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White Out ~ Ignite Story

Ken’s Inner Dialog

I knew I should have stayed home, never should have ventured out in this mess. This storm came out of nowhere. Thankfully, it’s not an Alberta Clipper. But still, I wouldn’t want to be out here alone and exposed to the elements for too long.

And it’s getting dark, too; I won’t have daylight much longer. The wipers and defrosters can barely keep up, and there’s nowhere to pull over and not a building anywhere in sight.

No use trying to turn around in this. Better keep inching forward. I can barely make 20 mph in these conditions, and that’s pushing it. The temperature gauge says 29 degrees outside. Sure thankful it’s not colder.

The Bible talks about Paul being shipwrecked several times, and the disciples experienced several storms out on the lake. Jesus didn’t say he would remove the storms of life, but he did promise to be with us through them.

Including winter storms like this one.

After praying for the longest time, and despite the uncertainty of driving in this mess, I feel a sense of calm and inner peace. Yet, I still wish I stayed home.

What the—???

Are those dimly flashing lights off to the right? It’s a car up ahead, pulled over at that abandoned old gas station. What are they doing out here on a night like this? Oh no, it looks like a shredded back tire.

I should probably pull over to see if there’s anyone inside. But if I stop, I may not be able to get going again in this ice and snow. Something tells me I better check, though. I sure hope someone would check on me if the situation were reversed.

And, of course, the parable of The Good Samaritan comes to mind. No sir, I’m not going to keep going and wish this person or persons well. Besides, I don’t see any inns anywhere out here!

15 Minutes Later

After seeing no one in the abandoned car, I returned to my vehicle and continued my trek.

What in the world is that? Wait, is that… Is that a person up there? It’s hard to see in the fog and through this falling snow. Waving at me? Out here alone? In this? Are they… they’re running towards me. Oh, crap—that person fell!

I carefully bring my SUV to a halt, stopping dangerously close to the person crumpled onto the icy, snow-covered road.

“Hey! Hey! Can you hear me? Can you hear me?”

Oh no, it’s a young woman out here alone. Did she abandon her car looking for help?

I look for any external injuries then pull her towards the back of my SUV. As I reach down to lift and place her into the back, the woman’s big brown eyes flutter open. With a look of shock and fear on her lovely face, she flings her arms around me and holds on for dear life.

Once inside the toasty warm vehicle, I lay her flat on her back. Her winter coat is soaked, along with her dark leggings, sneakers, and pink knit skull cap. She seems to be in her early- to mid-thirties.

“Ma’am? Ma’am? Can you tell me your name? You’re safe now.”

Now what? Her clothes are wet. What did she do, fall into a pond or something? She can’t remain in those.

“I’m Ken; you’re in my truck. Can you hear me?”

I place my cheek against hers and am startled by how cold it feels. For a brief moment, I tenderly place my lips to hers in an effort to bring her warmth. For the first time, I seem to sense some recognition in her eyes. Maybe she is slowly starting to warm up.

“We’re in a winter storm, a real white-out, and I found you walking down the road. I’m here to help you, but your clothes are soaked. You’ve got to… you’re going to have to remove them to get warm. You’re safe now, but you must get out of those wet clothes to get warm. Do you understand?”

Slowly nodding, she whispers, “Help me… please… I c-can’t—” Her voice is no more than a slurred whisper. “Help me. Cold… soooo cold… Can’t feel… legs… fingers… scared. P-please sirrrrrrr…”

“Okay, okay, I will help you. We’ve got to get you undressed, though.”

Is that a tear running down her cheek?

I remove her pink cap, then go to work unbuttoning her winter coat and taking it off. Sitting her up, I awkwardly pull her arms out of both sleeves. She moans as I do this, the weight of the wet textiles making it difficult. After I toss her coat aside, her pink turtleneck sweater is next. It, too, is soaked. With her eyes looking at me like a frightened child, I sense time is running out.

“I have to take this off too. I’m sorry, but it’s soaked.”

In the most unromantic way possible, and while trying to respect her modesty, I take hold of the hem at both sides of her waist. Slowly, I pull her sweater up towards her shoulders, stopping just below the bottoms of her brassiere’s cups. The woman’s eyes remain locked into mine. Neither of us says a word.

