows fashion and she wears sexy very well. There were all kinds to choose from. I focused on the seductive ones. She never dresses like a slut, but she does wear a tight and short dress with confidence. I picked a black, stretchy, spaghetti strap dress that went to mid-thigh. I really like her in short dresses, but chose this one for a reason. Then I found a pair of black four-inch heels in her shoe collection. Then to her panty drawer where I found a black lace, see-through pair. I was already getting hard fantasizing as I sought out an unopened package of thigh-high stockings with elastic tops. The mid-thigh dress was to cover the tops of the stockings. As I said, she won’t dress slutty, and only once before in our marriage had she wore thigh-highs for me on another special night. I laid the items out on the chair in our bedroom. Then I had to go get other things done or I would have had to masturbate because I was already so horny thinking of her dressed up for me. I wanted to save my sex for her when we would be together tonight.

When evening came, I prepared dinner. I made something she likes, knowing she would be hungry after work. I put our settings at the counter. The chairs at our kitchen island are higher than the kitchen table, and I wanted to see her legs as we ate together. I used some nice tableware, long stem wine glasses, and had her favorite wine ready. Then I put some candles in place, ready to light.

I went back to the bedroom and set several candles around the room, then pulled up some music to have it ready to stream on my phone with a speaker. Lastly, I found her vibrator and dildo and laid them on the bed with the sheets pulled down. The lube was on the bed, too, ready to put on her clit and in her pussy. I showered and shaved, splashed on her favorite cologne, then put on a dress shirt and black slacks with dress shoes. I wanted to look good for her, too.

Back at the counter, I sat down and wrote her a note on some nice stationery. I explained how much I loved her and desired her and couldn’t stop thinking about her all day. I told her to look in the bedroom and get dressed for dinner, saying that if she was too tired, I understood; I just wanted a romantic time together. Either way, we could be together and enjoy each other’s company—and hopefully intimacy.

The only lights in the house were the bedroom candles and kitchen candles. The time was already midnight. I heard the garage door open, so I went to our basement to wait to see what she would do.

The door to our kitchen opened and she said, “What’s this?” Then it was quiet for several minutes as she was reading my love note. A few minutes later, I could hear her walking to our bedroom. I waited a couple of minutes, then went upstairs to the kitchen and got our meal from the oven. I poured us both a glass of wine, sat down, and waited.

By now, I was really horny, and my mind wondered if she would dress up for me. Mostly, I wanted to see those sexy stockings on her.

She turned on the hall light before coming to the kitchen. When she came around the corner, her sexy silhouette looked fantastic. The tight dress showed all her feminine curves, and her legs were sensational on those high heels. I could not be sure she had the stockings on with the light behind her, but she looked hot. She sauntered across the kitchen towards me, and I could see she had my favorite red lipstick on. This night was going to be special.

We kissed, and I told her how much I had her on my mind throughout the day. I let her know I just wanted a relaxed meal and conversation tonight, no pressure for making love. If she was too tired to do that, I wanted her to know her company was more than enough for me.  I kept my eyes on hers but wanted so badly to check her legs out. Did she wear the nylons?

The lights were off now, and the candlelight gave the room a romantic glow. We sat down and drank some wine and had a leisurely dinner together. Our conversation revolved around our day, and we both enjoyed sharing our experiences. During the meal, I kept a little distance between us.

After a while, she turned her legs towards me and sexily crossed them. I was ecstatic! Her legs were in those delicious-looking stockings. She even dropped a hand on top of her thigh and started gently caressing it, seeming to enjoy the silky touch. She was giving me a slow little tease, and my cock was hard through the rest of our meal.

When we finished eating and talking, she asked me, “Are you sure you really want to do this? It’s 1 AM. I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow morning, but you get up at six.”

“Yes,” I told her. “I want you that bad. I’ll be fine tomorrow with a lack of sleep if it’s because we were making love.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” she said.

She went first and turned on the light in the hall to our bedroom. She walked slowly and deliberately, swaying her hips side to side down the hallway. She knew I was watching her move that sexy ass in a way that was seductive and appealing. Her legs and bottom looked perfect in the tight dress, nylons, and high heels, and I enjoyed their sight to the fullest as she went through the bedroom into the bathroom. I went over to the dresser to stream some music, and when it started playing, I turned around to see her leaning over the sink into the mirror to fix her make up. The hem of her dress rode up and I saw the tops of her lace stockings.

I was very hard and very horny now. She came out of the bathroom, and I walked around our bed to kiss her. She pressed into me more, and I responded in kind. We started making out, hot and heavy, both incredibly turned on. She pressed into my hard cock, and I moved my hands down her back and pulled her tight against me, grabbing her sweet ass cheeks. We kept kissing and grinding, getting extremely worked up.

She pulled away, reached down, and pulled the hem of her dress up. Then she wiggled her panties over her hips, down her legs, and off over her heels.

I took off my clothes and started stroking my cock, watching her. She sat down on the bed and kicked her heels off as I moved towards her again. I rubbed the head of my cock on her clit a couple times before she said, “Put some stuff on me.”

I pumped a generous amount of lube on my fingers and rubbed it on her clit. Then I handed her vibrator to her, and she got busy giving herself some attention.

I got some more lube and slid a couple of fingers into her pussy. When her pussy was ready, I slicked down her dildo and slowly worked it inside her.

