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My man has been traveling lately, so we enjoy spending every moment together on the weekends. However, this Saturday, he had some things he had to take care of. We had lunch together, and then he had to take his truck for an oil change. I gave him a big kiss and winked at him, telling him I would be waiting for him. 

I waited a half-hour, then I undressed and lay on the bed. Reaching into the bedside drawer, I got out a toy, lube for my pussy—then I began texting him.

 Me:  I’m warming up for you, babe. Are they busy there? 

Him:  Not really. I’m waiting for them to finish working on my truck.

Me:  I’m so fucking horny. I got the big vibrating cock all the way in my pussy without any lube! I’m so ready to suck and lick your big cock. Mmmmmm.

I want to get you so hard while you are sitting there! Mmmmmm, I want you.

Him: Babe, I can’t wait. I’m getting hard thinking about your pussy.

Me: Tell them to hurry cuz you’ve got a horny bitch waiting in your bed!

Him: OK, babe, I will.

Me: I’m sure you will. Ohhhhhhh, mmmm, it feels so good!

Him: My pants are bulging. 

Me: Mmm, so hot. YES! Babe, I’m so clooooose to cuuuummming!

Then I sent a picture of my pussy filled with the big dildo vibe.

Him: Ohhhhhhhhhhh💦🔥

Me: Are you leaking precum, babe?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, babe, I love you.

I love to tease you!

Him: My tongue is needing your wet pussy.

Me: I’m so wet and swollen. Surely they are almost done. I’m literally salivating thinking of sucking you. Mmmm!

Him: You keep this up, and I’m gonna make a mess.

Me: Just don’t cum in your pants because I need that cum!

This juicy cunt needs a good pounding.

Him: On my way. Be there soon, babe.

I continued with the vibe until I heard the door open. I wanted him to have quite the view as he walked into our room.  He entered to find me naked with my legs spread and thrusting the dildo in my pussy. 

Hubby smiled and undressed at warp speed, got on his knees, and started eating my pussy. It felt so good, but all I wanted right then was his cock. I sat up and sucked him hard and fast, tugging his balls as he thrust into my face. His precum tasted so good. I couldn’t wait; I had to be fucked now. 

I scooted back on the bed and pulled him on top of me. We both moaned as he slid full length into my wanting pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, I love to fuck you,” I said. “Mmmmm, you feel so fucking good.” He began to play with my nipples, creating tingles I could feel in my pussy. Then we kissed as he continued to thrust all the way in and all the way out. Oh, there is nothing better than fucking my man. We are so in love! I let out a scream, soaking his balls as I came. “Ohhhhhh, yesssssss! Mmmm. Yeeeessss!”

My husband continued his thrusting, and it wasn’t long until I was cumming again. Then he sat up, pulled out, and began stroking up and down my labia and clit with his hard cock. He slapped his cock on my clit, then rubbed up and down again.

This time, I gushed as I had another orgasm. He thrust his cock in again, forcefully, and rotated his hips, grinding deep and taking me there again. “Ohhhhhhhh, fuuuuck, I’m cumming!!”

As I came down from the high, he stopped moving and just kissed and held me. He flexed his pelvic muscles so that I could feel him twitch inside, and I got more turned on. I grabbed his hips, wanting him to thrust, but he said, “No, not yet.” He continued to kiss me. Then, what seemed like an eternity later, he finally started thrusting, slow and steady. He began to moan as he held me tight, and we look into each other’s eyes. I sensed that he was about to cum; I saw the signs on his sexy face. I let out a scream as he moaned, and we both came together. I felt him shoot, filling my insides—so nice and warm. Then he pushed deep, rotating his hips. I grabbed them, clawing at him to keep him deep, and he hit my deep sweet-spot. I let out one last moan of ecstasy as I had my final orgasm.

“Wow! Was that amazing!” he said. 

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15 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    This story was so fucking hot SH! I loved it! I so love your stories, my friend, as they never fail to get me horny and wet. You are the bomb, darlin'! Keep writing, and stay horny always!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      A compliment from the great GG is very special. So glad you found it hot and inspiring! Stay horny, darlin'. I know you will! Thanks, friend.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Glad you enjoyed the story. It is my goal to be an inspiration to other couples to keep the home fires burning bright!

  2. RockyGapMan says:


    No doubt about it. While your DH almost made a mess, I’d have had to take my jacket off, wrap it around my hips/groin (to hide my mess) and go buy a new pair of pants!

  3. 1blessedman says:

    I bet the police are still wondering what the flash was zooming down the highway! I loved this part: "Then he sat up, pulled out, and began stroking up and down my labia and clit with his hard cock. He slapped his cock on my clit, then rubbed up and down again." One of my favs to do as well. When the wife's clit is very protruding, I love to flick the tip of my cock back-and-forth over her clit. Sometimes I just hold my cock against her clit and she thrusts up slightly and uses her clit to penetrate me. OMG

  4. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    This was so incredibly hot that when I read it, left me speechless for a comment. I figured I would come back later and comment but then forgot. Of course, the day I read it was also my wife’s day off and she wore a dress to church, so I was pretty distracted the rest of the day (hehe). I think why I love your stories so much (apart from the obvious intense heat) is that your passion for your husband reminds me so much of my wife. I can so easily imagine O-Surfer saying and doing the things you describe or responding the way you do. And many times I don’t have to imagine because it’s so similar to our actual events.

    Keep on loving each other so passionately and God bless.

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