After lightly yanking both arms completely through the sleeves of her heavy sweater, I take a deep breath and lift it over her breasts and head. She crosses her arms instinctively, attempting to cover her ample bosom securely sheathed in a powder blue bra,  which also looks soaked.

I take off my coat and attempt to cover her torso, but she shakes her head “no.” At the same time, her hands pull at the bottom of her bra. Why? I wonder. Awkwardly, she lifts her bra, causing her spring loaded full breasts to immediately jut out towards me and jiggle.

“Help me.”

Now I get it—she wants me to help her remove her bra. She can’t reach back to undo the snaps.

With my thumb and middle finger, I unclasp all four hooks and slowly lower the shoulder straps down her arms. I can’t help but notice how prominent her now exposed breasts are as she again tries, unsuccessfully, to cover herself. I gently lay my coat over her.

Now on to the leggings: I slowly begin peeling them down her hips and thighs. They seem cemented to her flesh, and it’s quite a challenge to work them down. Why do women like to wear such form-fitting leggings? I finally get them down to her ankles, prying off her shoes and socks along with them.

Tearing off my thick hooded sweater, I’m able to cover about 75% of her lower extremities. Do I cover her thighs with my sweater? Her feet? Her…groin? Even her panties look wet, which in this case, is not a sight to behold.

Perhaps sensing my indecision, still making direct eye contact, her hands appear from under my coat and make a feeble attempt at pulling down her underwear. She nods her head “yes” as my fingers touch the damp fabric of the matching powder blue panties and gently help slide them down her legs. Applying pressure to my coat and sweater covering her now-naked body underneath, my eyes and mind take note of several observations which I hope work in favor of her survival.

First, she appears to be quite healthy. Are large breasts (in essence, fatty tissue) any defense against the effects of cold? I wonder.

Second, her legs seem muscular for a woman, and she has ample body hair on her thighs, especially between her legs. Will all that hair help keep her warm? Especially her mound of pubic hair? I read somewhere the groin area is the warmest part of the human body. In her case, will all that hair down there help keep her vitals warm?

“K…K…Ken, I’m so cold. Hold me, please. Please hold me.”

“Hi! I mean hello. Ah, yes, I can hold you. Uh, what is your name?”

“K-K-Ka-Kate. My name is Kate. P… P… P… hold me. Sooooo c-c-cold. I once took a c-c-class in hypo… ther— Please, warm me. N-N-N-No clothes. Skin… to sk-skin… please. My name, name… is… K-K-Kate.”

Quickly, I removed my own clothing. Even with the heater up all the way, it was cold being naked. I could only imagine how this woman—Kate—must feel.

Gently, I mounted her to warm her body with mine. She sure was cold, all right. It felt awkward, being naked with a stranger. What do we do now? Do I try to make conversation? Do I try to massage her arms and legs to help the blood recirculate?

Regrettably, being a male of the species, I had to admit her naked body felt good under mine. I even smelled a trace of perfume behind her ear. And her hair somehow still smelled distinctly feminine and freshly shampooed despite her lone foray into this storm for who knows how long.

Approximately 30 Minutes Later

“Oh, I’m sorry, Kate. I must have dozed off. I apologize. Here, I will get off you now.”

“No, please, Ken. Right? You said Ken. Stay right there. I’m just now getting the feeling back in my fingers and toes.”

“Oh, okay, I will stay put. Your body does feel a little warmer. You feel like you’re coming back?”

“Yes, I think I’m coming back to my senses. I’m still cold, but I’m starting to slowly warm up. I don’t want this to sound awkward or anything. You’re trying to warm me up, so… is it okay if I… wrap my legs and arms around you?”

Before I could answer, Kate did exactly that. In return, I carefully lifted her hair out of the way, wrapping my arms around the back of her head and carefully placing as much weight as possible onto my forearms. This was really starting to feel intimate.

“Oh, thank you, Ken. Thank you, that is much better. I can feel your heart beating next to mine, which is difficult of course, with these big tits getting in the way. Sorry.”