She was starting to moan and breathe heavily now. She took over the dildo and pushed it all the way up her cunt. I watched for a minute, stroking my cock as she slowly rode the Cyberskin cock and moved her vibrator in circles around her clit. She was getting really hot. She looked at me and said, “I need you to suck my titties.”

My wife doesn’t like to use dirty talk, so now I knew she was into it tonight. It was the first time I ever heard her call them her “titties.” I pulled the spaghetti straps of her dress over her shoulders and freed her gorgeous tits. While I sucked on one, I pulled and squeezed the other gently and slowly the way she likes it.

She was making a lot of noise now and seemed close to cumming. After a few minutes she said, ” I need you to suck harder.”

Immediately, I sucked and pulled those hard nipples with a little roughness. She was responding with a lot of “ohhhs” and “ahhhs,” and I could see out of the corner of my eye how she wiggled her hips on that fake cock while continuing to use the vibrator. I was crazy hard by now, but I wanted to make this horny sex last and last.

She was so close but just couldn’t cum. Suddenly she pulled out the dido and reached for my cock.

I told her, “I want you to cum first.”

She said, “Lie next to me.” I did, and she lifted her legs in the air and guided my hard-on into her pussy. It went in easily, and I pressed it up inside her as far as I could. She went back to working on her clit with the vibrator, and her cunt felt so good, so full and tight. I could feel the vibrator from inside her. She looked and sounded so sexy holding her stocking clad legs in the air, moaning, and breathing hard.

As I felt an orgasm starting to build, I tried to relax and prolong it. I gave her a hard thrust all the way up her pussy, and she responded with a loud “Ohhhh.” I waited for a little then did it again, three or four times. Each time she was loud and got close to cumming again.

Suddenly she let out a long “Ahhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhh,” as waves of orgasm came over her. She was riding me wildly, and it was all I could do not to cum too. As it subsided she relaxed some and said to me, “I want you from behind.”

She got on her hands and knees, and I got behind her and spread her knees with mine. I wanted her nice and wide to take what I wanted to give her. I guided my cock into her hot hole and she started pushing back and riding me as soon as it was inside her. Grabbing her by the hips, I steadily pumped her as deep as I could get. But I wanted my orgasm to build to where I could not hold it and just exploded, so I let go and let her do the riding.

She was still moaning and pushing all the way back on my cock; even after she came she still liked getting it hard and deep. I looked in the bathroom and saw us both in the mirror. What a complete turn on! She had her dress up over her hips, tits hanging out, and thigh-high stockings looking intoxicating on her sexy legs. She rode her husband hard, and we were both enjoying it.

I was getting close and knew I had to cum soon. I grabbed her hips and starting driving it harder into her. She was bucking back too, and I couldn’t hold it. I pounded her forcefully for a few seconds and started to let out a loud “ahhhh.” It felt amazing when I finally let my load go. I leaned over her back and held her tight. She was still riding me slowly to get all my cum. We then lay down next to each other, catching our breath and holding each other while exchanging kisses.

This night was the stuff of fantasies for me. I have masturbated many times remembering it and the hot images of my wife dressed like that. I got hard and jacked off several times just writing it and remembering it. I have not submitted a story before and hesitated to submit this, but thought it was a good fit for MarriageHeat. Hope you all like it.

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11 replies
  1. Southernheat says:

    Well done Flyguy! Loved your first story! Hope you share more with us! I love how you planned the evening with all the the thought and preparation that went into it. How you wanted it to be special and you got dressed up, looking and smelling good for her; so sweet. This was a sexy, hot story and so sweet to see how much you love each other. Congratulations on 33 years! We celebrate 33 this summer!

    • Flyguy says:

      Thank you for yor comments Southernheat. Appreciate your encouragement. I will submit again, just need to have another one that can be as hot as this one was for me.

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Isn't it amazing how our choice of clothing can bless our spouse? Whether it's a snug pair of jeans and cowboy boots putting my husband's butt in it's best light or miniskirt that shows off my curvy legs to him, we both always appreciate it when our willingness to please each other informs our decisions. So great that you got to enjoy her visually as a prelude to your hot encounter after. Please keep writing! This was really well done and luscious to read!

  3. Cuddles says:

    Like it??? More like LOVE IT!

    Well done Flyguy! I enjoyed your story heaps. It's no wonder to me that your wife sparked up at the end of a hard day by dressing up just for you. So romantic and so very sexy! As you say, that's the stuff of sweet memories!

    More please 🤗

    Cuddles xxxx

    • Flyguy says:

      Thank you for that encouragement Cuddles. Your comments mean a lot as written and makes me want to think up a new encounter with my wife to experience and share.

  4. Flyguy says:

    Thank you CrazyHappyLoved. It was good to hear that from you, especially telling me to keep writing. Your comments give me confidece. It is nice to hear others are turned on by seeing their spouse in sexy clothes.

  5. Satin King says:

    Love this so much! I can tell you are a man after my own heart! I love my wife in silky lingerie and stockings as my screen name implies. Keep writing please! I’ve written three stories for marriageheat about some silky fun in our past that you might enjoy. This one was a big turn on!

    • Flyguy says:

      Thanks Satin King. Your stories are what I like for sure…lingerie, nylons, short skirts, panties, heels. Appreciate your comments too.

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