More Than A Quickie


More Than A Quickie – Multi-limerick Poem


I was hard from my base to my tip

When we woke and you loved on my nip

I came like a geyser

You were clearly wiser

Because, “You should come now!” you did quip


I cuddled behind you, my cute wife

As we read of Ruth’s very rough strife

And I cupped your sweet breasts

They are really the best

I’m so glad you came into my life


We then bathed before more bedroom fun

But on quickie days only I cum

But you I could persuade

As to your nips I made

Tender love ‘til your orgasm hummed


The new vibrator made our ears ring

As it buzzed your cute clitoris thing

And you came like a train

T’was all pleasure, no pain

We had a more than a quickie fun fling


I should mention I came in you too

Your pussy is just so fun to do

You tweaked at my nipple

Cum exploded then trickled

From your pussy as a tasty white goo


The strawberry cream pie was so sweet

Our “shakes” have become my favorite treat

Today’s was strawberry

Rubbed on each raspberry

Delicious for your husband to eat


Explanation of Poem and Story:

I started to write a brief entry in my sex journal about today’s fun “more than a quickie” sex session. But to my surprise, it came out of my head in rhyme. So, it became a poem to my beautiful, kind, smart, and sexy wife.  On our sex schedule, today was supposed to be a quickie.  On quickie days, my wife usually does not go for an orgasm. Two days later, on a full lovemaking day, she does go for and nearly always has an orgasm… or two… or three.  So we have sexual intercourse every other day.  Quite a feat for two older lovers with multiple health conditions and medications’ side effects.  FYI for other folks with heart problems: sex in the morning is easier on the old ticker.

I woke up this morning with a woody. My wife, Melodie, saw it, rolled over, and began licking and sucking on my nipple. I started stroking my surprisingly hard erection.  Morning Madera (wood) is not an everyday thing nowadays.  Melodie also started to pinch and squeezed the other nip.  I told her that I didn’t want an orgasm yet, but she said, “You should come now” My body couldn’t resist the sensations and her invitation, so I exploded—yes, like a geyser. There was hot cum everywhere!

My wife handed me a microfiber cloth to clean up. (We call them our sex rags.)  She had one too and helped; there was cum on both of us. We both then got up to take care of our a.m. business and take our meds.

She got back to the bed before me and opened the Bible App so we could listen to it. I surprised her by laying behind her on the wrong side of our bed for me.  I used one hand to gently cup her lovely, full, PJ-covered breasts.  She’d push my hand off then I’d wait a moment ‘til her guard was down, and I’d slide my hand back on one of her boobs. It became a sort of game for us this morning – one we’ve played many times before.  Even though it was a quickie day, her being willing to play this game was a hopeful sign of fun things to cum!

We were listening to the story of Ruth. I commented to Melodie on how my people became her people and her people became my people.  We were blessed by how we each were both welcomed with opened arms into our spouse’s family when we were dating and got married.

Eventually, we got up for us both to shower and for me to shave.  Soon we were back on the bed, but now nude.  Melodie reminded me to apply today’s lube de jour before we started.

We used Aloe Cadabra Strawberry-Flavored Lube * today, mixed with some coconut oil.  (I do love the taste after I add the protein inside Melodie’s perfect pussy mixer!)  But first, she attacked my nips again.  We call it “lips on nips.”  I soon pumped my rod to full power and then rolled over to love on HER lovely nips.

On quickie days, I usually don’t do this loving on her nips for a long time.  She used the new and rather loud vibe on her clitoris as I licked, sucked, and tongue-flicked her red raspberries.  (Her nipples were hard like ripe raspberries.)  

“Go inside me NOW Tom,” she said.  

I could tell that she was getting there and was feeling it.  So I soon slid down, (at her insistence), into X position.  With me on my side and her on her back with the loud vibrator still buzzing her clit, I entered her lovely cavern of love.  I relished the sensation of the powerful vibrations through her vaginal wall as I pumped away happily, and I could tell that she was enjoying the fun too. Melodie saw that I was close and reminded me of our rule: “If you can, then do!”  So for the second time this morning, my geyser erupted—but this time, inside her perfect pussy.

I then slid out and reached two fingers in for some scoops of protein-packed strawberry cream pie.  (Yes, I love the taste!  We sometimes call this our protein shake, made in our PIV mixer.)  Then I slid to her side and rubbed the strawberry cream pie on my wife and lover’s breasts and still-ripe raspberries.  Then I began to devour both raspberries and strawberry cream.  She made some weak protests about it being only a quickie day and called me a brat, but I could see her motor was revving up.  She was still buzzing her clitoris as I feasted on her luscious raspberries.

Like I said before, I knew she was revved up, but Melodie surprised me by HOW revved up she already was.  After I flavored her raspberries with our strawberry cream pie “shake” and started feasting on them, she came in like 30 seconds, and it was obvious that it was a doozy of an orgasm!  Her back arches higher off the bed when the orgasm is strong, and her shaking intensifies. This time, her back was arched six or seven inches off the bed, and her shaking made me wonder if we were having another earthquake.  Her gasps of pleasure were music to my ears!

Sadly, sometimes her neurological condition causes pain at the end of her orgasm, but not this time.  This was all pure pleasure!  I was so happy for her!  She absolutely glows and “youthens” from sex and especially from orgasms, and this time was no different.  In fact, I read recently that one benefit from frequent sex is that you look ten years younger. I certainly FEEL younger when we get to make love.  Melodie holds onto that look all day, and it reminds me how blessed I am to have her to love… and to have her love me!

So, you can see the poem is a little out of order as far as the actual events.  But it sure was fun living the experience!  I’m feeling very grateful to God today for giving me my beautiful wife of nearly 30 years!  

Now, I want to say a few things that may surprise you.  I told Melodie today that I love her kindness, her bright and very intelligent mind, her beautiful full breasts with their perfect raspberry nipples, her beautiful big Scandinavian eyes, and her lovely little clitoris with its accompanying perfect pussy. But believe it or not, I love her the most for the kindness. 

When it comes to sex I am a high maintenance man with an obnoxiously high sex drive.  But part of Melodie’s kindness is her willingness to meet my sexual needs.  I also thanked her for becoming so very skillful at her oral ministrations on my nipples. I had been in a  marriage before and quite honestly I never knew that nipples could be such an erogenous zone for a man. Melodie introduced me to that incredible pleasure.  I also thanked my wife for how very skillful she has also become at her oral ministrations during oral sex  AND her new moves she has recently developed during vaginal sex.  She just keeps getting better and that is the honest truth!  

We both try to please each other in the bedroom (and other places we’ve made love… kitchen, living room, outside…etc.  The “outside” is a cumming story here on MH.)  

And finally, outside of the bedroom, Melodie is also kind to me and everyone else she knows and meets.  Kindness means a lot.  It what Jesus taught us to be. I strive to follow Jesus’ example and be kind to her as well. (Melodie is better at it than me.)  Kindness in marriage is muy sexy!  How we treat our spouse at all times magnifies the pleasure and pure joy we share sexually!  In fact, seeing each other caring for our grandchildren and talking with our adult children, and seeing each other generally striving to be kind to everyone boosts our feelings of love and passion for each other.  So again, KINDNESS IS SEXY!!!

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      SouthernHeat, thanks for the comment. I love your stories too… and based on those stories it’s obvious how much you two love each other! I look forward to your stories!

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