I chuckled. “Glad we can find humor in this situation. And by the way, your ‘big tits,’ as you referred to them, feel rather nice pressed against my bare chest.”

“Yes, they do. You have a hard chest. Do you work out? Your hairy chest feels nice against my bare titties.”

Oh no, I just felt a twinge in my balls with her talking about her tits and complimenting my hairy chest. Focus, Ken, focus. Not now, not here.

For the first time, I sensed the wonderful fluffiness of her hairy pussy, her soft pubic hair entwined with my own crop. Thinking back to the quick glimpse of her vulnerable exposed bush a short time ago, I remember how hairy she is. I think this girl has more hair down there than I do. Impressive.

“So, Kate, tell me what happened? What do you remember?”

I sense movement. She seems to be moving her legs a little like she’s trying to lift her knees as she answers my question. “Well, it all happened so fast. The snow got worse, then the whiteout, hard to see anything. I guess I was going too fast for these conditions; I literally saw the look of the proverbial deer in my headlights.”

Kate continues slowly lifting her knees, and I sense her legs subtly parting while telling her story. Did she just gently stroke the back of my head?

“Without thinking, I slammed the brakes to miss her and her baby behind her, lost control of the car, spun out, and POW! I heard and felt an explosion; that must have been when the tire blew out. Thankfully, it happened next to this abandoned gas station.”

At the same time that Kate said “POW,” her entire body constricted. She instantaneously clamped her legs around my lower back and embraced me in a fiercely romantic bear hug. She began to weep.

“It was awful, just awful, Ken. I was never so scared in my entire life. I just missed wiping out that poor mamma and her baby.”

Kate’s full-body embrace didn’t ease up as her story continued through a runny nose and tears.

“When I came to, the car wouldn’t start, there was no cell service, the wind was howling, and for some reason, I just got out of the car and started walking. All I remember was falling into a creek or something and getting completely soaked. It was the worst feeling I ever had in my life. The worst. I don’t know how long I walked along the side of the road. I tripped a few times and got even wetter. Never been so cold in my life. I was terrified!” As if to accentuate her point, she simultaneously locked her ankles together around my spine and firmly pressed my stubbly cheek into the soft contour of hers.

At this moment, our bodies couldn’t get any closer…or could they?

Regaining her composure, through watery eyes and sniffles, Kate added, “Thinking I was about to collapse from cold and exhaustion, I thought I saw lights coming towards me through the pitch-black darkness.” Kate’s nails slowly traced a path down the contours of my spine. “I thought it was all a terrible dream until… until a big strong man pulled up out of the gloom. I was helpless, lying out there on the road, body and mind numb with exhaustion. The last thing I remembered was throwing my arms around you before passing out.”

And with that, Ms. Kate assertively grabbed my head with both hands, barely touched the tip of her nose to mine, and literally yelled—“You saved my life, Mr. Ken, you saved my life. Thank you!”

The incredibly passionate kiss she planted on my unsuspecting lips stirred my penis to life. Kate’s tongue sought out my own, and they introduced themselves. The second our tongues met, a jolt of electricity shot into my manhood, blood engorging as it rapidly extended to the very entrance of Ms. Kate’s most secret place. Quite naturally and without effort, the tip of my cock made contact with the tender lips of her vagina.

“Oh Ken, you saved me in the nick of time. I vaguely remember you lifting me, gently placing me here.”

Kate slightly maneuvered her hips to greet my dick which slowly slid into this no-longer-cold woman, her moist vaginal muscles gripping and intimately welcoming me inside. As I entered her to the hilt, she deeply inhaled. Eyes open, she kissed me again, and her warm, soft lips felt so delicate against mine. I slowly pulled out before reentering her, savoring every millimeter of the journey.

“Mmmmm, you feel so wonderful inside me, Ken. Very nice. Mmmm. I love how your big cock fills me up, and I feel your cock throbbing inside me. You feel terrific right now, babe. Oh yes! Pound this pussy, baby, pound this hairy pussy. Your hot, hairy pussy, just the way you like it. Ahhhh, right there, Ken, right there. Mmmmm.”

“That was a pretty fun adventure, wasn’t it?”

“Mmmm-hmm, it sure was. Glad it didn’t take you too long to find me; I was really getting cold out here. Damn, your cock feels so good! Ughhhhhh.”

“Thanks, honey. Even extreme role-playing, I couldn’t leave my bride out here alone for too long, now could I?”

Kate didn’t answer, her eyes now closed and her hips meeting my thrusts in perfect harmony. I grabbed ahold of her hands, kissing them both before clasping her fingers around mine.

“Ahhhhhh, I’m no longer cold, Ken. Make love to me; make love to me. I love you soooo much. Mmmmmmm.”

“Oh, I love you, my dear bride, but tell me. How did you get so wet? Your clothes really were soaked.”

Kate chuckled between thrusts, “While I waited in my car, I tracked you on my phone. When I saw that you were only a mile out, I got out and poured that gallon of water all over myself. Damn, that was cold and uncomfortable—especially my pussy and ass. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr. You owe me one, Mister.”

“I owe you one, eh? How about right now?”

I immediately shifted my pounding into high gear ad thrust harder and deeper into my wife, just the way she likes it.

“Ooooo, you nasty boy. Mmmmm, your cock feels soooo good. Don’t stop, don’t stop; pound this pussy. Ahhhhh. Stretch this hot cunt, Ken. Stretch your bride’s hungry, hot cunt!”

I love when Kate talks dirty. Her voice is incredibly sultry when she’s turned on. Hearing her talk about her pussy or cunt pushes me over the edge.

“Aghhhh, Aghhhh! That’s it, Ken. Look at these big tits bounce. You’re making them bounce with your big, thick cock pounding me, your balls slapping against my cunt. Mmmmm. That’s it, Ken, that’s it. Blow your load. Blow your load into me. I can feel you. Mmmmm. Drain your manly balls into your wife, just like that. Oh, Mmmmm. Aghhh, I love you, I love you, Ahhhhh!”

10 Minutes Later

“Good thing I remembered to pack our sweats and hoodies. Why don’t you drive the SUV, Kate, and I’ll drive the car?”

“Sounds good, and how about this, Ken. First one home fires up the Jacuzzi so we can really warm up together.”

“And don’t forget the wine.”

Driving Home in the SUV

“Hey, sis. You won’t believe what Ken and I just did! Call me back. Love you.”

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6 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Such a sexy story! That IS extreme role playing! I would have felt uncomfortable reading much of this story but it’s on MH so I knew it was going to turn out appropriate. Thanks for sharing the story. It’s a fantasy, but it would be downright scary to really do this!

    • LadyGarden says:

      Thank you for commenting LM; it was a lot of fun and thoroughly pre-planned; the jug of water was a last minute inspiration and quite uncomfortable—yet worth it. As Austin Powers would say, “I like to live dangerously!”

      Erotic Blessings,

  2. hornyGG says:

    Awesome! The King and Queen of MH have anointed us with another wonderfully erotic story. So 🔥 🔥 🔥! I love the writing and the erotic adventure this story sent us on. I am in awe and my pussy is moist and swollen with desire. Thank you Kay and Kate for sharing your intimate, fun and erotic experiences with us. You rock!
    God bless and stay horny you two!

    • LadyGarden says:

      Hi Gina, so happy your and Big Ben are healthy and recovered from your recent health scare. Thank you for your comments, please know they mean a lot. It’s always a high compliment knowing our adventures have such an impact on you; yet the feeling is mutual. We get quite worked up enjoying your stories—and get distracted while writing our own (while Ken is concentrating I like to shake my tits in his face. Conversely, he likes to jack off in my line of sight while I’m trying to write).

      We appreciate you—keep whackin’ and shaggin!

  3. LovingMan says:

    LadyGarden… so you two really DID this? That is just incredible and beyond awesome! We had our first “partly in the car – partly outside the car”lovemaking session last month. But we didn’t have the cover of a snowstorm. My wife says there is something sexy about the possibility of getting caught. We almost got caught, (by motorcyclists). It’s a good thing a worried state trooper didn’t come by and knock on your truck’s window to see if y’all were OK!
    I’ve submitted our story to MH. It’s cumming late next month.
    Keep living dangerously!

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